10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (2024)

If you’re looking for recommendations to purchase a reliable IP security camera system, you’re at the right place. In this guide, we’ve summed up the best IP security camera systems of 2023.

The guide explains all the technical aspects of an IP security system, the basic features, the image quality, the installation process, the things you need to consider before purchasing a security camera system.

There are many types of IP security cameras and recorders available on the market that offer various features that may or may not be useful to you. Compared to the analog HD camera, IP cameras are more advanced and offer higher image quality.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (1)If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money on your surveillance system, we’d recommend going for an IP security camera system and not an (almost) outdated HD over coax system. IP camera systems offer the clearest CCTV image and are obviously the future.


Quick Pick: The Best IP Security Camera Systems

If you can’t decide which IP security camera system is the best or you don’t have time to do thorough research, we’ve listed the BEST top four security camera systems. Our quick picks are listed below.

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (2)

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (3)

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (4)

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (5)


Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras

ZOSI 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System

Reolink 8CH IP Camera System

Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System



Wireless IP NVR System

Wired IP NVR System

Wired IP NVR System

Wired IP NVR System

Night Vision

70 ft

70 ft

100 ft

130 ft

Phone Notifications






Components of an IP security camera system

In this section, we will discuss the main components of an IP security camera system. These components once connected to each other will make up your surveillance system.

The recorder (NVR)

In an IP security camera system, the NVR (Network Video Recorder) is central who manages and stores the video footage. All the IP cameras will send their data to the recorders from which you can live view or back up to recordings.

The NVR is the essential part of a security camera, it’s the device that handles all the cameras and stores the data. The NVRs usually start from 4 channels and up to 32 channels or even more.

The NVR is specialized in running the camera smoothly, they use various compression algorithms to manage and store the footage efficiently. Depending on the make, you can install 1-4 pieces of a hard drive in the NVR.

Another thing you need to know, the NVRs come with or without a built-in PoE switch. If you have an NVR with a built-in PoE switch, all the cameras are hooked up at the back of the NVR. If it’s a regular NVR, you need to use an external PoE switch to plug the IP cameras.

IP cameras

The IP cameras are the eyes of the security system, they are the devices that capture the live view and send it to the recorder for processing.

The picture quality of the videos depends on the camera (not on the NVR), the higher the resolution, and the clearer the picture. All the camera systems listed in this guide offer high-resolution images (4MP or more).

The IP cameras come in different shapes such as bullet-style, dome, turret, mini dome, etc, the bigger ones are recommended for outdoor use, while the smaller ones for indoor installation. Nowadays all the cameras are weatherproof rated.

These cameras are able to see at night time by using their built-in IR lights and they turn on the lights automatically. It’s important to choose cameras that fit better for your project.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (6)

Hard Drive

The hard drive is another important component of a security system because all the recordings will be stored on the hard drive. Adiditoily, the number of days surveillance can record, depends on the size and the number of hard drives.

You can record longer if you max the size and the slot on the NVR. Usually, the hard drive size starts from 1T and up to 10TB. Most of the NVRs support at least your hard drive, so you can install two pieces if you need to record longer.

A very important thing you need to consider: always purchase surveillance rated hard drives. Don’t go for regular desktop hard drives that go bad in a few months. The last thing you need is a dead hard drive and a security system that doesn’t record its videos.


When installing the IP security cameras, you need to use high-quality wires. We suggest going for a well-known brand and not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks for better cabling.

Cheap network cables are not reliable and may break down quickly. If the cables are exposed to the elements, used outdoor rated cables. Actually, we’d recommend piping the cabled which will protect the wires against chewing animals.

A Monitor

There are a few options here, you can go for a TV screen, a computer monitor, or even your own phone/tablet if you just intend to see your camera remotely only.

Usually, the bigger the TV screen, the better the experience. Imagine a 60-inch TV and 8MP cameras transmitting pictures on it. It’d look clear and amazing!

Best IP Security Camera Systems 2023

This section is based on our own personal experience. We will review the best IP security cameras and systems that are at the top of the market in 2023.

Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras


ZOSI 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System


Reolink IP Camera System


Ring Spotlight Battery-powered Camera

Wired / Wireless

Amcrest 4K Security Camera System


Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System


Hisseu Wireless Bullet IP Cameras


YI 4 Pc Home Security Camera System


HeimVision Wireless Security Camera System


Soliom Wireless IP Camera


Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (7)


  • Battery-powered cameras
  • No wires at all
  • 2K resolution
  • Pack of 1 to 6 cameras
  • Color Night Vision
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Two-way audio
  • Cloud Storage

Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security system is the right solution if you don’t want any wires in your CCTV setup. The cameras are battery-powered and according to the manufacturer, one charge is good for 6 months. The kit starts from a single camera and up to 6.

The picture quality is 2K which is twice of 1080p resolution and great for any outdoor or indoor projects. You can even zoom in and still have a clear image. Using powerful IR lights, the cameras are able to generate color images even when it gets dark.

The camera’s angle is super wide (160 degrees diagonal field of view) and the integrated spotlight can be activated manually or automatically when set on motion detection.

Another interesting feature, the cameras are two-way audio, meaning they have a built-in microphone and speaker. You can hear from the camera, and if necessary, speak back using the phone app.

The Arlo system comes with its own native app and you are able to see the cameras remotely, playback, backup, adjust the notifications and alerts.

The system is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple, and Alexa. The recordings are stored in the cloud for at least a 30 days period.

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (8)

Main Features

Completely Wireless

The Arlo Pro 3 system is really wire-free. The cameras are battery-powered and need to be recharged once every 6 months. Additionally, the data is transmitted wirelessly to the main central unit. No cables at all.

Simply charge the batteries, find the right installation spot, mount the camera, link it wirelessly to the central unit (using your local WiFi) and you’re pretty much done.

2K resolution

The Arlo Pro 3 cameras are 2K, a resolution twice as good as the 1080p. You’ll get superior image quality, clearer and sharper than a regular camera. Actually, you can even zoom without losing any details.

The camera’s angle is 160 degrees, a super-wide lens that enables you to cover bigger areas with a single camera. This is definitely a plus, you can cover the same area, using fewer cameras.

Color Night Vision

Combining a special algorithm and superior IR LED lights, the Arlo cameras are able to generate color images even when it gets dark (the other regular cameras show just black and white images). Most incidents occur at night time which makes this feature quite useful.

Moreover, the cameras are equipped with an integrated spotlight that can turn on automatically for motion detection or manually. It serves as a great deterrent since it can scare intruders away.

Smart Alerts

Arlo Pro 2 supports its own phone app that provides live images of the cameras remotely, playback, backup, and receiving personalized alerts or notifications when motion is triggered or when certain lines are crossed.

The powerful object detection AI recognizes when a package is delivered and knows the difference between a human and a tree branch.

Cloud Storage

View your stored cloud videos and audio recordings for up to 30 days. View them anytime and anywhere. If an intruder decides to vandalize the cameras or even the central unit, there’s no need to worry, all the recordings are saved on the cloud.

Additionally, you can extend the recordings period by subscribing to the Arlo cloud service. We still think a month of footage is more than enough. If something happened, you can back it up and have the videos stored locally.

⦿ Wire-free system
⦿ Batteries need to be charged once in 6 months
⦿ Cloud Storage
⦿ Color Night Vision & Integrated Spotlight
⦿ Two-way audio
⦿ Alerts and Notifications
⦿ Works with Alexa, Apple, Google Assistant

⦿ No local storage

ZOSI 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (9)


  • 5MP resolution
  • 2TB Hard drive
  • PoE NVR
  • Phone app for remote viewing
  • H.265+ Video Encoding
  • Smart Alerts
  • Weatherproof Rated
  • Night Vision

This ZOSI 5MP camera system provides clear images and it’s reliable. The kit comes with 4 or 8 IP security cameras, an NVR and a 2TB pre-installed hard drive.

This surveillance system kit is suitable for both home and business installations. The cameras are dome-shaped, weather-resistant and the built-in IR LEDs lights provide night vision images at 80ft distance.

The NVR is PoE, meaning you simply need to run one network cable per camera to power them up and transmit the data as well. This makes the installation faster and there’s no need to power the camera separately.

Obviously, the Zosi CCTV system has a phone app for iPhones or Android devices. You see live the cameras from anywhere, playback, backup the footage, get alerts and notifications, adjust the settings, etc.

Setting up the system on the phone is super easy and intuitive, all you have to do is scan the QR code and you’re done.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (10)

Main Features

5MP resolution

The NVR supports 5MP resolution cameras which are 2.5 times better than the 1080p cameras. You get superb picture quality at 20 frames per second at an affordable price.

The cameras are small domes, ideal for indoor or outdoor installation. Easy to install and to angle properly.

2TB pre-installed hard drive

The NVR comes with a 2TB hard drive, which is relatively enough for eight cameras, assuming you’ll set the machine to record on motion detection. Additionally, you can install a bigger hard drive such as 3TB or 4TB.

The system uses the H.265+ technology to compress the recordings, meaning you get 50% more recording days for the same hard drive (compared to an H.264 compression codec). At the same bandwidth, H.265+ delivers sharper and smoother video streaming, without buffering and latency.

PoE NVR and cameras

The NVR has a built-in PoE switch, all you have to do is connect the camera straight to the back of the NVR and it will get powered and transmit data via the same Ethernet cable. This will make the installation easier and you can avoid running power cables for each camera.

Reliable phone app

The Zosi security camera system can be accessed via the Zosi native phone app (available for Android and iOS) and provides all the necessary functions to have total control over your system such as live view, playback, backup, alerts, and customized notifications.

Easy setup

The setup is intuitive, simply connect the cameras to the back of the NVR (built-in PoE switch) and the system will detect them automatically, wait until the cameras show up on the screen.

To view the Zosi camera system on the phone is super easy as well, all you have to do is install the app and scan the QR code. That’s it.

⦿ Easy to install
⦿ Reliable app
⦿ Great resolution
⦿ Night Vision
⦿ Various types of alerts and notification
⦿ Warranty and support from the manufacturer

⦿ A bit more pricey than its competitors

Reolink IP Camera System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (11)


  • 4K Resolution
  • 16 Ch PoE NVR
  • 8 cameras in the kit
  • 3TB HDD pre-installed
  • Night Vision (100 ft)
  • Built-in mic
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Outdoor Rated

This Reolink kit contains 8 4K IP cameras, a PoE NVR, 3TB hard drive-preinstalled and it’s a great solution for houses, apartments, and small businesses. The image quality is four times higher than 1080p and it retains the clarity even when you digitally zoom in.

The Reolink IP camera system is easy to install, it’s a Plug and Play PoE system. All you have to do is run the network cables from the camera to the back of the NVR. Since the system is PoE, the power and the data are transmitted via the same cable (one run per camera). This is perfect for both beginner camera users and DIY enthusiasts.

This 4K camera system comes with a 3TB pre-installed hard drive that, if necessary, can be expanded by adding another extra hard (the NVR takes two pieces of HDD, 4TB max each).

The system can be set to record on continuous mode (24/7) or on motion detection. Obviously, on motion detection, you can record for a longer period of time (2-3 times more days than when it’s on 24/7 mode).

The system is remotely accessed by using the Reolink phone app which is fairly easy to set up (simply by scanning the QR code). The app allows you to see all the cameras remotely, no matter where you are as long as you have an internet signal on the phone. Additionally, you can playback, backup, get personalized alerts and notifications, etc.

We highly recommend this system, especially, if you need an 8-16 camera system. As we said, the kit comes with 8 cameras only, but you can add up to 16. At the same time, you can expand the storage space by installing a second HDD. The Reolink offers a 2-year warranty and great technical support.

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (12)

Main Features

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The cameras are 4K (8MP, 3840 × 2160) and deliver almost four times the clarity of 1080p. It provides a vivid and sharp image even when you digitally zoom in. The camera’s angle is 90 degrees, not too wide; but you will get a closer and more clear image.

Night Vision

These Reolink IP cameras are equipped with 18 pieces of infrared LEDs around the camera’s lens and are able to see objects at a distance of 100 ft. When it gets dark, the infrared LEDs turn on automatically and illuminate the area to help the camera get a clear black and white image.

Built-in mic

The cameras come with a built-in mic, which means you can hear what’s going on under the camera. No need to run any separate microphone, the mic is already embedded on the camera’s motherboard. Moreover, the system is able to record audio the same way it records the live footage. Simply enable the audio recording option on the settings.

Plug and Play

Power, video, and audio run through a single network cable, making installation a lot simpler. Cameras can stretch to 270ft via CAT5 and 330ft via CAT6 Cable. The wired connection ensures stable data transmission compared to wireless cameras.

Simply run the cables from each camera to the built-in PoE switch of the NVR and wait for the system to be self-configured. A

ll the cameras will show up on the screen by themselves, no need to adjust any settings. Scan the QR code of the NVR via the phone app and you’ll be able to see the cameras right away.

A reliable phone app and support
This camera system uses the Reolink app to see the cameras remotely. Setting it up is super easy, just scan the QR code and it’s done. Additionally, you can playback the footage, backup, get alerts, notifications, adjust the settings, etc. Also, the manufacturer provides extensive technical support.

⦿ 4K Resolution
⦿ 8 cameras that can expand up to 16
⦿ 3TB hard drive pre-installed
⦿ Plug and Play
⦿ Night Vision
⦿ Built-in mic
⦿ Easy to Install and Setup
⦿ Warranty and Support

⦿ A bit expensive

Ring Spotlight Battery-powered Camera

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (13)


  • 1080p resolution
  • Pack of 1-3 cams
  • Battery-powered
  • Night Vision (65 ft)
  • Reliable phone app
  • Cloud Storage
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Extended Warranty

Ring Spotlight camera is available in two versions: battery-powered or wired. One fully charged battery lasts for around 6 months. The camera offers a clear 1080p image and utilizes optimized software created by Ring. ‘

The prices are relatively affordable and you can connect the camera to Alexa or Google Assistant which turns your setup into an automated rig. The Ring app lets you see the live camera, playback, backup, deploy the two-way audio (listen and talk back to the camera), get alerts and notifications.

The system can be set on motion detection, meaning it will record only when the motion gets triggered. Additionally, you can customize it to receive personalized notifications when any of the rules are crossed.

Get even more out of all your Ring cameras with Ring Protect, a comprehensive service that lets you review what you missed.

See, save, and share videos and photos when you activate video recording and photo capture on Ring cloud service. You need to subscribe to have recordings, otherwise, it will be just live mode.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (14)

Main Features

1080p resolution

The ring camera offers a 2MP resolution (1080p HD) which provides a clear and relatively decent image quality. From our testing, this resolution is enough to capture incidents in proximity and to properly set the alerts and notifications based on motion detection.

The camera’s angle is wide, 150 degrees horizontal and 85 degrees vertical field of view. More than enough to cover your home or business areas.


The camera has basically no wires. It powers up via a rechargeable battery pack that lasts for 6 months, moreover has a backup battery as well. The data is transmitted via a WiFi connection. All you have to do is install the camera and connect it wirelessly to the network.

Motion detection

This Ring camera records motion detection, when there’s relevant motion in front of the camera, the system gets triggered and starts to record. Additionally, it’s less prone to false motion detection since the software is daily maintained by Ring itself.

Also, you can customize the settings and receive various alerts or notifications on the phone app when the motion is detected or when limit lines/rules are crossed on the camera’s picture.

Cloud storage

The clips are saved on the cloud, a service offered and maintained by Ring. You need to have a Ring monthly subscription to have the footage saved and be able to back it up on your phone or computer.

Another positive thing about cloud storage is that no matter if someone vandalizes or steals the camera, the recordings will still be available via the cloud service. In other words, no one can delete the footage except the owner of the CCTV system.

⦿ Easy and quick installation
⦿ Battery-powered cameras
⦿ Weatherproof rated
⦿ 1080p resolution
⦿ Two-way audio
⦿ Siren and alerts
⦿ Optimized phone app
⦿ Works with Alexa, Apple, Google Assistant

⦿ Cloud Storage only
⦿ Needs reliable WiFi coverage

Amcrest 4K Security Camera System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (15)


  • 4K cameras (8MP)
  • 2TB HDD
  • PoE NVR
  • Wide-Angle (112 degrees)
  • Night Vision (160 ft)
  • Built-in microphone
  • Motion Detection and Alerts
  • MicroSD card slots

Amcrest IP security cameras and NVRs are well known for their reliability and amazing quality picture. That’s why a lot of people buy this system even though it’s a bit more expensive than the rest.

This Amcrest 4K CCTV kit contains four 4K turret-style IP cameras, an 8 channel NVR, 2TB pre-installed hard drive, network cables and it’s ideal for small business or home security installation. Additionally, you add more cameras and expand the hard drive as well.

The resolution is 4K (3840x2160P) at 15 FPS which is vastly superior when compared to the regular 1080p camera system. The picture is crystal clear, sharp, smooth and, even if you zoom in, you won’t lose too many details.

The Super-wide 112 degrees viewing angle allows you to cover more ground horizontally and vertically. Each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone that allows you to listen to the monitored area under surveillance.

The advanced H.265 compression technology lets you save on storage space which allows for longer recording times. H.265 technology compresses your video without sacrificing any of the UltraHD video quality. Additionally, it includes a USB backup feature for peace of mind.

Setting up the system on the phone is super easy, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the NVR via the Amcrest View app, and you’re pretty much done. The app allows you to control the whole system remotely, you can see the cameras’ live feed, playback remotely, backup, get smart alerts, and adjust settings.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (16)

Main Features

4K resolution

The Amcrest cameras on this kit offer a 4K resolution (8 megapixels), superb clear and sharp images. You’ll be able to survey a larger area and, even if you zoom digitally, the details will still be clear. The camera’s angle is 112 degrees (2.8 mm lens).

Easy to Install

The Amcrest 4K camera system is super easy to install and set up. The cameras are PoE and go to the back of the NVR (built-in PoE switch). The hard drive is already pre-installed and the kit comes with Ethernet cables as well. Simply run the cables and hook up the cameras.

The system will be self-configured, the cameras will show up by themselves on the screen and to view them on the phone you need to install the app and scan the QR code of the NVR. Once done, you should be able to see the cameras on the phone.

Great Night Vision (160 feet)

The cameras utilize an EXIR-style light for when it gets dark. This is the latest technology of infrared lights and allows the camera to see at a distance of 160 feet. The images will be black and white but clear and sharp.

Pre-installed hard drive

The kit comes with a 2TB pre-installed hard drive, that can be expanded if needed. For 4 cameras and on motion detection, it should be good for 30-45 days. Moreover, each camera comes with a microSD card slot, in cases, you need onboard storage.

Additionally, Amcrest uses the latest H.265 compression technology that lets you save on storage space (longer recording times). The H.265 technology compresses your video without sacrificing any of the UltraHD video quality.

Reliable phone app

Amcrest View app lets you have total control of this camera system. You can see the cameras live, playback, backup, get alerts and customized notifications, adjust the settings for each camera individually, and much more.

⦿ 4K Crystal Clear Resolution
⦿ Pre-installed Hard Drive
⦿ Wide-angles cameras
⦿ Easy to Install and Setup
⦿ Motion Detection and Smart Alerts
⦿ Total control via the phone app
⦿ Wires included in the kit
⦿ Warranty and good support

⦿ No wireless, has to be wired

Lorex 4K Ultra HD Security System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (17)


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • PoE NVR with 2TB HDD
  • Night Vision (130 ft)
  • Two-way audio
  • 128-degree field of view
  • Custom Alerts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

One of the best CCTV systems listed in this article, the Lorex 4K Security System provides an amazingly clear picture, wide viewing angle, motion-triggered LED lights, 2 way-audio, and a reliable PoE NVR.

The kit comes with 6 or 8 IP cameras that offer a 4K resolution, 128 degrees field of view, and be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The cameras record in full 4K resolution that results in a clear and well-defined video. You can zoom in, and not lose too many details.

The cameras are equipped with two deterrence mechanisms. They have a motion-triggered LED light that turns on once the motion is detected and a remotely triggered alarm. Using these two features you can scare off an intruder that comes in the vicinity of your house or business.

Another positive thing is the color night vision. Using the special infrared LEDs, these cameras provide clear, color video quality up to 130 ft, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black and white.

Additionally, each camera has a two-way audio mode, meaning it comes with a built-in mic and speaker. You can hear what people are talking about under the camera, and if necessary, you can talk back remotely using the phone app. This feature allows you to easily communicate with visitors directly through your camera.

Keep your footage safe and secure by using the 2 TB hard drive space that is located within the NVR (it comes pre-installed). Local storage means you can store up to 3 months (or more) of motion recordings.

Installing the system is easy, run the cables, plug the cameras and they’ll show automatically. Use the Lorex app to control your system remotely, you can watch the cameras live, playback, backup, get personalized alerts and notifications, adjust the settings, etc. The app is quite reliable.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (18)

Main Features

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The image is super clear, sharp, and vivid. In our opinion, this is what sets this system apart from the rest. Moreover, the cameras provide a 128-degree field of view and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The system records in full 4K resolution that results in well-defined footage.

Active Deterrence

A super bright special LED, a remotely triggered alarm (siren), and two-way audio make these Lorex security cameras an extremely valuable asset to your home security system. The remote-triggered siren is also designed to scare off any intruders.

When motion is detected within the sensor range, the system sends an alert to your smartphone, allowing you to remotely access the camera and set off a loud siren to deter crime. Additionally, you can set all these features on automatic mode.

Night Vision

Equipped with infrared LEDs, these cameras provide clear video quality for up to 130 feet in low ambient light. ClearNight imaging provides improved recording efficiency and cleaner recorded video footage. The IR LED lights are so powerful that the camera will basically show color night vision images.

Reliable app

With the Lorex Cloud app, you can keep tabs on all your security cameras with the tap of a button from virtually anywhere in the world. Using this app, you can quickly view live, playback, backup the footage, get alerts and various notifications, adjust the camera’s settings, etc.

⦿ 4K Clear Images
⦿ NVR with built-in PoE switch
⦿ Superior night vision
⦿ Deterrence features
⦿ Two-way talk, Alerts
⦿ Local Storage
⦿ Reliable app
⦿ Easy to Install and Setup

⦿ A bit pricey

Hisseu Wireless Bullet IP Cameras

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (19)


  • 2MP/3MP resolution
  • 8 camera kit
  • Pre-installed HDD (3TB)
  • Motion Detection and Alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Easy to set up
  • Reliable phone app
  • Outdoor/Indoor

Hiseeu wireless security system comes with 8 bullet-style 1080P or 3MP cameras and with an NVR for with a 3TB pre-installed hard drive. You get a decent system for a relatively affordable price.

The cameras are wireless, meaning you don’t need to use a network cable to connect them to the NVR. However, you still need to power the cameras via a power adapter. Many people get confused, the Hisseu camera on this package is not battery-powered.

The setup is easy, it’s basically plugand play. The cameras will be automatically detected by the NVR (via the WiFi) and once all the devices are connected, you’ll see the live feed of the cameras on the monitor/TV.

Like the rest of the CCTV systems listed in this buying guide, the Hisseu camera system supports a phone app where you can remotely see the cameras from anywhere, playback, backup, get notification and alerts, adjust the settings, etc.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (20)

Main Features

3MP or 1080p resolution

The second generation of the Hisseu camera kit is 3MP (1296P resolution), the image quality is clear and sharp. You need to install and aim them correctly to get the best picture that these cameras have to offer.

The camera’s angle is 80 degrees, not too wide, however, it will capture more details since it’s “zoomed” closer, but it may miss the side parts. To combat this, you may need to install the camera in a higher position.

3TB pre-installed hard drive

Hisseu kit comes with a 3TB pre-installed hard drive, for 8 cameras on motion detection it can record 30-45 days depending on the motion activations. Or you can buy just the kit without any hard drive and install one yourself (1TB-4TB).

Having the footage stored locally is recommended since you don’t have to pay any subscription fees to have the recordings on the cloud. The hard drive is yours and the NVR will overwrite the data automatically once it gets full.

Phone app for total control

The Hisseu has its own app for Android or iPhones devices and you can control all the aspects of your security system at your fingertips. You can watch the camera remotely (as long as you have internet), playback, backup, get various alerts and notifications, set the schedule, adjust the settings.

Night Vision

The cameras are equipped with an array of three special infrared lights that can capture nighttime pictures at a 65ft distance. For most CCTV projects, that’s a good distance. Moreover, if a car gets within 15-25 ft, you can clearly capture the license plate as well.

Weatherproof cameras

These cameras can be installed outdoors or indoors, although the bullet-style shape is not recommended for indoor installations. They rate IP66 weatherproof rated that can easily withstand harsh elements such as snow, heavy rain, dust.

⦿ Pre-installed hard drive
⦿ Easy to set up (plug and play)
⦿ Wireless system
⦿ Rated for outdoor use
⦿ Good night vision
⦿ Reliable phone app
⦿ Warranty and support from the manufacturer

⦿ Narrow camera angle
⦿ Cameras need to be powered

YI Home Security Camera System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (21)


  • 1080P Resolution
  • 1, 2, or 4 cameras
  • Phone app
  • Motion Detection
  • MicroSD card or Cloud Storage
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Notification and Alerts

The YI security camera home system is a basic CCTV package that, for a cheap price, may increase the security of your property. The system is indoors and is available in a few options: single camera, two camera, or four cameras.

It’s a great solution for many reasons: cheap, 1080p resolution, night vision, comes with an app, built-in microSD card (not included), WiFi, two-way audio, motion detection, and other notifications. For a relatively cheap price, you can have eyes on your home via the YI system.

The YI system can be used for general surveillance purposes, as a nanny cam to ensure the safety of your kids, for monitoring the pets, etc. Everything can be accessed locally or remotely via the YI app.

The most incredible feature is the association with the YI system to certified emergency dispatchers. Whenever there will be any kind of emergency situation the camera will automatically connect to the emergency service providers.

We found the YI package a complete, reliable, and efficient security system for your home. A good product at a good price.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (22)

Main Features

1080P (2MP) HD video quality

The YI camera offers a vivid 1080P (2 Megapixels) resolution which is a good one for indoor installation. With this resolution, you’ll be able to get a relatively clear view of your rooms or spaces.

The cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses (112 degrees) that, if mounted right, can cover any room from wall to wall, including corridors or walkways. The frame rate is 15 FPS, it’s a decent one for indoor cameras.

Two-way Audio

It features two-way audio that allows you to receive and transmit audio from anywhere as long as your phone has internet. In other words, the camera comes with a built-in microphone and speaker.

You can hear what’s being said under the camera and at the same time, you can speak back from your phone to the camera’s speaker. All of this is done through the phone app.

Night Vision

The camera is equipped with 8 pieces of infrared lights that provide great night vision when it gets dark. Although it’s not that much needed since the cameras are indoors and it’s assumed that lights in the house stay on most of the time.

Either way, if you’re worried about the nighttime mode, the YI cameras come with decent IR lights that work well when it gets dark.

Controlled via phone app

The Yi home camera system comes with its own phone app for Android and iOS. Simply download it, create an account, and add the cameras. It supports up to 9 camera feeds on the same screen.

Keep track of what’s going on in every room of your house or small business, and feel rest assured that you won’t miss a thing. You can perform actions such as live view, playback, backup, activity alerts, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more.

With built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, the camera sends notifications to your mobile phone alerting when, where, and what movement was detected so you can always take any necessary action.

The motion detection feature is relatively sensitive and can be customized to your needs. Additionally, you can adjust the timing and how the alerts are sent out.

Cloud storage

If you’re worried that someone may disable or snatch the camera, you can subscribe to Yi cloud service and they will store your encrypted recordings on the cloud for a period of time of choice.

If you don’t want to do that, the camera supports a microSD card from 4GB to 64GB, it may be enough if you decide to record on motion. Make sure to use a reliable SD card.

⦿ Reliable app
⦿ Affordable price
⦿ 1080p resolution
⦿ WiFi
⦿ Night vision
⦿ Two-way audio
⦿ Notifications and alerts
⦿ Cloud Storage or locally on microSD cards

⦿ MicroSD card up to 64GB only
⦿ Requires strong wireless coverage

HeimVision Wireless Security Camera System

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (23)


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • PoE NVR with 2TB HDD
  • Night Vision (130 ft)
  • Two-way audio
  • 3.6 mm lens (110 degree angle)
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Outdoor Rated

HeimVision security camera system combined an affordable price tag and a relatively good image quality. On this kit, you get an 8 channel PoE NVR, 4 IP wireless cameras, and a 1TB pre-installed hard drive.

The IP cameras offer a 1080P resolution (2MP), clear and crisp which is pretty decent given the price. The cameras are IP66 rated (weatherproof), bullet-style and the IR lights are good at a 65ft distance.

Heimvision security systems can be set on motion detection or continuous mode. The installation and setup process is easy (plug and play), the wireless cameras are paired with the NVR automatically.

Once you have installed the phone app, you can see the camera’s live feed, playback, backup, get various alerts and notifications. Additionally, you can customize your own detection plan and zone for each camera.

Main Features

2MP resolution

The cameras are 2MP (1080p) and produce a decent image quality, clear and sharp. The system is wireless but you still need to power up each camera individually, only the data is transmitted wirelessly.

Weatherproof & Night Vision

The Heimvision IP cameras are rated as dust-tight and waterproof and are protected with durable housing. No problems with heavy rain, snow, dust, etc. Operating temperature range from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

The camera’s infrared mode is automatically activated in low lighting conditions. It can clearly monitor everything even at night. Featuring 3.6mm LEDs with IR-CUT function, 110-degree viewing angle, 50ft Night Vision range.

Plug and Play

The NVR and the IP cameras on this kit are pre-matched (paired) on the manufacturing line. Simply power up each camera and they’ll pair automatically with the recorder. Just to clarify, the cameras are wireless but they still need to power up via a 12V DC power adapter. No need to run Ethernet cables though.

⦿ Easy to Install and Setup
⦿ Clear image
⦿ Pre-installed HDD
⦿ Phone app
⦿ Motion Detection, Alerts, and Notifications
⦿ Good Price

⦿ The cameras need to power up separately

Soliom Wireless IP Camera

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (24)


  • 1080P resolution
  • Battery-powered
  • Integrated Solar Panels
  • Two-way audio
  • Cloud and MicroSD card storage
  • Night Vision (33ft)
  • Outdoor Rated

Soliom IP camera is battery-powered and is equipped with a solar panel to recharge the batteries automatically. This feature is what makes this camera ideal for a situation where the power supply is the main concern.

The camera is 1080p, relatively clear and crispy, the night vision works at a 33 ft distance (black and white image using the IR lights). The camera is totally wireless, meaning it transmits the data via the WiFi and it powers up via the solar powered-battery. Basically, there are no wires to run.

The installation process is easy, simply follow the instructions, the camera will be self-configured, all you have to do is enter the WiFi settings. The camera is weatherproof rated and it’s able to withstand storms, heavy rains, or even dust (IP66).

Other noteworthy features include two-way audio (built-in mic and speaker), motion detection, PIR and radar sensors, a reliable phone app that offers live view, backup, playback, alerts, notifications, and other options.

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (25)

Main Features

4000 mah batteries with solar panels

The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery that is connected to an improved set of solar panels. According to the manufacturer, 4-5 hours a day of sunlight are able to fully charge the battery. Not bad! If the power supply is your main issue, we suggest trying out this solar-powered camera.

1080P and Night Vision

Soliom camera’s resolution is 2MP (1080P), the sensor produces a decent image quality. Additionally, the camera is equipped with infrared IR lights and is able to see objects at night time at a 33 ft distance.

Cloud and SD Card storage

Soliom offers one month free of cloud storage which you’re allowed to view live, playback, and back up if necessary. If you need more, you need to subscribe to their cloud service.

Moreover, the camera comes with an SD card slot. You can install a microSD card in it (max, 64GB) and have the footage recorded locally. To improve the reliability, you can record on the cloud and on an SD card simultaneously.

Reliable phone app

This camera uses the Solom+ app for total remote control of the camera. Using the app you can live view your family and home at any time of the day from anywhere via your iOS and Android phones. Talk and listen to anyone within the camera’s range. Additionally, you can backup, playback, get alerts and notifications, etc.

⦿ Battery-powered
⦿ Integrated Solar Panels
⦿ 1080p Resolution
⦿ Completely Wireless
⦿ Easy to Install and Set-Up
⦿ Two-way audio (built-in mic and speaker)
⦿ Weatherproof camera
⦿ Reliable app

⦿ Needs strong WiFi coverage
⦿ 64GB max microSD card

Factors to consider when buying an IP security camera system

There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when researching for an IP security camera system. The most important factors include the picture quality, the shape of the cameras, the number of the camera you need to install, and the longevity of the recordings.

The Resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture, the more reliable the security surveillance system. Obviously, you need to go with security cameras that provide higher megapixels, 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 4K, etc.

A high-resolution IP camera is able to deliver super clear images, sharp, colorful, and a wider angle. If something happens, you will be able to clearly see the dynamics of the incident. The last thing you want is a blurry camera, right?

In our opinion, you should at least go for a 1080p security camera (2 megapixels) which nowadays are relatively cheap. Other than that, you’re compromising your security setup. Even the 720p (1MP) cameras are not good enough anymore.

Other options are 4MP cameras (twice as good as 1080p), or 8MP (twice as good as 4MP cameras). If you intend to install the camera outdoor, go for a higher resolution. Indoor cameras are relatively okay to be at a lower resolution (such as 720p). But still, no one is manufacturing 720p cameras anymore, the 1080p has already become the lower standard.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (26)Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the camera’s angle which depends on the lens size. The lower the lens size, the wider the angle. So, a 2.8mm lens will be wider than a 4mm lean.

If you have an IP security camera with a wide-angle point of view such as 110 degrees, it means you can capture more space, even long corridors are walkaways. The logic is, the wider the angle, the more area is covered, the narrower the angle, the less covered area but a sharper and closer image.

​Night vision

Most of the time crime happens at night, it’s necessary to have security cameras that are equipped with strong IR blocks. The security camera needs infrared light to see at night.

Before buying you need to check the spec sheet and find the IR distance of the camera. The more IR units on the camera, the farther the coverage. Moreover, many cameras use enhanced IR lights (such as EXIR) which perform better than regular infrared lights.

Check out all these indicators to find out if the camera “sees” clear at night. Additionally, you can install IR floodlights close to the camera to help the sensor when it gets dark.

If you can’t afford to have all the cameras with super IR lights, then we recommend buying at least a good IR camera on crucial points of the perimeter such as the main entrance, back door, the garage area, etc.

​Motion detection

You can’t think of a security camera system with a motion detection feature. Having the system record on motion saves time and hard drive space.

If you record continuously 24/7, it will be very time-consuming going through all the footage, on the other hand, by having the system record in motion you know exactly when the incident happened.

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (27)

Additionally, when the CCTV system is set to record on motion, you will increase the longevity of your covered footage. That’s because the system records only the clips when there’s motion. If on the continuous mode you get two weeks of recordings, on motion detection it can double or even triple.

At the same time, motion detection is associated with useful features such as notifications alerts based on motion, alarm alerts, snapshots, etc, which will help you take action in a timely manner.

Special Alarms and Alerts

Nowadays almost all security cameras support various intelligent features that, when deployed properly, can increase the overall performance of the system. A useful feature is the so-called intrusion alerts. When someone crosses a line set on the camera, you will get notified right away. Cool feature, right?

For your garage camera, you can “box” the car on the camera and if the car crosses any sides of the box, you will get alerted on the phone or via emails.

All these features provide an extended performance of your CCTV system. So, find out what feature you may use and purchase a camera that is able to support them. Alarms & alerts

Cameras with a built-in microphone

In certain situations, you may need to use a camera that is able to pick sound clearly. The audio feature comes in two options, you either hook up an external microphone to the camera or buy a camera that comes with a built-in one.

Our recommendation is to go with a camera with a built-in mic. Installing one externally can be difficult and may degrade the sound quality.

Many of these types of camera support come with a speaker as well, meaning you can talk back or announce something from your side (phone app) directly to the camera.

Before buying, research, and get a camera that has a good microphone. Go for a respectable brand, such as the one listed in this article. These cameras are ideal for office installation, other workplaces, or even in your house especially if you have a nanny around.

Keep in mind, some states require you to put up “audio recording” signs all around your property. Check out with your lawyer and ensure that everything is legal. In many cases, the audio recording may not be admissible in a court of law.


Most of the cameras will be installed outdoors and it’s necessary for them to be weatherproof. There are different waterproof rates, if the location’s winter is heavy and extremely cold, you need a camera design to withstand such conditions.

Lookup for the camera’s rating, an IP66 rated camera means it’s designed against relatively harsh elements such as heavy rain and storm. Additionally, you can buy housing for your camera to better protect it.

In the CCTV terminology, if you see weatherproof rated, it means it is rated for snow, rain, thunderstorm, and even (in some cases sand storms). We recommend no to go too cheap on the camera that will be installed in an extremely harsh environment.
10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (28)

Power source

This factor is pretty much straightforward: how will you power up the camera? Most IP cameras support PoE which means the power and the data are transmitted via the same Ethernet cable.

The PoE makes the installation faster since you have to run one single cable per camera only. However, most of the cameras come with a power connector on their pigtail as well. If you don’t want to use the PoE, power it up using a 12V DC power adapter.

Lately, wireless battery-powered cameras are getting quite popular. They don’t need any cable run, they power on via the batteries and are wireless. If you go for these types of cameras, get one that uses a rechargeable battery and ensure that they last enough.

Some IP security cameras are solar powered which is a great solution if you intend to install the camera in remote areas with no electrical infrastructure.

In our opinion, PoE cameras are always better and more reliable. You never know when the battery runs out, even the WiFi may randomly disconnect. If possible, always go for PoE cameras that can be powered from the NVR itself or via a PoE switch. ​Storage


Having footage is the main advantage of any security camera system. If something happens, you will have the incident recorded.

If you intend to install one or two cameras, you can record on microSD cards. On motion and depending on the size of the card, you’ll be able to record from a few days up to one week.

However, for a reliable security system, we recommend using NVR (recorder) which can take multiple hard drives and is able to record for months. Additionally, an NVR is more secure, provides quick access, and serves as a central hub for all your IP cameras. Make sure to use CCTV-rated hard drives for your security camera system.


In this article, we tried to cover each aspect of the selected IP security camera system. Buying a camera system can be tricky and you need to get the one that fits your needs. You need to select is easy to install and provides all the required features for your home security system.

Before purchasing a CCTV system, you need to check your internet speed and ensure that the bandwidth is enough. A slow internet connection means trouble when watching the cameras remotely. Locally they’ll work fine, regardless of the internet speed.

Lastly, check all the specs and features, research the products, and purchase the one that feels right for your projects. Go with manufacturers who provide extended warranty and technical support.

The Winners

All the security systems listed in this buying guide are great and definitely affordable. The first one we’d recommend is the ZOSI 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System. It comes with 4 HD cameras, and if necessary you can add another four cameras. The price is reasonable and the manufacturer offers great technical support.

Second, we’d like to recommend the Reolink 8CH IP Camera System which provides excellent picture quality, comes with a pre-installed hard drive, and has superior night vision. Moreover, the storage and the channels can be upgraded if the kit is not enough.

Third, if you like a truly wireless system, no wires at all, go for the Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security Cameras. The camera is battery-powered and one recharge is good for 4-6 months. The video feed is transmitted wirelessly and everything is controlled via the phone app. Great product with that is supported professionally by the Arlo team,

10 Best IP security camera systems 2023 | Reviews & Buyers Guide (2024)
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