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Ankit Panth is one of the most popular Counter-Strike athletes in India.

Having been a top gamer in CS:GO for many years, we asked him to share his in-depth knowledge about the game, including how a novice could become a pro CS:GO player, how to improve your aim in the game, what are his ideal PC and in-game settings, and more.

Here he reveals the terms you are likely to hear – both Indian and international – if you tune into an Indian gamer’s stream of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

These are the CS:GO lingo you won’t learn in school.

200 IQ: When someone pulls off an incredibly smart play to win their team the round.

Ace: When a player singlehandedly kills all players of the opposition team in a single round.

AWP: The sniper rifle is called the AWP. The player who uses this weapon is known as the AWPer.

Backstab: When someone is killed from behind.

Bait: When one teammate goes into a dangerous position to draw fire from enemies while teammates hide so they can spot the enemies and retaliate soon.

Banana: The corridor leading up to bomb site B in the popular map Inferno.

Bhop: Short for bunny hop, a skilled move that lets players travel across maps faster.

Blocker: Someone who blocks you in the game while playing.

Buy out: To buy everything that you can with your pending money, usually done in the last round of the half or game.


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Carry: A player with substantially more kills than the rest of their team, who is ‘carrying’ the team with his good performances.

Collateral: When you get multiple kills with a single one bullet. It usually happens with an AWP because of the high penetration.

Crabwalk: When you crouch and walk around the map to quick scope

Crossfire: When teammates cover an entrance or access point from multiple angles to attack approaching enemies.

Dink: When an opponent takes a headshot through a helmet that may or may not kill them. Derived from the sound of a bullet hitting the helmet.

Eco: A round in which you buy cheap items like pistols and grenades, or nothing at all, in order to save money for a future round. Also known as eco rush or eco round.

Entry Fragger: The role of the player who goes ahead of teammates to attack the enemy first, possibly getting the first kill or suffering the first death.

European buy: When half the team buys rifles and the other half purchases cheaper items to save money. Also known as half buy.

Fake flash: A technique used by pro players of throwing a flash that an enemy will spot easily and avoid, but then quickly tossing another flash that will blind the enemy so you can kill them.

Flash peek: When your teammate tosses a flash to blind the enemy so that it is easier for you to kill.

Flick: A quick reaction shot done when an opponent suddenly appears just outside a player’s field of view.

FPS drop: When the frames per second of your game visual drops due to some issue, making it difficult for you to play.

Frag: Slang for kill.

God/Lord: A player is called God or Lord when they hit an insane shot or get multiple kills or clutch the round.

Hero AK: When one player buys a rifle while the rest of the team eco or half buys. This player is usually relied on to get the kills for the round.

HP: Short for hit points, which is the health of a player. When HP is 100, health is full. When HP is 0, the player is dead.

Jiggle peek: a move used by pro players where they quickly press left-right-left-right buttons to peek around a wall and spot enemies, or to bait a shot.

Knife round: A round agreed between opponents to be contested with knives only (no guns, flashes or grenades) during a friendly match.

Lag: When your game stops or stutters because of a slow or faulty internet connection.

Lurker: One of the roles on a CS:GO team, this player arrives late to a fight by taking a different route than their teammates, or goes to another spot on the map altogether to send their team reports on other locations.


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MAC-10 rush: When the MAC-10 SMG is used to rush at opponents and take them by surprise.

Matka: A superb shot that would be considered lucky or by fluke.

Molly: Short for Molotov aka incendiary grenade, which sets a small area on fire when thrown.

Molly-smoke combo: A strategy used by pro players to catch their enemies off guard. First you toss a Molotov and quickly douse the fire with a smoke grenade so you can rush the opponents, also tossing in a flashbang if needed to blind them before killing.

Nade: Short for HE grenade. The other grenades include the flashbang, the smoke grenade, the molotov/incendiary grenade and the decoy grenade

OP: Short for overpowered. Used to refer to a weapon that delivers a lot of damage with little effort.

Pop flash: Another term for the flashbang grenade that pops and blinds players who are within a certain radius of the explosion.

Post plant: When the terrorist team takes up positions after planting the bomb to stop the counter-terrorists from access and defusing the bomb.

Rekt: Slang for wrecked. It means that you’ve been eliminated by an opponent within seconds without hope of a fight back.

Run boost: When you stand on top of a teammate, run two steps and jump. This move helps players reach areas faster, access areas that might be difficult to get to, or as a strategy to surprise enemies.

Save: When a player intentionally hides from opponents so they can avoid being killed and retain their weapons for the next round.

Short/mid/long: Informal terms used by pro players to indicate areas of the map that the team will attack or camp at. Mostly used on maps like Dust2, Inferno and Overpass.

Smoke criminal: A player who knows how to use the smoke grenade to his advantage and get kills.

Stack: To stand on top of a teammate for a boost that helps you reach an otherwise inaccessible area.

Suicide: When a player drops a grenade that self-kills or jumps from a high point to their death.

Swing: Short for swing peek, which is another term for wide peek. This is done when a player rounds a corner or angle with a larger stride instead of sticking close to the wall. This is done to possibly throw off the aim of an opponent targeting an area close to the wall.

Trade: When a player is killed and immediately signals the position of the enemy to their teammate so they can avenge the death.

Triple boost: When a player stacks over two teammates.

W gaming: When a player rushes at opponents to gain quick kills without carrying for their own safety.

Wall of smoke: A strategy used by pro players of creating a lot of smoke in a particular are by using double smoke grenades, double HE grenades or a Molotov-HE Grenade combo.


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