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Store Manager

| Arab, AL |

Mar 27, 2015

They forget about the people

Your typical day at work would consist of running the register, assisting customers, stocking shelves, recovering the store, being security depending on area and if your a high shrink store or not ( I was ) bank runs, cleaning of the building and parking lot. Setting planograms, dealing with vendors, and these are just the basics. Because while all the above is going on 9 out of 10 your doing this by yourself due to "lack of payroll hours" . I was a high volume store for my area. I was under the impression your store's hours was based on volume but that is not the case. You will be consistently be put in situations that I call a catch 22. You are expected to do and say certain things but if corp was around it's a total different story. Anyone who has been with this company or knows someone who was or is with this company knows sometimes things will not always be able to be gone by the book. You will or you will know someone who will work off the clock to finish their job, you will or will know someone who is working the stocking shift and will get a soda or a drink and pay for it when the store opens vs as soon as they drink it. These things happen due to being concerned about getting the job done as best as possible. This is my entire experience with the company. At first I loved my job because I truly don't mind fast paced hard work. I started out as a part time cashier getting 4 hrs a week at my home store, I went to any other dg that would let me pick up hrs to work

Prospaycheck, benifits

Consoverworked, underpaid, tossed aside as soon as you disagree with upper management



| Florida |

Jun 6, 2020

It is better than no job but once you get a better job always quit this or demand only one or two days a week.

The job started out ok. You dont get more than a few cents over minimum wage if you even get that.None of this is the managers fault. Two of mine have been great and deserve to be paid more, allowed more pay roll, and allowed to order more things to suit the demand of the area. It seems corporate is the bigger issue with these stores. They are very anti union and it seems to be so they can take advantage of the lowest level workers/management.Dollar General did horrible during the corona outbreak, was one of the last stores to start limiting people buying TP and other items, the stores were jammed full right as it happened, hours for staff were cut, and it took them months to get any sneeze guards or PEP for employees to use. They also were one of the first stores to lift the limits on items. It seems they cared more about profits rather than making sure the community they serve, which many only have that store within walking distance, would have supplies.Their "bonuses" were just a lump sum based on if you were full time or part time. Full time got a 300$ bonus and part time just got 1$ an hour extra in a check. They didn't start the 1$ an hour extra until later into the out break and then stopped it fairly early.They gave out a 30% coupon for employees, but this was just 10% over the 20% they already gave. They also made it only use able at their TOGO terminals, which not all stores have, so many employees couldn't even use it. It wasn't until recently they ma

Prossemi decent discount on their brands, some of the employees are great.

ConsMinimum wage, bad cash handling praticeses, lack of proper scheduling even after told, grumpy keycarriers will ruin your experiance


Sales Associate

| Michigan |

Nov 18, 2013

Not as good as I was told it was going to be

First off, when I got interviewed, it wasn't really an interview. The store manager left early that day, even though I was scheduled to be interviewed. So I went in there and one of the assistant managers didn't even know what to do or where my application was, she didn't even know where the interview question paper was. So she basically wrote down my number, asked me where the last three places I worked (wrote that down too), and told me that I probably would get a call from the store manager in a few days to schedule another interview. I waited and never got a call, so I called them and asked what was going on, the same assistant manager was very rude and said they were still waiting for my background check and rudely wondered why I was calling. That puzzled me and I went ahead and looked for another job. I got a call two (maybe three?) weeks later saying that I never filled out the new hire packet that was sent to my email and that's why they never received my background check. Well, I never check that email, so I didn't know about it, and the last thing I was told was to wait for another interview from the actual store manager. So I went to check and that packet had been in there since the day after my interview. Which puzzled me more, because here I was waiting for an actual interview, but I was basically already hired, it would have been nice if they communicated more with me and actually told me to expect a hiring packet.Well, I finally started working there in Oc

ProsCustomers are friendly, I like some of the people I work with, and getting paid weekly is better than bi-weekly.

ConsStore manager is a rude person, pay is horrible for being on your feet and running back and forth all day, the hours are just plain bad, and they will not give you a break if working under 6 hours, even if you work 5 hours and 45 minutes.


Assistant Store Manager

| Campbellsville, KY |

Jun 4, 2020

Good Company Bad Leadership

So I've worked in retail for 16 years now, never been wrote up until DG and the context of the write up screams this particular manager wanted me gone. Some context my first job when I turned 16 back in the day was actually DG and I have returned a few times over the years as a part time job when times were rough, been a Salaried Store Manager for the Competition as well so I know the policies etc. So when I recently moved to a new town I applied and got a job as an Assistant Manager at a new store that was opening Great Right? The month I trained at another location it was apparent I knew what I was doing I received nothing but praise from multiple Store Managers that visited and I thought to myself this is it I'm here for good and will make this a career. The whole time I was training I was never assigned a job code so I never got paid as an Assistant until the 1st week the new store was open and never got retroactively paid either I mean 8.00 an hour compared to the 12 I was supposed to be making eh didnt bother me a whole lot. So when we started to stock the new store for opening I'm the Assistant and DG has a new store opening schedule and shows who is supposed to be there on what days it starts at Day 0 then 1-7 Day 0 Store Manager and Merchandiser meet at the store etc. Day 1 Assistant Manager is supposed to be brought into the mix was I the answer is no. Day 2 I show up albeit I was 20 minutes late because I was told by my Manager to be there at 10 and she never told


Sales Associate

| Henry, IL |

Aug 9, 2019

Not a friendly work environment.

When I first started I was brought on very quickly and was just thrown in without ever even being told I had gotten the job. I hardly got any training and when I did eventually someone would tell me that it was wrong and have me do it a different way. I would get praise about something one day and then corrected the next. I never felt comfortable with any of the managers because, even though you need them for most cash register issues beyond just ringing things up, they would act as if you were trying to inconvenience them. I was never properly trained, I just followed someone around one day and then set free to do what needed to be done the next with no additional help. This may be normal, but that isn't how I learn so I would frequently forget to do something and then instead of talking to me about it I would get passive aggressive comments about it where they would say they continuously noticed it but didn't bother to say anything to me. A typical day for me, I was a closer so I knew for the most part, what I was supposed to do since it was a pretty set schedule. When I was scheduled to work mornings, however, the store manager would get annoyed that I didn't know what I should be doing, even though I was only trained for closing shift. There were a few instances when I was yelled at by the manager, in front of customers, for asking what needed to be done. I barely learned anything. There were so many components of this job that were never explained but were expected o



| North Port, FL |

Feb 6, 2018

Employees do just about everything at slave wage in comparison

I have worked for this company for many, many years.Your typical day at DG as a cashier is:- Checking people out at the register and handling peoples' frustrations- If you aren't busy, you will be checking to see if cigarettes are stocked and putting away supplies from gray totes. - If you stock, you are expected to put away around 3 to 4 entire rolltainers a day to keep up pace (if the store is busy).- You are constantly pressured to tell people about the survey on the receipts and other promotions, which you never get around to doing if you don't want to hold up long lines. This is only situational though as all stores aren't busy.If you work night shift, which is where a majority of the work is at because more people get off work around then, you're in for a treat.Responsibilities include:- Checking out customers with a higher volume compared to day shift.- Cleaning up day shift's mess.- Putting away gray tote items if you have the time (which you usually don't if store is under staffed). - Straightening the store shelves while juggling between that and register. Sometimes you don't even get to leave the register for more than 10 seconds before someone else comes.- Troubleshooting PC and pinpad errors which are from the 90's. They are old IBMs where the company doesn't bother investing in one of the most CORE features a store should have - their technology.- Straightening the coolers and freezers.- The MOD (manager on duty) is usually your

ProsIt's retail, what do you expect? The only pro here would be gaining experience in retail or customer service

ConsAverage 30 minute breaks, employees do too much, understaffed, bad equipment to work with, company feels like it does not care about its employees, high turn over rate, some stores are trashy or have poor management, some stores end up making you do overtime due to finishing up your work, little employee benefits with limited time windows


Store Manager

| Modesto, CA |

Nov 13, 2022

Don't settle. Plenty of better places to work.

Worked as a store manager. They need to figure out logistics of truck vs hours given to work it. Had two leads have nervous break down from stress. As store manager I was top 10 percent in customer service and sales in a high volume store. I kept my backroom and store, neat, clean, organized and effecient. And was proud of it. I loved my customers, my team & my store. Prior to getting my store I would go to stores that had problems due to poor training or mismanagement and turn them around. At my store I had a solid team and good relationship. But once covid hit it felt like as a company they were reacting, instead of being proactive. Put a lot of needless stress on workers. Over a year trying to get a handle on when truck deliveries said they would deliver vs actually delivering days later or delivering days earlier without notice and hours being cut with constant pressure from corporate, and very little communication on if they would get that and total payroll hours corrected for delivery days or would provide any help or understanding with what the teams were dealing with at store level. Added to that there were several new program roll outs that exacerbated issues at store level and didn't help situation with stores with huge overflow of impacted backrooms. That had additonal issue of extra bulk products that we had to take extra time out to figure where we could even put that product or the next truck wouldnt have any room in the back. This wasted time we did

ProsStore manager bonuses. I made a lot of bonuses due to being top 10 percent since I got my store.

ConsCorporate expectation vs real life expectations., I pride myself on being able to meet or exceed expectations., Set you up to fail.


The grass is greener where you water it.

Let me be relatively transparent but also respectfully direct. No matter where you work, you will face problems. You will have wretched employees past and present and you will have the finest workers you'll ever know. It does not matter what company you work for. Humans, make Human errors. Stop expecting employers to get it right, every time, for the abundantly various employees they employee. If you read news headlines, you may develop an opinion on the company as a whole that is not reflective of their true colors. I can only speak on behalf of personal experience and I will do my best to be honest, respectively. I have only worked at 1 location, ever. We are a new store (open less than 1 year). We are on our 2nd manager. Not because of poor company anything, truly, they are not to blame. They happened to hire a bad apple who spoiled its self and the company did what they should do and disposed of said bad apple. I do think stores should be given a few more hours weekly for scheduling purposes. However what is given is still manageable with the right crew. The complaints from other locations I have found come from the inability to find the right employees to hire. Not due to anything less than the entitlement culture found common in the work force today. Employees are demanding higher wages for less work and that's simply not how a profitable business remains just that, a profitable business. I'm not saying I wouldn't like a raise. Who wouldn't? However my pay is th


Sales Clerk

| Paxton, IL |

Apr 2, 2013

Fast paced, multitasking environment

Shift change begins immediately upon arrival and almost never goes smoothly. Because the register drawer is already counted to $100, the newly shifted in clerk must assume the drawer actually has an exact monetary count of $100 at the start. The newly shifted clerk is completely responsible for the drawer having $100 regardless if it actually has that correct amount. This is alarming to me as I am forced to assume the drawer's accuracy without having been able to actually confirm the monetary count before starting my shift.The time clock automatically rounds clock in and clock out times to the nearest 15 minutes based on a 7 minute window so if one clocks in 7 minutes early for a 3 pm shift, the time clock registers that the clock in time is moved up to the nearest 15 minutes.2:53 pm clock in at the register is now registered as clocking in at 3 pm according to cooperate computers. This is inconvenient for employees as they are losing time on the clock and being robbed of every minute actually worked. Employees take full advantage of this 7 minute window and are seen clocking out 7 minutes earlier then their scheduled shift actually ends or they clock out 8 minutes past their scheduled shift to gain an extra 15 minutes on the clock that they didn't even work.This can be a substantial loss of pay for employees or corporate loss for labor hours not actually worked by employees per week.Management lacks cohesion between the District Manager,Manager,Assistant MOD and the cler

Prospublic diversity with social interaction

Conspoor, costly benefits, poor management structure and lack of morale.


Lead Associate

| Eufaula, OK |

Sep 4, 2019

Was great at first, then went downhill

i had a fantastic boss for two years. we became fast friends, she understood my mental health issues (extreme anxiety) and would allow me to take breaks to calm down if i got overwhelmed, or would even send me home if she knew i needed to be done for the day. she was great with giving me the days off that i needed off, and most of the time if i wanted a specific day off that wasn't for a medical reason, family affair, and just for my personal gain, she would grant me that day off so long as there was someone that would be able to work that day. i was without a car for a while so i could only work certain shifts during certain time frames and she was very flexible and accepting of that and never scheduled me for impossible shifts. she gave me lists of things she wanted done, but told me which ones were priority and to do my best, but no pressure if i wasn't able to complete them. these lists usually consisted of two or three big projects (unloading rolltainers / uboats) that she would want done for sure if it was possible, and a few smaller jobs (recovery, sweeping, rearranging the stock room) if i had time for them. unfortunately this boss ended up quitting, so i got a new's where it starts going downhill. new boss promised she'd be able to work around my schedule. scheduled me during times i didn't have a way to work. new boss said my hair color could be any color i wanted it to be. i dyed my hair back to my natural color (a very bright, vibrant red), she told

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