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Review Score: 5

Summary: Amun Ini is a family run property of 16 rooms. It has an absolutely stunning private beach , and the food is devine , everything is home made but what stands out to me is the service and hospitality of the team, really going above and beyond and so kind and warm. We loved our stay and we'll definitely be back !


Review Score: 5

Summary: We fell in love with the staff, the accommodations, and the beach vistas at Amunini! This is a special gem in Anda that we hope to be able to return to one day. Fred, the owner is kind and so gracious and Jeff the main server + the restaurant staff shows how service ought to be everywhere! The food and drinks were divine and we didn’t want to leave. Bravo!

Review Score: 2

Summary: My friend and I stayed at Amuin Ini for three nights. We have been advised to check out Anda beach by close friends. However, we didn’t expected to be that way. Overall the resort is amazing but there are few things that didn’t appeal to us nor made our stay enjoyable. It’s desighed for couples only. Everything the spa closes by 5pm and the meals are set on specific time only and we can’t eat if we mess a meal and can’t go out side as it’s dark as hell. There is now 24h room service too. Very limited activities to do inside the resort. Only diving, snorkeling and swimming pool. It was very good that we have figured that there is a better experience outside the resort. We rented motor scooters and drove around the town and explore many things. Cave pools, mystery islands, meeting locals, visiting a wide public beach, many water activities with way less price than the resort we stayed at. More over after arriving back to the resort we were shocked to know that we have to fill the scooter tank even though we weren’t told at the begening. One the the thing that made our dining area way excitied was our waiter JEFFERY. He was by far the best waiter we have ever come across. Super funny and happy person, greeted us at every time he sees us.My personal openion is that Amuin Ini has potentials to exceed our expectations but sadly we didn’t feel it was a resort worthy of it cost. I will be back but not to the same resort.

Summary: Spectacular property! Amazing service, fantastic food and out of this world diving spots and facilities. Compliments to Fred and family as well as the entire staff for making this one of the most memorable vacations we ever had. Also to the dive team (Lito and Justine) for making sure that our dives were awesome and safe.

Review Score: 5

Summary: Wonderful hotel on private beach with great staff and great diving

Review Score: 5

Summary: Amun Ini Hotel is in the Anda area of Bohol Island which is the eastern part of the island. It is approximately 3 hours drive from Tagbilaran Airport. My partner and I stayed at Amun Ini for 3 nights. We really enjoyed our stay at the hotel. We enjoyed how the hotel welcome their guests.STAFFThe staff are all very warm friendly and always very happy to help. It felt like home away from home.I met the owner Fred. He is very friendly and always happy to have a chat with the guests and making sure that guests are being looked after well.The hotel has a nice big swimming pool overlooking the sea. The hotel also has a private beach with several little huts to have a lie-down and relax. RestaurantI must say that Amun Ini makes the best sisig we have ever tasted. My partner and I tried many of the foods on the menu and they’re all delicious. You cannot miss their special rice and the sisig. The hotel helped organize airport transfers. The hotel also helped organize the island touring activities which included a nice Loboc river buffet lunch.My partner went scuba diving. The diving instructor is very good - they use the pool first to ensure that divers know what to do before going out to the sea for their dive.Thank you Amun Ini for the wonderful experience in Bohol and we cannot wait to visit again which we hope to be in the very near future.

Review Score: 5

Summary: We loved Amun Ini for many reasons, the privacy, the quiet, the scenery, the ambience, the staff, the food and excellent service. The service was superb. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Review Score: 3

Summary: Everything in this resort is way overpriced including the room rate.

Review Score: 5

Summary: My Fiance and I stayed here in this romantic setting for 7 nights. The food is superb, and the service exemplary. Top Class all the way. Fred, the owner, is a wonderful man that was a pleasure to meet and visit with. His wife a very nice lady and together they run a 1st class place. We would recommend this to anyone that wants a romantic, private, comfortable, and quiet place right on the sand.....along with the private beach was simply the best. Absolute perfection, an outstanding resort. If you want the best on Bohol island, this is it.

Review Score: 4

Summary: Location and views were beautiful. Perfect for a two day get away, unless you are going for the diving. Would not go to this location if you want to swim in the ocean. Beach very rocky, virtually impossible to get into water without getting cut or scratched by sharp rocks. People who were heading to the diving boat were the only ones I saw on the beach. Food was very good. Bread amazing. Good selection of wines and cocktails. Service was not perfect ( slow, at times inattentive) although people were very pleasant and tried hard to please. If you are in Island mode this may be fine, given how apologetic staff is when they became aware that something was not right. The owner lives on premises and greets all guests.The room was very pleasant, the bed was far too hard. We both woke up with sore necks and stiff backs. We did avail of the traditional Hilot massage which was great and helped to remove the stiffness created by the mattress.

stephanie v

Review Score: 3

Summary: The place is beautiful. The room is too generic in my view and lacks charm. There should be an iron in the closet. There is no free snorkeling equipment. Included Breekfast does not include orange juice. You have to choose from several dishes and the result is that you still feel hungry unless you pay extra. The distance from the airport , with the traffic risk, is a bit of a problem.

Review Score: 5

Summary: Had the best time with friends from morning activities with personalized diving experience until night time where you can hang out at the resorts poolside dining area. The resort has a good selection of wine, one of the best massages ever and really great food selection. The owner is very accomodating that made us feel at home throughout the stay. If you’re lucky, you get to meet the cute and charming dogs around.

Review Score: 5

Summary: Great vacation... the place was very relaxing and the food was superb!

Review Score: 3

Summary: For the price, one would expect bedroom slippers/toothbrushes, but alas, none to be found. Also, the resto closes at 8pm, and the staff go home as well, so no service crew after 8, just the security guards.Bathroom windows leave you exposed to probable peeping toms.

Review Score: 5

Summary: Great people , made to feel at home

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