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1) Ammunition used: SS109 2) Fireare used: DPMS Lo-Pro Classic, 16" non chromed 3) Approximate number of rounds fired: 100 rounds with one blown primer.

Altogether I've used about 750 rnds of their M193 ammo in my Bushmaster A2 Shorty. No malfunctions of any sort and as I reload, I'm kind of partial to their brass in both 5.56 and .45ACP.

(1) Ammunition used (M193, SS109) Both (2) Firearm used in RRA CAR UTE (3) Approximate number of rounds fired. 1000 rounds of .223, 80 rounds of SS109. The SS109 is some of the most accurate ammo I've fired out of my Rock River. No problems at all. Consistent, clean ammo. I would & will buy S&B .223/5.56 ammo again.

S&B M193: 1000-rds "" SS109: 250-rds. Olympic CAR97M4 No problems, will buy more.

1)M193 2)Bushmaster 20" 3)1,000 It worked fine but I had some cases split, which made me nervous.

I've fired probably 300 rounds of their SS109 stuff through a Colt 20" HBAR. While I bought it reluctantly when I couldn't have any luck finding IMI at the time, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by it's performance. It was accurate, hot and reliable. I'm not saying I would give up IMI for this brand, but my experience suggests it isn't quite as bad as what I have been led to believe. I also probably would not recommend the cases as a reloaders dream either.

I tried 1000 rounds of S&B SS109. It worked fine in my OLY MFR and Colt M4.

223 = SS109 & 55FMJ, several 1000 rounds of each w/ no problems 45cap = 230grn. FMJ, 2-3 1000 rounds, no problems 9mm = 115grn. FMJ, 4-5 1000 rounds, no problems 380 = 90grn. FMJ, 3-4 100 rounds, no problems 12GA = Rubber BS, 1/2 25 rounds box, no problems Mike

Tried a mixed bag of S&B and PMC (both 55gr) this weekend in my 6.5" Oly. (9.5" fake suppressor / Predator Rail / Pneumatic Buffer). Bang bang click (eject). Bang click(eject). Bang Bang Bang click (eject). All unfired S&B on the ground w/ deep primer strikes. All PMC-- empty cases. I'll stick with PMC.

1) Ammunition used (M193)Lot #323/4 2) in GAU-5 11 1/4 bbl class 3 3) Approximate number of rounds fired. 1600 out to 2000. Rounds printed a 2-3 inch group supported open sights. I have a elcon but have not used it on this weapon. In the process of bldg a M4gery. and will test the last 400 with the M4 and elcon

My friend and I have used about 10k of S&B. About 3k of that was the 5.56 55gr. Out of the total 10k we have only had ONE bad round, 5.56. I noticed a primer that was not seated "properly" while loading my mag. It may have gone bang, but I tossed it. No need to take a chance. I have had no FTF or FTE or any other problems at all. Recoil and flash are less then the Fed XM 193 that I have. Group size is the same (1.5"@100y), but the POI is a little different. This all out of a Bushy 16", 3.5x ACOG w/ triangle. The triangle is nice and quick, but not a great choice for shooting groups. My friends 20" HBAR, 4x ACOG w/ standard crosshairs will shot 1"@ 100y. I don't reload, so I can't comment on the quality of the brass. FB

Colt A3 16" HBAR Standard S&B FMJ A bunch of them Great plinking round no problems whatsoever. Cheap too.

The SS109 runs fines in my Colt and DPMS frankengun. Never tried it in the match rifle, of course.

I have shot maybe 500 rounds of S&B M193 with my SAR-80. The only problem I have experienced is that there seems to be one rounf for every 100 rnds that will not go BANG. There is something wrong with the primer I suppose. Some rounds like this will work if I give them a second chance, others never. I haven´t had any problems with other brands of ammunition like IMI, PMP and PMC. I do have a lighter hammer spring in my rifle. I have heard similar happening to a friend of mine too.

(Video) Sellier & Bellot 9mm Ammo Review

500+/- M193 Brass not the steel stuff, never had a problem. -knock on wood- Out of bushy 16"

S&B SS109 is someof the most accurate ammo we have tested, consistent 1 MOA groups from 3 different ARs. (2 Bushmaster A2 20", one 16" Frankengun of undetermined lineage.) The "M193" has a heavily copper plated steel jacket, otherwise near spec and just over MOA in the same rifles. I have had no failures of any kind in about 1K rounds, nor have any of my associates for about 5k total. Its my preferred ammo. Ops

1. M193 steel case 2. Bushmaster 20" 3. 500 I've had several problems with this ammo. The spent case sometimes gets stuck in the chamber and I have to ram a cleaning rod down the barrel to fix it. I also had a major jam once, a round got loose in the receiver and when the bolt was moving forward it hit the cartridge and it was now firmly wedged in there, it would NOT move. I had to take it home and it required a hammer and a screwdriver and lots of time to fix. Needless to say, I don't use their .223 steel case M193 anymore. But I do like their 9mm and .45 ACP brass ammo.

DPMS A15 16". This stuff worked great except for a few of the primers were blown off. Went about 200 rounds with this stuff.

M193 - 200 rds - DPMS Classic A2 HBAR, dry 75* day - No issues at all, brass really launches, hotter & cleaner than both FAE 223 & XM-193, VG accuracy at 100 & 200 meters, and same/better price than both locally in box qty. Very satisfied. Will buy again.

At least a case of "M193" through my 20" DPMS, no problems, good (not great) accuracy.

I've put ~1K rounds of the M193 thru my Bushy 20" and 16" with maybe 4 FTF's. My rifles eat it up and it groups MUCH better than the other 'cheap' ammo that I have tried. This 'cheap' ammo does not include XM193 or Q3131A. They are my prefered choices. For the $ I love S&B. Shabo

I have shot hundreds of rounds of this stuff: 1. Very accurate for plinker ammo 2. Penetration is better than M193 spec ammo due to bullet construction 3. Brass is bad. Split necks after 1 firing are too common. This brass is unsuitable for reloading. I have taken a few S&B cases to make dummy rounds though. All in all, it is good plinking ammo, and don't reload the cases. It is cheaper, than some but not as cheap as others.

Bushmaster 16" AK .223 - 1000 rnds. M193 - No problems. bought 1000 more rnds. Beretta 92FS 9mm - 115gr - 800 rnds. No problems. Benelli M1S90 12Ga - #4 buckshot - Cycles ok. Very dirty. It is supposed to be 2 3/4" but is a tad LONG and will only go 6 + 1 in my 7 + 1 Benelli. Benelli owners beware.

55gr FMJ 20" A2 HBAR: Blown and flattened primers.

Have shot 2,000+ rounds of their .223/M193 ammo via a Colt 20" HBAR and Bushmaster Shorty AK. Had only one problem with a squibb round that blew up one of the guns and almost killed me. Surviving that experience, S&B bought me a new upper after I provided eyewitness accounts and photos of the event. The ammo is a bit underpowered compared to WIN Q3131A or the South African surplus stuff, but shoots very straight. I was able to put 50/50 in a 2-inch diameter 10-ring using my Bushy Shorty AK at 50m with 37X (in a 1-inch X-ring) using open sights. This is as accurate as it gets for my money using a short 14.5-inch barrel and a stiff crosswind. Still have 1,000-rounds of the stuff left and it's great for the range. Self-defense? Give me the WIN Q3131A that has a higher velocity and will break up upon impact with a bad guy. I have shot about 1,000-rounds of their 9MM and 40 S&W pistol ammo with perfect results and no problems. The 9MM/115-gr seems a bit on the hot side and the 40 S&W/180-gr seems like it's a dog on the slow side.

I have fired probaly 1000 5.56 in 55Gr and SS109, and about 1000 9mm, no porblems except for 1 9mm round was not set properly.

1) Ammunition used (M193, SS109). SS109 2) Firearm used in. Armalite 20" M15A4 3) Approximate number of rounds fired. 2000 No malfunctions of any kind. 3MOA.

1. M193 2. Bushmaster A1 3. 5000 rnds

Hi Guys: S&B steel cased 55 fmj, lacquered, packaged 8 boxes of 140 rounds (loose) per case. Bought 5 cases at the astounding price of $25.00 PER CASE. Fired some 600 rounds +/-, in Colt 20" HBAR Match Target. No failures. Seems very dirty, and accuracy is mediocre at best. Please note: I've previously purchased S&B ammo, clearly marked Non-Corrosive/Non-erosive that in use was actually found to have some major mystery priming issue that caused all sorts of corrosion and fouling. S&B, as is typical of their firm, refused to acknowledge the problem, or to even examine the ammo and test it. I'll hold what I have. It's junk ammo, but it serves as a decent little stockpile. Better than nothing. But I'm certainly not buying more.

(1) Ammunition used....M193 (2) Firearm used in....Armalite Eagle Arms M-15 carbine (3) Approximate number of rounds fired....300 Stuff shot great every time out....not a single misfire or single loading failure. I will definately buy again. Brett

(Video) Sellier & Bellot 9mm Ammo Review

RRA 16" upper Bushy lower 2k plus rounds very accurate in my set up no problems at all love it buying more

Ammo: M193 Gun: 10.5" barel w/ 5.5" FS "commando" upper (non-chromed), PWA lower Magazines: various USGI and Colt Ar-15 Rounds: 1000 S&B seems to have a strange stink to it when fired. It also seemed a little dirtier than Federal XM193. The ammunition worked perfectly, though. I prefer Federal XM193, but wouldn't hesitate to use S&B.

Armalite M15 SPR 55 grain green-box A few thousand rounds without problem

1) M193 2) AR15 '16 M4 BBL 1:9 3) 600rnds Zero problems

1) M193 2) 20" & 16" ARs 3) 1,700 About 1 dead primer every 400 rounds (4 total so far). No cracked case necks until 4th firing of reloaded cases. Accurate enough for practice, brass nice enough to reload for competition. Have shot and reloaded one lot 4x so far, before I got any cracked case necks. Brass is in nice condition out of rifle, slight rim lifts and ejector scrapes out of carbine.

.223 55gr FMJ 2000 rounds-ish Full auto out of reg M16 no problems - will buy again 9mm 115gr FMJ 2000 rounds Full-auto out of reg MP5K no problems - will buy again

Bought 1000rnds of 55grnFMJ ~18months ago, out of which roughly half-a-dozen had backwards primers. The rest of the batch had no problems and shot fine, but the fact of the backwards primers left me disinclined to buy more.

1) Ammunition used (M193, SS109)
2) Firearm used in
3) Approximate number of rounds fired.

1) Sellier & Bellot,
NP 39.51 20 pcs 223 REMINGTON (5,56 x 45 mm)
Bullet: Type FMJ - M 193/No 2903, Weight: 3,6g 55gr
Primer: 4,4 Boxer

Stamped into the top flap of the green cardboard box: 347/36
Printed below the stamped information: T. C. 0 5271 - 2
Headstamp: S&B (a symbol that looks like a circle wearing a crown) 223 REM

2) Bushmaster XM15E2S, 20" Barrel

3) 60 cartridges

No malfunctions. Fired for familiarization, plinking and initial evaluation. Point of impact correlated nicely with point of aim established using other ammunition.
I've only fired 60 of the 200 cartridges initially purchased.
I'm satisfied with the function.
I may test for accuracy later, but I was hitting with enough regularity that my evaluation session was almost boring.
I observed a scent similar to rotten eggs (a.k.a. "cat piss").
Price was right and service was good from Natchez Shooters Supplies (
I'm satisfied.

I shot about a thousand rounds of .223 S&B about three years ago. No problems at all.

Great ammo in all calibers.

Shot Sellier & Bellot ammo in 9mm Para, .45 ACP, and .223. No problems whatsoever.

(Video) Sellier & Bellot Factory Tour 4k

Be very careful. S&B ammo is normally loaded with copper-plated-steel-jacketed bullets, not gilding-metal (i.e., copper alloy) jackets. As such, it is not safe to use this ammo for shooting at steel targets, as the ricochet danger is very great. Several years back, when S&B's brass-cased ammo was first imported, folks started bringing this stuff to shooting schools, and there were a number of injuries, cuts primarily, from pieces of bullets bouncing back to the shooting line when fired at steel targets (plates, pepper poppers, etc.). Most schools have banned S&B ammo for this reason.
During the dry season, the steel jackets are also a fire hazzard, as the jackets will cause sparks when hitting rocks. Every year, steel-jacketed ammo causes range fires, and last year, one of the big SoCal wildfires was started by steel-jacketed ammo.
Finally, these bullets will not fragment in tissue, and will perform much like the Wolf ammo did in the B&T Ammo Labs tests.
Just keep these factors in mind when using any steel-jacketed ammo. A magnet can be your friend.

I bought a bunch a few years ago in .223 and have shot most of it up. It functions good and is pretty accurate for plinking ammo.
I do have a problem with the brass though. Many once fired cases have splits around the neck. I would NOT even think about reloading it. None of my splits were serious, as they were limited to the neck.
I have shot many of these rounds through MGs and Semi-Autos, and there have been no significant failures.
Again, my experience is mostly limited to .223.

Fired .223/5.56 M193 type in my SL8-5. No problems, and yes its pretty hot compared to other factory loads, still pretty decent accuracy, around 1,5-2" at 100m (G36 scope).
Dont know how many rounds, but its in the 3 digits range.

I have put ~1500 S&B 55gr .223 (mint green box) rounds thru my 2 Bushy's (one 20", one 16") with maybe 2 FTF's. No complaints from me other than the price has gone up to where I don't consider it cheap ammo anymore.

Put 860 rds of that stuff through my bushy over the past three weeks. It was the newer green box stuff. I also use alot of the 30 carbine stuff for my m2. Never had a problem with it at all.

I have shot the 55 and 62 grain brass cased rounds with no problems in close to 1000 rounds.

I had one round go "pop" When I took it out everything was intact except the primer had blown out of the back of the case. When I looked into the primer pocket I realized they hadn't punched a hole into the interior of the case for the flash to go through to the powder.

1) EA J-15 cast lower with Bushmaster 16-inch M4-profile bbl
2) 100 rounds
3) 55gr FMJ/M193
Ambient temp was ~37F. Accuracy was very good compared to Wolf. No problems whatsoever. I paid $120/1000rds. I have 2 more unopened cases. Boxes are new yellow & green boxes.

I have fired a few thousand rounds of the 55gr .223, and very little of the 62gr .223 without any problems. (Bushmaster)

I bought a couple hundred rounds of S&B M855 type ammo. I had no problems with it and it chronoed to M855 spec.

Some friends did some accuracy testing with S&B SS109 and were pleasantly surprised, 1 MOA groups out to 300 meters with several ARs. Great Stuff. Ops

shot about 2-300 rds of 55grain, with no problems whatsoever... thru Busy m-4gery..16". Purchased 800rds of the 62grain S&B, have yet to shoot any of though. Burns cleaner than Winchester though

had several rounds of the commercial .223 seprate after firing. The brass is complete crap. DO NOT RELOAD IT.

Absolutely no reliability problems after 5,000 rounds from Olympic Arms ICR 16" bbl.
Very satisfied with accuracy, but have never done much bullseye /benchrest shooting or compared against another brand.
Pretty nasty ammonia smell during high volume shooting.
I am sticking with S&B for 223

200 rounds in .223 - 5.56, M193, fired through a 11,5 barrel. Fail to feed every 2 or 3 rounds.
Work better with the can on the gun (Brugger and Thomet vortex II), but the ammonia smell is a real, real problem in this configuration.

I have shot approx. 250 rounds of the "M193" version through my 3 bushys with no problems. Brass has always be bright/shiny and not a sinfle malf.

(Video) 6.5 Creedmoor (6.5x48mm), 140gr SP, Sellier and Bellot

I ran 300 rounds of the newer S&B (yellow and green box) .223 M193 ammo through my Colt M4 last weekend with not one issue. Every round fired perfect.

2,000 rounds 45 ACP 230 gr FMJ in a ParaOrdnance P14.45 ACCURATE, no problems
1,000 rounds 7.62x25 85gr FMJ in CZ-52 and Tokarev no problems
2,000 rounds 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ in CZ-52, Tokarev, Hi-Point carbine, and Kahr PM-9
ACCURATE, no problems
200 rounds .38 special 158gr LRN in colt magnum carry, ruger redhawk no problems
50 rounds .38 special 158gr FMJ used in ruger redhawk not very accurate, steel jacket, range not happy
50 rounds .357 mag 158gr FMJ used in ruger redhawk steel jacket, range not happy
300 rounds 9mm makarov 95gr FMJ used in Bulgy Makarov ACCURATE, no problems
100 rounds 12 gauge 2 3/4 buckshot used in Benelli Nova kicks like a mule, no problems
100 rounds .410 000 buckshot used in crack barrel, and saiga .410 no problems
100 rounds .410 00 buckshot used in crack barrel and saiga .410 no problems
60 rounds .223 62gr ss109 used in AR15 no problems
500 rounds .30 carbine 110gr FMJ used in ruger blackhawk and m1 carbine ACCURATE, no problems
100 rounds 8x57 mauser 196gr sp used in 1938 Turkish mauser
ACCURATE, kicks like 2 mules, no problems
100 rounds 7.62x54R 174gr hpbt used in Finnish M39 ACCURATE, no problems

I've only tried their .308 168gr match. It is FANTASTIC.... Shoots as well or better than Fed GM match. I ususlly get it at Cabela's or Natchez. I'll use it anytime. I dont reload so dont know about reloadability.

280rds .223 through 11.5" barrel, no problems.

1) Firearm used in: RRA midlength carbine
2) Approximate number of rounds fired: 120
3) Ammunition type: 55gr, M193-equivalent
Not a single problem. This stuff seemed just slightly tamer than Q3131A, but was cleaner. Nicely accurate, too.

300 rds though my Bushy 14.5 /w AK brake. Shot well and was ok in acuraccy.

No problems with the 1000 I shot from my Bushy 20" and a Model 1 sales 16". All went bang and it was in the black.

Our SERT team is issued this as practice ammo by the truckload.
No problems that I am aware of.

Purchased about 10 boxes of the ss109 in light green box.
This was fired from 16" bushmaster carbine.
All rounds were fired off, out of the 10 boxes half of them had same lot number the outher boxes mixed lot numbers.
The problem I had was that out of all the boxes with the exception of one at least 3 out of 4 rounds out of each box (rounds not mixed) had ruptured cases from just below the neck strait down to the head region of the case. Not really something I would try again.

250 rds, no problems.
16" Olympic M4-style.

I have run a couple thousand rounds of S&B 62gr SS109 through my AR-15 (20" A2 style). No problems, reasonable accuracy (different POA than 55gr of course), not too dirty or smelly. The LGS I bought it from hasn't gotten any more since I bought out the last of it a few months ago. I would probably buy more if they get any.

I found a really good deal on a case of S&B 55 grain FMJ for $150 in '05. The little green boxes said M193 on them. It chrono'd at over 2900 fps in my 16" Colt and hit where I aimed. No malfunctions of any kind. I don't ever expect to find a deal like this again! I have two boxes left for comparison...

I've shot probably 3000 rounds of the 55 grn through my Bushy 16", no malfunctions or problems whatsoever.

I have shot 200 rounds through my Bushmaster 14.5in 1/9. No problems, still have 800 rounds of the stuff left.

I have already answered earlier, but I wanted to note that S&B has somehow improved its recipe for its 55gr M193 "type". Its quite a bit more accurate and more importantly, consistent rcently, some say it has a boattail projectile now. I dont seem to get the number of flyers anymore (if at all) I used to 2 or so years ago when I first tested it.

Put 60 55gr. rounds through my 16" RRA AR without any problems.

(Video) Sellier & Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo Test and Review at 1000 yards. Tikka T3X CTR. Athlon Ares BTR

shot a 100 rounds of M193 i got yesterday.shot well no problems.brass was shiny and new.for info its a lead core bullet not steel.i pulled one and performed a bulletectomy.wish id got a whole case now.price was 145 otd for 500.

Bought a case of the 55gr stuff to shoot during Fighting Rifle and Advanced Fighting Rifle carbine classes with Tactical Response. Had no problems with it, (didn't have to transition to pistol ) and would shoot it again. Other guys in both classes used it as well and reported no problems that I'm aware of.


Is Sellier and Bellot good ammo? ›

Innovation and technology: Sellier & Bellot's Sceen-Ammo has been specially designed for the use in modern shooting cinemas. These cartridges are also equipped with a unique NONTOX primer without any heavy metal emissions. High quality and affordable prices are the two main factors of success for Sellier & Bellot.

Who makes Sellier and Bellot ammunition? ›

Sellier & Bellot is a firearms ammunition manufacturer situated in Vlašim, Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary of the Brazilian company CBC.

Is Sellier & Bellot ammo clean? ›

It's clean and goes bang every time we pull the trigger.

Who makes S&B ammunition? ›

Sellier & Bellot Ammo is a Czech ammunition manufacturer located in Vlasim. Started in 1825 by a French man manufacturing percussion caps for firearms to be used by the French infantry, Sellier & Bellot Ammo is one of the oldest companies in the world!

Is Sellier and Bellot ammo corrosive? ›

A: Absolutely not. All Sellier & Bellot commercial primers are non-mercuric and non-corrosive.

Is Fiocchi ammunition any good? ›

Fiocchi pistol ammunition uses jacketed hollow-point bullets that are well designed, offer good feed reliability and provide a good balance of expansion and penetration. While handgun accuracy is interesting, when it comes to rifles, the performance at 200 and 300 yards demands precision.


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