MANILA TO TACLOBAN BY BUS (Schedule, Fare & More) (2023)

If you’re planning to go from Manila to Tacloban in an affordable way with more flexibility with your travel time, then taking the bus is a great choice.

There are many bus companies that offer this route with terminals in Cubao and Pasay. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all information about going to Tacloban from Manila by bus with bus companies, fares, schedules, and more. Let’s get started.

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DLTB Bus: Manila to Tacloban

Probably, the most popular bus company that has trips from Manila to Tacloban is DLTB. They have a daily consistent trip to Tacloban from Cubao (Aurora) which is scheduled daily at 10:00 AM. You can buy tickets in Cubao Terminal and you can also buy tickets online! BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE

The bus will leave Cubao at 10:00 AM, then it will also pass through other terminals like Pasay, Buendia, and Turbina. If you’re from the South, it’s much better that you go to these other terminals.

Here’s the schedule and fare for your reference.

Manila to TaclobanCubao, Pasay & Buendia10:00 AM₱2163
Manila to TaclobanTurbina, Laguna2:00 PM₱2039

CUL Transport: Manila to Tacloban

CUL Transport is a reliable and convenient transportation service that offers daily trips to Samar and Leyte, with a special route that includes Tacloban. The travel time for CUL Transport’s trips from Metro Manila to Tacloban is approximately 25 hours.

To cater to the diverse needs of its customers, CUL Transport has scheduled pick-up points conveniently located in various areas of Metro Manila. These pick-up points are as follows: BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE

1. CUL Fairview Terminal – The first scheduled pick-up point is at CUL Fairview Terminal, which operates at 2:00 AM. Passengers residing in or near the Fairview area can easily access this terminal.

2. Cubao (HM Terminal) – The second pick-up point is located in Cubao, specifically at the HM Terminal. CUL Transport offers pick-ups from this terminal at 3:00 AM, providing convenience for passengers residing or staying in the bustling Cubao district.

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3. PITX – For passengers in the southern part of Metro Manila, CUL Transport offers a pick-up point at PITX (Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange) at 3:30 AM. This terminal serves as a major transportation hub, making it accessible for travelers coming from different parts of the city.

4. CUL Pasay – CUL Transport also provides pick-up services at CUL Pasay, starting at 5:00 AM. Situated in Pasay City, this pick-up point serves passengers located near the vicinity or those who prefer this particular terminal for their journey.

5. SRIT – The final scheduled pick-up point is at SRIT (Santa Rosa Integrated Bus Terminal) at 6:00 AM. This terminal, located in Laguna, is another accessible option for passengers residing in the south.

Phitranco: Manila to Tacloban

Philtranco provides daily bus trips to Tacloban from their convenient terminals located in Cubao and Pasay. Passengers can choose from a range of departure times that suit their schedule, with the first trip departing at 8:00 AM and the last trip at 11:00 AM.

For the comfort and convenience of their passengers, Philtranco offers premium deluxe buses for the Manila to Tacloban route. These buses are equipped with air conditioning to ensure a pleasant travel experience, and passengers can enjoy onboard entertainment with the audio-video player. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is available onboard, allowing passengers to stay connected throughout their journey. BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE

The fare rates for Philtranco’s premium deluxe buses vary depending on the destination and the type of accommodation chosen. For the Manila to Tacloban route, the fare is PHP 2000+ for the premium deluxe buses. Passengers can enjoy the added amenities and comfort provided by the premium deluxe buses, making their travel experience more enjoyable.

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Hotels in Tacloban

Being the capital city and a business center of the province, Tacloban has lots of hotels that can accommodate all types of travelers. Here are some of the best.

1. Hotel XYZ

This is a 3-star hotel near the Tacloban City Hall and Balyuan Amphitheater. Hotel XYZ offers comfortable stay for the guests with free wifi, free parking, a restaurant and swimming pool. All 56 air-conditioned rooms offers free internet connection, minibar and LED TV with coffee makers and bottled water. Since customer experience is the primary focus of the hotel, they also offer transportation to an from the airport. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

2. Ironwood Hotel

Ironwood Hotel in Tacloban invites guest to discover luxury with their top of the line customer experience. Located at the heart of Tacloban, this hotel is perfect for customers with distinct taste, looking for modern business and boutique hotel.

Some of their amenities are high-speed internet, premium bathroom/toiletries, Coffee making facilities, LCD TV in the bathroom. All in all, Ironwood promises comfort and luxury. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

3. CLN Boutique Hotel

This is a 2-star hotel located near the Salvacion Falls, Auditorium Gota de Plata, David Ben Gurion Park, and Galerias Pachuca Mall. This property offers 19 soundproof rooms.

This is a boutique hotel that offers free wifi, free parking, an in house restaurant and 24-hour front desk. Each room has fast internet connection, central heating and trouser press. While bathrooms have tub, hairdryer and shower for your comfort. Food and coffee will not be a problem with their in-house restaurant that offers culinary delights. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

4. Z Pad Residences

This property located at the heart of Tacloban near the Tacloban City Convention Center and Tacloban City Hall, which offers Free parking, Wifi, Laundry service and 24/7 front desk to assist guests. All 24 rooms have internet connection, fridges and LED TV. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

5. Hotel Costa Brava

The property boasts of the fact that they offer luxury at an affordable price in Tacloban. Hotel Costa Brava is trying to prove that you can have a great stay at a budget-friendly price. They do that by focusing more great customer experience with rooms with awesome amenities and view plus satisfying food and experience.

This is located near the Tacloban airport, so guests shouldn’t worry about missing their flights. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Tacloban Tourist Spots

Here are just some of the popular attractions in Tacloban. You can visit these when you travel to the city.

1. San Juanico Bridge

This is the most popular attraction and landmark in Tacloban. A bridge that stretches to 2.16 kilometers connecting the provinces of Leyte and Samar. This is considered as the longest bridge in the country which was built in 1973. History says that San Juanico Bridge is a gift of love of then President Ferdinand Marcos to his wife, Imelda, who is a native of Leyte.

Full Blog Post: Reflections from San Juanico Bridge

2. Sto. Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum

This was once the Presidential house of the late President Marcos whenever he was visiting Tacloban. Later on, the place has turned into a heritage museum that showcase the heritage of Tacloban as a city and their people.

3. Other Attractions near Tacloban

One must understand that Tacloban is just your typical city and business center, but if you want to explore more nature and history, it’s just a few kilometers of drive from the city – like Sohoton Cave, Leyte Landing Memorial and Kalanggaman Island.

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