Judy Byington – Tuesday. 04 June, 2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tuesday. 04 June, 2024

Compiled Tuesday. 04 June, 202412:01 am ESTby Judy Byington

Mon. 4 June 2024:Seven Trumpets – A Call to Arms! Decoding the Imminent EBS, DEFCON ONE ALERT, Trump Commander-in-Chief, Star-Link Satellites Awaiting the Green Light – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

  • The Deep State Cabal’s private US Central Bankis a financial institution founded onDecember 23, 1913that controls 98% of the Central Banks worldwide, effectively ruling the global economy.
  • There will be a Global Stock Market Crashaffecting 209 countries.
  • It will be the end of financial enslavement.Sovereign countries around the World will have their new own gold/asset-backed currencies. In the US it is called the US Note (USN).


  • On Sun. 9 June 2024 Black Swan Event Expected as the Petrodollar Ends and Global Financial System implodessince there was no longer a need for nations to hold US Treasuries as the Global World Reserve Asset in oil trade. The U.S. Treasury bond market is funded off the World needing dollar reserves aka bank derivatives (off balance sheet dollars). When the Petrodollar ends onJune 9th,there is no need for the world to hold U.S. Treasuries as the global world reserve asset in the oil trade. The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate against their U.S. Treasury holdings. Japan will be forced to liquidate all their dollars

Global Currency Reset:

  • Mon. 3 June 2024 TNT Tony: “It was supposed to happenSaturday night, but then it was to happen onSundaydue to a hiccup, and it is supposed to happentonight. So the real deal is that it did not go onSunday, because the finance committee did not do their part in Iraq, did not do their vote. There was a small hiccup. But as I have sent out on Twitter, the vote has gone through the finance committee and vote has gone through the House of Representatives. Those are the things we wanted to see. We are hoping to see a rate, we know there is a new rate, and we know it is going through. All banks are HIGH HIGH alert. They were toldyesterday, but it took some time, as some bank contacts called melast eveningand some in the morning, that they were all put on high alert startinglast night through Thursday morning.They said byThursday morning, definitely, you are going to have people walking in your door, a bunch of brand new customers (that was yesterday). Talkingto them today, they do have pending rates and some of them are saying we are waiting right now to be notified of the release of the 800 numbers. Let’s hope it happens. Federal Reserve said they were just called in within the last hour. Everyone is to report to their station. Right now as we speak. With all this excitement, everything is pending, and I will give praise where praise is due, Ray has been telling you guys about the VenezuelanBolivar, rate predictions, right now, rate prediction for Bolivar on screen right now is 0.36 and is climbing.Ray predicts between 22 and 55. It is at 0.36 and climbing right now. It is on the bank screen at this time. Today is a good day.We have nothing to do but wait for the announcement. They are passing out money in Iraq. Activating projects.We are at a good time we just have to wait. Not sure if it is 72 minutes or 72 hours. The rate has not been announced the rate there yet, but maybe they wait tillWednesdayfor the Gazette.But everyone I talk to they say they are trying to go anytime now.But we are there. The rates are good. Everyone is excited. So I hope you guys are ready.”
  • On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024the Iraqi Parliament finally passed their budget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.
  • Mon. 3 June MarkZ: “The Iraqi Parliament passed the budget today.Folks are geared up for this week. I have been told by a number of them that they are ready and positioned.”
  • Fri. 31 May Wolverine: “I received an official notification from Brazil that confirmed the release order for Colombia, USA, Brazil. The representative of the Columbian project manager begins with his delivery protocols to his Tier4B. Leading representative internet group starts inJune.I received another message from a very strong contact, a Whale, from Zurich, saying he got the same message. Reno – I have been told, is about to kick off. So by next week, everything will be looking beautiful. The foundations are all funded. They are ready to go. This is not a rumor. This is fact that is coming through.
  • Mon. 3 June 2024:BQQM!!! Q Drops: ISO 20022’s Global Standard and XRP’s High-Stakes Battle with the SEC During the Q Drop’s ’10 Days of Darkness’ – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Global Financial Crisis:

Judy Byington – Tuesday. 04 June, 2024 – Dinar Detectives – Iraqi Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel (2024)
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