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June 6, 2024 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

Again, there is not much new news, but it is exciting news.


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Going on over 10 years now, I have taken my own time to research and document findings about the revaluation and reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. At this time more than ever I do not need to be doing this. I do it out of charity and love with understanding that all of us do NOT have the time to go do our own research. We are busy with our jobs, our daily lives and raising our children. So, I try to help out. But remember I too am very busy in my daily life too. I am no different, yet I take the time out each day to complete the task of research and composing my newsletter for you. This Newsletter will not survive without your ongoing support. There are more than 20,000 followers and readers on my blog. Why do the same handful only help out? Do the rest not want or care about the news I bring?

I feel we have been in a critical period of the currency reform program since January of last year 2023. Now we are in a “vital” period.  Like a game of chess, we are now in a waiting mode for the Central Bank to make their next move and rollout the second-rate change in-country to just over a dollar, that we were told is coming. Since they told us they now control the parallel “black” market, and that negotiations were successful in lifting sanctions on many Iraqi banks.

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Proverbs 18:16

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.


As June is rolling on….. We have waited for this month for a long time to come. This month I believe is going to be a critical month for us investors. Why do I say this? Remember I am only telling you what I read in articles and what my CBI contact relays to me. I am not a financial planner or banker. I cannot give you any investment advice.

Today’s news is all very good. It is just what we would expect to hear in the news at this time. The electronic systems are taking hold, which means that debit cards can be loaded by the GOP to pay bills to the citizens (salaries and retirements) and the citizens can use them to pay their bills. This will allow the shrinkage / withdrawal of the tangible currency notes from the market that is needed in the process to Delete the Zeros. If you read the steps to be taken to make this work, you will see this shrinkage of the monetary mass is a critical part of it.

I can remember hearing as far back as 2010 from Dr Shabibi the importance of the electronic banking effort and its advantages to the process. Yes, they MUST shrink down the currency mass. If you know anything about finance you can clearly see even in academic terms that if you shrink down the monetary mass than what is left will be worth more. It is the opposite of inflation. Kind of like deflating or shrinking the monetary mass as you would let the air out of a balloon. It is now time to do so. There is no longer a threat of massive hyperinflation on the horizon as Iraq now has a solid footing and has developed a comprehensive foundation to which the economic structure is now being developed. It is time to get out of the sanctioned war mode and back to being a sovereign nation.

They have also come to grasps with new sources of massive revenues. I have showed you articles on the Customs and Tariffs which they told us, if managed correctly, could rival the oil revenues. Then there is the new multi-billion annually Phosphate industry and we already knew about the growing Agriculture industry, when for the first time in almost 50 decades, is now exporting agricultural products from Iraq. Imagine that? Many industries including the steel industry and solid manufacturing plants are now reopening. This will lessen the burden of imports and need for this massive sanction-like currency auction process. Remember they told us these currency auctions would end entirely by December 2024. That is this year- hello anybody home!!! 😊

Now that the 2024 budget schedules are passed by the House they are ramping up to start these projects. These are massive projects of rebuilding Iraq…finally! Like I reported in a previous Newsletter that all of sudden it was like someone turned on the spigot and the water is now gushing out.

Remember also that they did not have to pass a 2024 budget as a three year budget was already passed. What they needed to pass was just a schedule to roll out the budget. Remember too they are being very cautious with this massive amount of money and want it to go to rebuilding Iraq and not in the hands of many of these corrupt Iranian governors now seeded in the provinces. This is the first real budget process they have done since before the 2003 war and so they are going slow with it. But it will all turn out okay and may have some snags along the way.

Now the news is finally being spread about the wealth, jobs, opportunities and investments in Iraq. It is all good. But still, we sit here as long-term investors in Iraq with still a 1/6 of a penny rate. So, where is our investment revenue for helping out Iraq during these dire times of the past?

How much longer before they awake to the fact that they have to collect the dinar we hold too. Yes, we too as foreigners have hoarded lots and losts of the dinar. An article today on the partial success story of collecting the nearly 90% of all currency in circulation but not going through the banks, was still reported a year ago of hoarded outside of the banking system. With more education, the citizens are slowly, but surely learning that the war and terrorism days for Iraq are over and it is time to get back to normal. But what is normal? Have the Iraqi people even forgotten since it has been so long already? Again. this is where a strong educational program is needed and is in place. It is working. People are beginning to trust the banking system again. The efforts by the GOP with help from the US Treasury on anti-money laundering and banking corruption have also made a substantial impact on this effort too.

I just want to mention too again, that DO NOT confuse this education with the coming future education that is needed to swap out the currencies from the three zero notes to the newer lower denominations. Seems many of these so-called intel guru idiots out there are confused of the process and want to jump the gun in this manner. I can remember when I first mentioned this needed educational phase to kick off the Project to Delete the zeros. Shortly afterwards all these idiots jumped on my news and stated lying to everyone that it was now ongoing. I am hear to tell you today they are confused people. Please stop listening to them in all accounts.

I had a very interesting conversation on my normal Wednesday call to Iraq. I was told by the committee that all is geared up for the Project to Delete the Zeros. The articles for the news explaining the process and to educate the citizens are also ready. If you remember I was also told about a month ago the photos of the newer lower denominations for publishing had been taken and are formatted and ready to show to the public. They just need the approval to begin the process and to be given the signal to go ahead. But when, I asked when, I was told they are now planning to begin this event this summer and sooner than later. I asked if they could be more specific and I was told that if they can retain the stability between the Parallel Market rate and the Official CBI rate of the dollar that we could see the next “official” rate change that we have been waiting for some time in JUNE. Yes, in June. Seeing that is already June 6th I said to myself – WOW! So, not even the CBI has a definite target, as I keep telling all of readers of my blog. Nothing is certain on any dates because it is all dependent on the market and what it brings. They cannot predict this. But I will add that my contact in the CBI did sound optimistic and that something BIG could or is about to happen and happen much sooner than later. I do not want to make up stories or lie to you and tell you it is going to happen in June but only to relay what I was told. Many of you want to know and so there it is. Like you I surely wish this long journey would end and end as a success story for all of us.

I also want to add that you should not target any one event that you think will get you the RV when completed. This is silly thinking and please stop it. Many of you know exactly who I am referring to. These events include the approval of 2024 budget and timing of Gazette posting. Why are you watching these events so closely? I don’t get it! . Do you actually think they will get you the RV when they occur? Who the hell told you this. Again there is not going to be new RV rate in the budget. I have told you this over and over again. Get it? Get it through your thick skull!

So, in the first place many of you are incorrect as the budget was approved for a three year budget in mid 2023 for 2023-2025 and so stop the chatter on it. We already witnessed that the new RV rate WAS NOT IN IT. Get it? The budget is based upon the price of a barrel oil not the rate of the dinar. Get it? Read my lips – THE CURRENCY RATE WILL NOT BE IN THE BUDGET OR THE BUDGET ROLLOUT SCHEDULE”

Next, then many of you are bent on concentrating on the “budget schedules” that were just passed in parliament being sent directly to the Gazette. Why? These are just schedules as to how they plan to roll out the appropriated spending. Get it? Who the hell cares if it will most certainly become law on Saturday June 8 or not? Seriously, I don’t see the relevance. I have told you many times you WILL NOT see the RV until they get a stabilized parallel market vs Official CBI rate for a period of time. How long we don’t know. The CBI will then have to rollout a new “Official” rate and we go from there….

Then what’s all the hype about the disappearing of 57 trillion dinars from the 2023 budget? Folks this money has not even been allocated out, get it? The 2023 budget is actually the 2024 budget allocations. There were very few, if any even, projects funded in Iraq in 2023. They didn’t even pass the three- year budget until the first year was half over. They simply paid out salaries and retirements. Then paid to keep the government open and running. They are not talking literally about 57 trillion dinars being stolen as or in disappearing. Get it? They are talking about not needing the money in 2023 because that part of the budget was not executed or spent. See how people in this investment of the dinar do not know what the hell they are talking about. There is no 57 trillion dinars to literally “recover” as in recover from being stolen. Al-Sudani is talking about putting the money back in the budget as in “recover” it back to the budget, since the year 2023 passed and the money still needs to be spent on these much needed future projects, that it was initially allocated for and could not be spend in 2023.

Instead, in the future if you are not sure please ask questions before going off half-co*cked with all the hype and comments about it confusing the rest of my readers. I will answer all questions, as long as they are not sarcastic. From now on I will only delete and not even publish such stupid hyped up comments. If you are not going to listen to what I present to you on my blog than please, please so somewhere else for your news. Yes, maybe you are more suitable for TNT Tony news or Big (stupid ass) Call with Bruce the idiot. See where they get you….lol..lol..lol.. 😊

Q & A

Question from clayrich6a2b498e66:

Hi MG, I read your example of the project to delete the zeros is supposedly to work, if I am reading what you describe correctly they will replace the 25K notes with 25 notes of equal value, essentially a LOP, and also from the exchange rate, but that does not solve the problem of current prices of goods, for example a loaf of bread let’s say is priced in the market for 25k for the sake of argument, if they make the 25k note equal to a 25 note, the price of the bread is still 25k, how do they plan to overcome this new difference?

Answer Mnt Goat:

Guten Tag clayrich. Hope you are fine today. I read you question and I have to say I am glad you asked it because you are a bit confused.

First of all, the IMF is not going “lop” the Iraqi dinar. A “lop” is a tool the IMF uses to restart a currency from massive inflation. A good example is the Zimbabwe dollar when in 2016 they gave the citizens weeks to turn in the 100 trillion notes for $25 US dollars each. After the deadline they were worthless. We also have articles for Iraq telling us they WILL NOT lop the dinar. They do not have massive inflation and so this tool of a lop is not necessary. That is why they call it the “project to delete the zeros” and not a ”lop”.

Iraq will be simply reducing the note count and are doing it now as I write this today, then when ready, they will drop the three zeros and give the citizens so many days to turn them in the old three zero notes for exchange of the new lower currency denominations. This exchange will most likely be electronic. It will be a 1:1 exchange but not like many think when I say one for one. Most think this is one dinar worth one dollar.

I DO NOT mean one dollar for one dinar. I mean, for instance, a 25k note for a new 25 note. This is the 1:1 the CBI has talked about many times. Yes, the dinar may revalue first in-country to just over a dollar, but this is still not what the CBI meant by 1:1 in the past. Get it? I know it gets confusing.

If you just keep remembering that the VALUE of the dinar has always been there only when they drop the three zeros it becomes more manageable and nominal. The VALUE is still the same.

Of course, if you really read my explanation you would have read that this procedure is in-country ONLY. If you step outside of Iraq, when they finally do reinstate the dinar, the exchange of the three zero notes is different and will exchange to whatever the currency exchanges i.e. FOREX rate is at the time. You see they can’t just pop out a new rate on FOREX with first taking these prior steps in-country. Please go read my blog page again. Here is the LINK.

Secondly, about the bread. The pricing structure in Iraq- this will also change. How can it not? Don’t you think the stores will also drop the three zeros? Come’on use your head,….think, think, think ☹. Remember that they already swapped out Saddam Hussien notes for the three zero notes in 2004 and so now they will just reverse the process. Get it? This was actually a very silly question to ask. This is why the CBI plans a huge education campaign to take place prior to and during all this work. Get it? We have not yet seen this education yet. You will know it when we see it. I am told by my CBI contact there will be no doubt when it is taking place. It will be on the TVs and especially in news articles.

I also want to add that a major part of the inflation rate of what they do have today is due the inability of a merchant to make chance for a purchase since there are not now a series of lower denominations in circulation (5,10,25,50,100, ¼, ½ and the fils). For instance a loaf of bread costs $2 USD. The shopper gives the merchant a 10k note worth in this example $10. How can the merchant give change to the shopper? He will have to give $8 or 8 each of the 1000 notes (which are the equivalent of the $1). Now it gets real sticky since the 1000 note is not exactly worth $1 and is more like 85 cents so the change should be instead around $6.80 is $8.00. Do you see how cumbersome? Do I need to continue? This is also just another reason why they are going electronic, but certainly not one of the main reasons.

We must now buckle down and pray and pray like never before for the success of Al-Sudani and his agreements with Washington are implemented. Pray for the U.S. in that there are strong enough representatives in Congress and the Senate who will stand up and continue to fight to uphold the US Constitution and keep fighting this Washington corruption. Pray that that God’s Hand will intervene and save our great country.

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DR. (if you can call him that) Fauci CDC is going to get what is coming to him….



What the hell did you think he would do? What if the tide was turned and you were in his shoes? YouTube will probably take down the video soon. So go watch it now.

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Tulsi Gabbard Reacts To Donald Trump’s Verdict

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Of course, it’s all brought to by the friendly skies of Iran…..

What is wrong with peace and prosperity? Oh…Iran wants prosperity but at the cost of peace. And they are only concerned about their own prosperity. It is time to end this madness. Something must be done about the terrorist state of Iran.

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How to pray the Rosaries

Please try to remember to pray each and every day. The rosaries for me is my way to pray and has had a significant impact on my life. It has meant many miracles for me and my family. It can for you too, and the Blessed Immaculate Mary asks that we pray “faithfully” each day. You can also pick your own personal prayers, as the rosary is just my choice and I just wanted to share it with you.

We all know something has gone terribly wrong with our nation. A supernatural battle is taking place to determine the fate of America. In justtwelve minutes a dayyou help bring forth a divine intervention to save our country using this book. With Lent beginning tomorrow on Ash Wednesday let us not forget to fast, meditate and pray for the salvation of America. There is an organization that is taking on this endeavor through helpful prayer guidance. This is what I plan to do. How about you?

June 6, 2024 Edition Latest Mnt Goat Newsletter (20)

Anyonecan join the hundreds of thousands already involved in this rapidly-growing prayer movement. It’s easy to get started:

Pray the Daily Prayers To Save Our Country

Order the official prayer book, read or listen online, or print them out. Just click on the prayer book below.

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A National Prayer Movement
for God’s Help

June 6, 2024 Edition Latest Mnt Goat Newsletter (23)


Al-Rafidain Bank announced, today, Tuesday, “the implementation of the comprehensive banking system in the White Palace branch in Baghdad, thus joining the branches in which the comprehensive system was activated in Baghdad, the governorates, and the branches of the border crossings.”

The bank stated in a statement received by Al-Mutala’ Agency that, “In line with the government program to move from paper to electronic transactions to provide the best services to citizens, the comprehensive banking system was implemented in the White Palace branch in Baghdad, thus joining the branches in which the comprehensive system was activated in Baghdad and the provinces.” The number of “28” branches is in addition to the branches of the border crossings (Zarbatieh – Safwan – Arar – Trebil), in an important step to strengthen the banking system, achieve its requirements, abandon paper work, and move completely to electronic systems.

He added, “The plan for digital transformation and adoption of the comprehensive banking system is proceeding according to the set timings to include all bank branches in implementing the system, especially since one of the priorities and adoptions of the government program is electronic transformation in financial transactions, reducing episodes of red tape for citizens, reducing time, simplifying procedures, removing obstacles, and intensifying efforts to raise the level of… Services provided to customers and completion of their transactions.

(It is just a matter of time before ALL banks and branches implement this fully. Do we have to wait for this see the RV? I am told absolutely not, but how far must they progress? )



In the wake of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the financial system collapsed and the phenomenon of hoarding money spread, as a result of the loss of confidence in the banking sector after the closure of most branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq, and the faltering of some local banks.

To address this crisis, the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company began establishment procedures in 2008 with the aim of protecting depositors’ funds and enhancing their confidence in the banking system, which is vital for achieving sustainable economic development.

The company has achieved remarkable success in its mission, as it has witnessed a significant increase in the number of bank accounts and the size of deposits since its establishment. In 2009, total deposits in Iraqi banks amounted to $8.05 billion, and this number rose to $76.5 billion in 2021. This significant increase is largely due to the company’s efforts to enhance confidence in the banking system and encourage citizens to save.

This significant increase in deposits clearly reflects the effective role played by the company in stimulating the culture of savings and encouraging citizens to deposit their money in banks instead of keeping it at home. These numbers indicate that the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company is on the right track towards achieving its strategic goals, which are enhancing financial stability and reducing the phenomenon of hoarding, and thus contributing to advancing economic growth in Iraq.



Financial technology (FinTech) has become a major driver of innovation in the global banking sector, providing innovative solutions to facilitate financial services and increase their efficiency.

In Iraq, banks have begun to adopt these technologies, which has contributed to improving customer experience and expanding the scope of financial services provided. The Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company plays an important role in supporting this trend, as it is a pillar of financial stability, by encouraging banks to adopt financial technology and providing a regulatory environment supportive of innovation.

Financial technology has demonstrated its ability to enhance financial inclusion in Iraq, as it can provide affordable and accessible financial services to wide segments of society, especially in remote and rural areas. Through mobile applications and online banking, individuals and businesses can access a variety of financial services, such as money transfers, paying bills, and obtaining loans, without having to visit bank branches.

The Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company is working to enhance the use of financial technology in Iraq, through cooperation with banks and financial technology companies to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the Iraqi market. The company is also working to provide the necessary regulatory framework to ensure the security and safety of digital financial services, and to protect consumer rights.



TheUnited Nations Development Program (UNDP)has issued a new49-page reporton investment opportunities aligned with Iraq’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in target markets and sectors.

The report identifies investment opportunities in the following areas:

Food Processing

Mid-tech Greenhouses

Specialty Dairy Products

EdTech Platforms

Low-fee Private Schools

Education Infrastructure

Utility-scale Solar Farms

Solar-based Green Energy Solutions

Railroad Infrastructure

Pharmaceuticals Production

Social Housing

Water Resource Management Solutions

Flaring Solutions

Early Childhood Development

Advanced Healthcare Services

In a statement announcing the report, the UNDP said:

“The collaborative effort between the Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Planning (MoP), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Iraq, and UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (ICPSD) has led to the development of “Iraq’s SDG Investor Map”.

“This flagship product marks the culmination of an in-depth report on investment opportunities and conditions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in target markets and sectors.

This comprehensive map presents profitable investment opportunities that meet sustainable development needs and national policy priorities. It leverages the development priorities of the previous National Development Plan and aims to inform the upcoming new National Development Plan covering 2024-2028.

“The Iraq SDG Investor Map adopts a holistic approach to sustainable investments in the country, encompassing climate resilience, social cohesion, economic diversification, reconstruction, and the revitalization of the manufacturing sector. It employs an SDG-sensitive investor lens to encompass all regions of the Republic of Iraq.”


Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat


Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

June 6, 2024 Edition Latest Mnt Goat Newsletter (2024)
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