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turn [tɜːn]


1 (rotation) vuelta (f); revolución (f); [of spiral] espira (f)

with a quick turn of the hand con un movimiento rápido de la mano

he gave the handle a turn dio vuelta a la palanca

to give a screw another turn apretar un tornillo una vuelta más

he never does a hand's turn no da golpe

2 (Aut) (in road) vuelta (f); curva (f)

a road full of twists and turns una carretera llena de curvas

no left turn prohibido girar a la izquierda

to do a left turn (Aut) doblar or girar a la izquierda

3 (Aut) (turn-off) salida (f)

I think we missed our turn back there creo que allí atrás nos hemos pasado de la salida

4 (Náut) viraje (m)

to make a turn to port virar a babor

5 (Swimming) vuelta (f)

6 (change of direction)

at the turn of the century a finales del siglo

this was a surprising turn of events esto suponía un giro inesperado de los acontecimientos

at every turn a cada paso

to be on the turn

the tide is on the turn la marea está cambiando; the milk is on the turn la leche está a punto de cortarse; the economy may at last be on the turn puede que por fin la economía de un giro importante or cambie de signo

turn of the tide cambio (m) or vuelta (f) de la marea

things took a new turn las cosas tomaron otro cariz or aspecto

events took a tragic turn los acontecimientos tomaron un cariz trágico; events are taking a sensational turn los acontecimientos vienen tomando un rumbo sensacional; then things took a turn for the better entonces las cosas empezaron a mejorar; the patient took a turn for the worse el paciente empeoró

at the turn of the year a fin de año

7 (in series etc) turno (m); vez (f)

whose turn is it? ¿a quién le toca?; it's your turn te toca a ti; it's her turn next le toca a ella después; ella es la primera en turno; then it was my turn to protest luego protesté a mi vez; your turn will come ya te tocará

turn and turn about cada uno por turno; ahora esto y luego aquello

They share responsibilities turn and turn about

by turns por turnos; sucesivamente

He was, by turns, optimistic and despairing The pictures are by turns shocking, charming and cheeky

I felt hot and cold by turns tuve calor y luego frío en momentos sucesivos

to give up one's turn ceder la vez

in turn por turnos; sucesivamente

they spoke in turn hablaron por turnos; and they, in turn, said ... y ellos a su vez dijeron ...

He told a colleague, who in turn told a reporter

to miss one's turn perder la vez or el turno

the player shall miss two turns el jugador deberá perder dos jugadas

to go out of turn (in game) jugar fuera de orden

to speak out of turn hablar fuera de lugar

to take one's turn llegarle (a algn) su turno

to take turns at doing sth alternar or turnarse para hacer algo; to take it in turn(s) to do sth turnarse para hacer algo; to take turns at the wheel conducir por turnos; to take a turn at the wheel turnarse para conducir

to wait one's turn esperar (algn) su turno

8 (short walk) vuelta (f)

to take a turn in the park dar una vuelta por el parque

9 (Med) (fainting fit etc) vahído (m); desmayo (m); (crisis) crisis (f); ataque (m)

he had a bad turn last night anoche tuvo un ataque

10 (fright) susto (m)

the news gave me quite a turn la noticia me asustó or dejó de piedra

11 especially (Britain) (Teat) número (m); turno (m)

he came on and did a funny turn salió a escena y presentó un número cómico

12 (deed)

to do sb a bad turn hacer una mala pasada a algn

to do sb a good turn hacerle un favor a algn

his good turn for the day su buena acción del día

one good turn deserves another amor con amor se paga

13 (Cookery)

it's done to a turn está en su punto

14 (inclination)

an odd turn of mind una manera retorcida or chueca de pensar; (LAm) to be of or have a scientific turn of mind ser más dado a las ciencias

15 (expression)

turn of phrase forma (f) de hablar; giro (m); that's a French turn of phrase eso es un modismo francés

verbo transitivo

1 (rotate) [+wheel, handle] girar; dar vueltas a

He turned the wheel sharply to avoid the ditch

[+screw] atornillar; destornillar

to turn the key in the lock dar vuelta a la llave en la cerradura; the engine turns the wheel el motor hace girar la rueda

you can turn it through 90° se puede girarlo hasta 90 grados

turn it to the left dale una vuelta hacia la izquierda

2 (also turn over) [+record, mattress, steak] dar la vuelta a; voltear; (LAm) [+page] pasar; [+soil] revolver; [+hay] volver al revés

the plough turns the soil el arado revuelve la tierra

to turn one's ankle torcerse el tobillo

to turn a dress inside out volver un vestido del revés

it turns my stomach me revuelve el estómago

to turn the page (on sth) pasar la página (de algo); dar carpetazo (a algo)

Canada needs to turn the page at last on a long and controversial period of its history It's time to turn the page, acknowledging the past but refusing to be hypnotized by it There is a sense that America has turned the page toward something new It makes me sick to my stomach to think that five years ago I was driving home on the motorway with another woman's baby. I want to turn the page and forget about it

3 (direct) dirigir; volver

Turn your face this way Turn the knob to "high" Turn the switch to "on" Turn it to "wash"

they turned him against us le pusieron en contra nuestra

we managed to turn his argument against him pudimos volver su argumento contra él mismo

to turn one's attention to sth concentrar su atención en algo

to turn one's back on sb/sth (also fig) volver or dar la espalda a algn/algo

as soon as his back is turned en cuanto mira para otro lado

to turn one's eyes in sb's direction volver la mirada hacia donde está algn

to turn a gun on sb apuntar una pistola a algn

to turn one's head volver la cabeza

the fireman turned the hose on the building el bombero dirigió la manguera hacia el edificio

to turn the lights (down) low poner la luz más baja

to turn one's steps homeward dirigirse a casa; volver los pasos hacia casa

to turn one's thoughts to sth concentrarse en algo

to turn the other cheek ofrecer la otra mejilla

without turning a hair sin inmutarse

to turn one's hand to sth

he turned his hand to cookery se dedicó a la cocina

to turn sb's head: earning all that money has turned his/her head se le han subido los humos con lo de ganar tanto dinero

Telfer hinted that the media attention enjoyed by the player had turned his head The fact is, none of the attention has affected him. It hasn't turned his head, he's still the same quiet lad I first saw six years ago

already in her first film she turned a few heads ya en su primera película la gente se fijó en ella

to turn the tables dar la vuelta a la tortilla

4 (pass) doblar; dar la vuelta a

the car turned the corner el coche dobló la esquina; he's turned 50 ha pasado los 50 años

His parents have promised him a car as soon as he turns 18

it's turned four o'clock son las cuatro y pico or las cuatro pasadas; especially (LAm)

to have turned the corner haber salido del apuro; haber pasado lo peor

5 (change)

the heat turned the walls black el calor volvió negras las paredes; el calor ennegreció las paredes; the shock turned her hair white del susto, el pelo se le puso blanco; his goal turned the game (Britain) su gol le dio un vuelco al partido; an actor turned writer un actor metido a escritor

to turn sth into sth convertir algo en algo

they turned the land into a park convirtieron el terreno en un parque; to turn iron into gold convertir el hierro en oro; to turn a play into a film pasar una obra al cine; to turn verse into prose verter verso en prosa; to turn English into Spanish traducir el inglés al español

to turn sb into sth she turned the prince into a frog

it turned him into a bitter man le volvió un resentido

she turned her dreams to reality hizo sus sueños realidad; realizó sus sueños

6 (deflect) [+blow] desviar

nothing will turn him from his purpose nada le hará cambiar su intención

7 (shape) [+wood, metal] tornear

to turn wood on a lathe labrar la madera en un torno


a well-turned phrase a well-turned ankle

8 (Cookery)

the heat has turned the milk el calor ha cortado la leche


to turn a profit especially (US) sacar un beneficio; tener ganancias

The firm will be able to pay off its debts and still turn a modest profit He says the fares are just too low to turn a profit

verbo intransitivo

1 (rotate) [+wheel etc] girar; dar vueltas

the object turned on a stand el objeto giraba en un pedestal

the earth turns on its axis la Tierra gira sobre su propio eje

his stomach turned at the sight al verlo se le revolvió el estómago; se le revolvieron las tripas al verlo (informal)

my head is turning la cabeza me está dando vueltas

to turn in one's grave

she would turn in her grave if she knew le daría un síncope si supiera


to toss and turn in bed

2 (change direction) [+person] dar la vuelta; voltearse; (LAm)

He turned to face me He turned and saw me

[+tide] repuntar

to turn and go back volverse or dar la vuelta y regresar; right turn! (Mil) derecha ... ¡ar!; the game turned after half-time (Britain) el partido dio un vuelco tras el descanso

to turn against sb volverse contra algn

to turn against sth coger aversión a algo

to turn for home volver hacia casa

farmers are turning from cows to pigs los granjeros cambian de vacas a cerdos

then our luck turned luego mejoramos de suerte

to turn to sb/sth

he turned to me and smiled se volvió hacia mí y sonrió; to turn to sb for help acudir a algn en busca de ayuda; she has no-one to turn to no tiene a quién recurrir; our thoughts turn to those who ... pensamos ahora en los que ...; please turn to page 34 vamos a la página 34; he turned to politics se dedicó a la política; he turned to drink se dio a la bebida; le dio por el alcohol; the conversation turned to religion la conversación viró hacia la religión

I don't know which way to turn no sé qué hacer

I don't know where to turn for money no sé en qué parte ir a buscar dinero

the wind has turned el viento ha cambiado de dirección

the tide is turning está cambiando la marea; las cosas están cambiando

3 (Aut) torcer; girar; (Aer) (Náut) virar

to turn left (Aut) torcer or girar or doblar a la izquierda

the car turned into a lane el coche se metió en una bocacalle

to turn to port (Náut) virar a babor

4 (change)

to turn into sth convertirse or transformarse en algo

the whole thing has turned into a nightmare todo el asunto se ha convertido en una pesadilla; he turned into a cynic se volvió cínico; the princess turned into a toad la princesa se transformó en sapo; la princesa quedó transformada en sapo

the leaves were turning se estaban descolorando or dorando las hojas

the milk has turned la leche se ha cortado

it turned to stone se convirtió en piedra

his admiration turned to scorn su admiración se tornó or se transformó en desprecio

to wait for the weather to turn esperar a que cambie el tiempo

5 (become)

then he began to turn awkward luego empezó a ponerse difícil; he turned Catholic se hizo católico

the weather or it has turned cold el tiempo se ha puesto frío; se ha echado el frío

to turn nasty [+person] ponerse or volverse antipático

to turn professional hacerse profesional

to turn red ponerse rojo

matters are turning serious las cosas se ponen graves

6 (depend)

everything turns on his decision todo depende de su decisión

everything turns on whether ... todo depende de si ...


turn signal (n) (US) (Aut) indicador (m) (de dirección)

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