Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-14-14 - Iraqi Dinar News, Information and Facts (2024)

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-14-14

2-14-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 In three days the CBI has collected… retrieved… called in… brought back… reversed engineered… or whatever you want to call it almost 3 trillion dinars…if I didn’t know any better I would venture to guess that the CBI had a target or knew exactly how many more 000’s they needed to bring back. We told you yesterday about the long lines with the citizens that were shown on Iraqi TV. They said all banks were busy too transferring their money to the CBI. Now add this to the dehydration of currency in Iraq. There is no money in the country and this is important evidence that something is about to happen not only to the currency but to the rate of the IQD. Yes the evidence has been encouraging.

2-14-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday I want to make me clear on my opinion — I do not think that the budget has to be published entirely and complete for the international rates to be set and the three zero currency to begin on the exchange in country.

2-14-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday there is a huge economic meeting with press conference on the 16th of Feb — it is very exciting and many are very excited to see what comes of it — gov leaders, minister of finance and also CBI is taking part and it is a major announcement.

2-14-2014 Newshound Guru tlm724 Article: “Kurdistan Alliance: returning to the parliament and the budget discussions will end next week” so we will see what happens next week, hang on it’s getting worked out.

2-14-2014 Misinformed Guru Bluwolf we are finally looking for 800# for Sunday or Monday, exchange from Tuesday on… if and only if Washington follows through with the original plan… there is already a lot of prosperity heading your way…

Guru Critic, There wont be any #800 numbers folks, that notion is just a ruse.

2-13-2014 Intel Guru Angelquest this is what came out of iraq yesterday for those of you that have not seen or heard it. BREAKING NEWS Iraq TV said today at 1PM that all physical currency has to be in the bank…this will immediately cause an increase in the demand of the dinar raising its value. They are now in a race to implement their budget immediately. The dinar is now on the open market as of the 16th by the selling of government bonds. This will cause some type of RV just by supply and demand due to nobody having dinar for the auctions. They would then have to release the rate and break out the Lower Denominations.

Guru Critic, If that were true, what the heck are the Iraqi citizens supposed to make purchases with? Some thing is obviously being misunderstood here. The Lower Denominations would be useless without a substantial rise in the exchange rate.

2-13-2014 Intel Guru Angelquest i do not follow iraq for iraq is the after news…they will not release major info till they are allowed too so this tells me something is going on and they seem to put the 16th out sooooooo…but it can truly happen in the drop of a pin.

2-13-2014 Intel Guru Delta verified there are long lines at all the Iraq banks. IMO, the rate may come out at any value…$1…0.20 any number and the market will drive up the value and the rate will float.

2-13-2014 Misinformed Guru TNT Tony I am hearing that things are progressing in our favor. I am very excited about the following: 1. In Iraq there are announcements on TV, Radio and in the papers saying effective immediately the US Dollar is not to be used. Folks are lining up at banks for lower denoms and to exchange USD (not just merchants). 2. That their tv is showing interviews of cbi officials speaking of pending rv because of the new demands now on dinar. This is being broadcast to calm the people, because they are upset that their new rate is not publicly international.

Guru Critic, Some of these guru’s stated years ago that the “country of Iraq” was, or had to “de-dollarize”. Here it is 8 years later and it is still the currency of choice. I doubt whether any of the above statements are true.

2-13-2014 Misinformed Guru TNT Tony 3. Iraq banks have been notified that they are to be fully international tomorrow (Friday AM). Confirmed x3 banks. Bank transactions halted due to expected currency fluctuations until tomorrow. 4. As I told you yesterday, the hold up was at the request of the IMF, they wanted to clean up some mess created by weasels. That is officially done and all good. 5. International RV to occur in next day or less!!! 6. GCR is scheduled for 15 Feb 2014. 7. Iraq bonds finally set to go live on 16 Feb (after the GCR).

Guru Critic, Sorry folks, it just will not happen as Tony stated, He has been wrong EVERY time and he will be wrong again.

2-13-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [via a patsy] We are at the end. They only have two choices – Release the rate or risk major exposure. Announcements made in Iraq today. Iraq is set to implement an open market policy on the 16th. That means they will be international. Iraq set to sell bonds and in order to do that there must be a rate. Can’t sell them without…that was the announcement earlier. The liquidity in Iraq is drying up…cbi getting ready for a very big transformation.

2-13-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 On the 16th there may be a floating rate. 1 to 1 and then it may be released into an open market policy. Open market operations…selling government bonds. The demand for the iqd had increase and the value is about to increase significantly. The central bank governor said on TV they are ready to sell gov. bonds today. He said to the citizens that a significant value of the currency is about to change. It has been verified.

2-13-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 correlates with information from IMF source and a second confirming source that Monday Feb. 17th is a bank holiday (Presidents Day) and according to sources there should be changes in the Global Currency Market this weekend.

2-13-20-14 Intel Guru Nova the budget is still being held waiting for something. This week we have seen a choke being put on the currency of Iraq, and at the same time telling the citizens that they will see an increase in the purchasing power of their currency. [how long can Iraq keep this going?] Not long at all. they are sucking the currency off the street and the economy will flatline if the currency will not revalue! With the requirement of banks to deposit their physical currency it is pulling the IQD off the street and sucking the country dry of IQD.

2-13-20-14 Intel Guru Nova This will also dry up the currency auctions as the banks will not have any IQD to purchase dollars. IMO, when the new rate is announced the CBI will flood the market with LD’s (Lower Denominations). IMO, the CBI can only do 2 things…release a rate, or flush the entire monetary reform…everything in Iraq depends on sucking the country dry of IQD, announcing the rate, and then releasing the LD’s…This will also drive them to electronic currency. Feb. 16th is an very important date because if the CBI does what it says it will…we will learn about the rate.


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Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-14-14 - Iraqi Dinar News, Information and Facts (2024)
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