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Quantum AI review by Elon Musk.Quantum AI (not to be confused with Open AI, Google AI Quantum, or Quantum Artificial Intelligence) is advertised as a smart investing system which “makes you £1,320 in 5 Hours and cures poverty”. Are you asking yourself right about now, is Quantum AI SCAM or legit trading software? Well, if something doesn’t feel right about Quantum AI, and you you feel that you are being mislead or deceived then your suspicions are well-founded.

We checked, and this time the greedy scammers have raised the bar. It seems these cheaters used real footage where viewers can actually see Elon Musk talk about his companies, and planted a different audio file where someone else lies about the fake Quantum AI investment platform and automated trading app.

The crooks responsible for orchestrating this scam are affiliate networks who specialize in social media advertising on venues such as Facebook and Twitter. These networks are operating in tandem with rogue offshore brokers who are paying referral money for investing clients (that’s you). When we signed up our broker was Crypto Kartal which is owned and operated by Elmond Enterprise Ltd.

This company has a registered business address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well as in Estonia where it is named Fukazawa Partnership OU. The Quantum AI scam is particularly sleazy because it uses a combination of 2 highly effective baiting methods. The first is the fake Elon Musk presentation which is highly deceptive, and the second is fake news which is being disseminated via social media channels.

All of this will be discussed in detail in our Quantum AI review and scam investigation, along with the massive amount of complaints we received. So if you are keen on signing up or believe that the Quantum AI trading software is a legit system, then we highly recommend you keep reading our Quantum AI review because we exposed this latest get-rich-quick scheme so stay alert and on your toes.

Quick Update: Quantum AI is being used to target victims who primarily reside in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Website (Keeps Changing). Our staff also found 7 (Seven) versions of the Quantum AI website, and they all claim to be “official”. We have added a separate section in our review about why this is happening.

Scam Evidence
Below is the Quantum AI main registration and membership area. You can very easily see that they are saying you can make £1,320 in 5 Hours. Oh yes, you will also help cure poverty (nice touch).

Now, as we progressed with our review and started to examine the sales presentation we immediately smelled a rat. It seems Daniel Powers is NOT the the Chief Executive Officer of Quantum AI Scam. In fact, this person goes by the alias of “bookreviewstew” on Fiverr where he sells his services for a measly $5. The same is true for Daniel Weber the Beta Tester. This actor also has a gig on Fiverr where he calls himself “pdxguy”. We have attached images of these two fakers in the image below as a point of reference.

What isQuantum AI and How Does It Work?


  • 1 What isQuantum AI and How Does It Work?
  • 2 Quantum AI Review, £1,320 in 5 Hours Or SCAM?
  • 3 Half-Truths and Lies Excessively Used For Misdirection
  • 4 Quantum AI Features, Settings, and Graphic User Interface
  • 5 Quantum AI Regulation Check; It’s Illegal!
  • 6 Quantum AI Fake Testimonials – Fact Checked
  • 7 Fake Quantum AI Reviews – There Are So Many Now!
  • 8 Duplicate Versions Of The Same Scam
  • 9 Leverage Trading
  • 10 Quantum AI Flagged As Suspicious By McAfee WebAdvisor
  • 11 Quantum AI Review by Elon Musk, Summary, and Genuinely Helpful Tips
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Again, Quantum AI is advertised as a “smart investing system which makes you £1,320 in 5 Hours and cures poverty”. It’s supposed to be better than the rest due to its ability to execute faster calculations via quantum computing. That is the official sales pitch, but we know better.

Quantum AI Review, £1,320 in 5 Hours Or SCAM?

In the Quantum AI Software presentation we hear how Elon Musk developed a piece of quantum computing which trades stocks and has a 91% success rate. We also hear about how he spent $3 Billion to develop this trading platform which analyzes data 100 times faster than any other computer. Musk says that he wants to get mankind to mars and help cure poverty.

He claims using this software can help people but he needs to prove it works, and anyone jumping in early can expect profits from $1-2K in their first day – “could be more”. In the fake presentation Musk claims that he recruited a “hand-picked team of engineers” from Apple and Google in order to develop Quantum AI. He states that they worked on it during the last 3 years.

In reality Musk is not the person who is speaking. It is someone else and chances are that you are listening to the real con artist, or alternatively it may be someone the scammer hired to do the con job. The really nauseating (not to mention shameful) aspect of this scam has to do with the fact that they are making an emotional appeal by telling you that your money will help cure poverty, when if fact that money will be used to line their pockets.

(Video) QuantumAI Review - Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Half-Truths and Lies Excessively Used For Misdirection

Quantum physics, quantum computing, and other related fields of data science which include artificial intelligence or machine learning are very trending topics these days. The development of autonomous technologies has even received funding from highly-regarded entities such as the European Commission, which has drafted a legal framework for the development of technology related to autonomous systems with particular emphasis on Neutral Atoms and Quantum AI processors.

The scammers who are promoting Quantum AI are not oblivious to these trends and are attempting to piggy-back on the positive exposure these fields of research are receiving on the media as well as social networks. It’s up to you to conduct effective research and engage in extensive fact-checking, otherwise these con-artists will successfully bait you.

Quantum AI Features, Settings, and Graphic User Interface

Some review websites are intentionally presenting a falsified image of an outdated trading dashboard which shows a signals panel and indicators such as MACD, Pivot Point, and TREND. We found many formats and websites which choose to present themselves as the official Quantum AI trading app. Most of them don’t offer a dashboard at all. It’s simply a direct broker registration where there is no software available at all.

Forget all the lies about Quantum AI computing and how you can manage your risk. These are all lies intended to get victims to lower their guard and allow the scammers to take over. Just avoid it and move on to something that actually works.

Having An About Us Section Doesn’t Mean You Are Legit!
We noticed some websites are trumpeting the fact that Quantum AI has an “about us” section and for that reason it is a legitimate auto-trading app. Well, we beg to differ! First of all only 2 of the versions have that section, and secondly there is no mention of who is behind it! There are no names or faces to attach to the product. Given that, we believe it is better to do away with this type of nonsense and not offer readers an about us section in the first place.

Quantum AI Regulation Check; It’s Illegal!

Our Quantum AI review proves that this crypto trading app is neither licensed nor regulated by any serious licensing authority. Usually we look for ISO certification, which is designed to address issues regarding the privacy and confidentiality of personal financial information. Additionally, we were not able to find patenting-related information, and there is no registered business address. All this means that victims registering for this platform will not be entitled for investor protection in their local legal jurisdiction.

To prove our point, here you can read the warning which was posted in actual DFSA website . The DFSA is the financial regulating authority in Denmark, and they are informing their citizens that Quantum AI has been blacklisted in Spain by the CNMV. A quick check reveals what we already know, namely that there are a few versions of the software, and as we have already mentioned they are all blacklisted.

We were also able to spot another regulator warning, and this time it’s the FMA in New Zealand. They are specifically saying that there are “fake news articles” and that it is a “scam”. Here is the link to the warning, so if you are a bit skeptical or think we are over reacting please take a very good look at the image above and read what the FMA has to say about Quantum AI.

Quantum AI Fake News, Elon Musk CNN
Below is a screenshot of the fake CNN news article which is being used now. It says “Elon Musk To Step Back From Tesla and SpaceX, Jumps on Quantum Computing Financial Tech”. If you take a closer look at the bottom there is a link which leads to the Quantum AI Scam website, and that is where they get you. We also found a fake UK Mirror website which uses the same link-bait tactics. This time, scammers are using a mockup of an interview with Musk and Gayle King which aired on CBS This Morning.

Quantum AI Review August 2022. Scam Elon Musk Trading App! (5)

Keep your distance from those clickbait ads with fake celebrity endorsements. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to conduct proper research. We are always happy to assist with that as well.

Furthermore, we also received an update that the Quantum AI scam is being very aggressively promoted in social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. As a result our legal team has already placed a takedown request with the Facebook compliance staff and requested that all advertisements related to Quantum AI Elon Musk be removed immediately. We are still waiting for a formal response, but we do know our request has been received and documented.

(Video) Elon Musk Scam | Quantum AI Scam

Thanks to Xavier who is one of our viewers, we were able to identify a new fake news campaign which is using a spoofed or fake Daily Express website in order to promote the fraudulent Quantum AI trading app (see image below). The Daily Express is an extremely popular British tabloid, which has a documented monthly audience of around 3 million readers just in the United Kingdom.

The scammers are saying that Sundar Pichai, who happens to be the CEO of Alphabet (AKA Google) is announcing that he is stepping back from Google in order to focus on his new investing venture called Quantum AI. Apparently, this so-called “venture” has generated investment revenues of over 2 Billion dollars in the past couple of years.

Of course, this is another lie and we don’t have to get any form of confirmation from Mr. Pichai about it. Truth be said, there is a Google project named Quantum AI, which is designed to advance quantum computing and the development of hardware and software. But it has nothing to do with contracts for difference, or any type of online trading for that matter.

We also spotted a fake news campaign in New Zealand which claims that Jeremy Wells, a well-known media personality used a “controversial trading strategy” which generated millions of dollars for him. We added an image of this fake interview above for you as well.

Additional celebrities and high profile public figures which have been used to promote the Quantum AI scam are Ryan Reynolds, Carrie Bickmore, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bill Gates, Joseph Tsai, Won Yip, Shawn Harris, Pieter Schoen, Lee Hsien Loong, Waleed Aly, Nikkie Plessen, Arlene Dickinson, Richard Branson, and Michele Romanow. These celebrities are used in Canada’s “The Morning Show” with Jeff McArthur and Carolyn MacKenzie, The Toronto Star, Forbes, “The Project”, as well as on Dragons’ Den.

Quantum AI Fake Testimonials – Fact Checked

The whole Quantum AI testimonial section is completely forged. There really is not much more to say, all you have to do is right click the images and see what comes up. These lazy amateurs didn’t even take the time to produce real pictures, something which takes about 2 minutes.

Fake Quantum AI Reviews – There Are So Many Now!

We managed to find 10 fake Quantum AI reviews (and the list is growing). These websites are most likely a part of a fake blog network which uses recycled content. These types of websites are “here today gone tomorrow”, but in the short term they do have an impact and we did receive a few complaints from our members about taking the wrong advice and joining based on fake reviews. Don’t forget, every time you join these people collect referral commissions (hence the conflict of interest).

Quantum AI Review August 2022. Scam Elon Musk Trading App! (8)

Quantum Ai has nothing to do with “parsing the market and spotting top trends”. These are just fancy words fake review websites are using in order to trick you. Don’t believe it for a second!

We have also found some “seemingly legit” financial review websites which are now endorsing this bogus software. These sites are a part of a UK-based affiliate network which has literally become the scourge of the online trading community. These websites have created yet another version of the Quantum AI scam, and are trying to ride the search buzz which is being generated by advertising agencies that use fake news articles to promote this scheme.

Some of these fake review websites are saying that Quantum AI was “reportedly” founded by ex-Wall Street bankers who partnered with developers from MIT. They go on to say that together they were able to develop this trading app. Again, these are more lies and there is not much more to be said about that.

To Prove Our Point
As we have previously mentioned, we were able to find an affiliate network which is now offering $1,000 for anyone joining and investing through the Quantum AI scam. As you can see for yourself this offer is updated for 2022, which means that someone is really pushing it hard. It also means that the brokers who are paying referral fees are betting that these customers will come back and reinvest. Otherwise, they will end up losing money.

Duplicate Versions Of The Same Scam

We have recently found a few duplicate versions of the Quantum AI scam, and as we suspected they are merely other clones of similar websites we have previously seen in the past. We have added a screenshot of 4 of these websites below for you so you can see how they look like and why we recommend you avoid them. There are more sites, however these are the trending ones.

The cheaters behind one of these fake sites were so eager to go live that they forgot to conduct proper quality assurance on the content and ended up using the name of another software we exposed here instead of Quantum AI. We updated the images and clearly marked the section where it was done. You can click the image to enlarge it and in that way get a better look of how the con job is done (refer to the red arrow).

Unsurprisingly, these specific websites are being aggressively promoted by 5 different awful affiliate network based out of India and Albania. One of these networks is also responsible for promoting Quantum AI via fake Trust pilot reviews, something which which we find to be absolutely reprehensible.

(Video) Quantum AI's "Elon Musk" Trading Scam Is Hilariously Bad - Bad Ads #2

Quantum Ai Review: Deposits and Withdrawals (Cashier FAQ)
Depositing money with the Quantum AI trading app is very simple in most cases. You will be transferred to a sales agent posing as a legitimate broker or account executive who will ask you certain questions about your age and professional background.

Quantum AI Review August 2022. Scam Elon Musk Trading App! (11)

Trying to make a withdrawal can be a very frustrating process. Try to document your correspondences and get all the information you need before you invest.

This is a kind of profiling system which is used by offshore brokers which is intended to identify how much money they can squeeze out of you after your initial deposit. Once they have this information the cashier will be enabled you you can fund your trading account. In most cases £250 is the minimal deposit amount, however the sales agent will usually try to tell you to deposit much more than that.

Quantum AI Bonuses, Perks, and Incentives
The brokers integrated with Quantum AI will actually offer you sizeable bonuses designed to keep you engaged and actively trading. However, bonuses have strings attached. We received 6 complaints from different victims who have told us that bonuses were issued to them without any form of notification or consent.

That means that all or any of the balance in their account was now locked due to new trading requirements. When these people tried to contact the broker support staff, they were simply ignored or told that do not qualify for a withdrawal. So please don’t accept any bonuses and make sure to get written confirmation from the broker that you are not interested in receiving any bonuses or perks of any kind.

Leverage Trading

Quantum AI allows leveragetrading. This means members are able to transact according to a leverage of 5000:1. While this may seem appealing to many, we recommend you refrain from making that type of spot transaction. That’s because leverage is like taking a loan from your broker. In many cases members intending to invest $250, end up owing the broker thousands of dollars they never intended to invest and can’t afford to lose.

Quantum AI Hidden Fees
We received a few inquiries from some of our members about fees related to Quantum AI. Brokers that are integrated with this signals app will have a legal clause in their terms and conditions which stipulates that they are allowed to charge withdrawal or dormant fees from inactive trading accounts.

However, this policy is rarely implemented since the money in your accounts is simply lost in the vast majority of cases. So please don’t make a fuss or lose any sleep about fees which you may or may not incur. Simply refrain from joining and save yourself the trouble and aggravation.

Quantum Ai RobotCompared To Other Apps
Success RatioZero or close to it.
Minimum Deposit$/€/£250
Licensing, Patents, and RegulationNothing. The app is blacklisted on regulator websites.
Customer ServiceThere is no one who responds.
Demo Trading?No demo is available.

We have read some reports from a few review websites which claim that this robot is the most “affordable” in the market today. All CFD robots require an initial startup capital, and in most cases its £250. There is no way around it, you have to risk a certain amount of money in order to activate the software.

Some signal services will charge you a fixed monthly fee, but then you will end up having to deal with an MT4 Forex trading terminal which does tend to complicate matters especially if you are a new or inexperienced trader.

Taxes Related To The Quantum AI Crypto Trading App
We have received a few queries in regards to the possibility of taxes related to Quantum AI. Rest assured, you will not have to pay any taxes and no one from the government will audit your bank account. That’s because taxes are only levied by the authorities on income, or in this case potential profits which are generated. Since we have already proven that it’s only possible to lose money through Quantum AI, we can pretty much guarantee that taxes will not be an issue.

Quantum AI Flagged As Suspicious By McAfee WebAdvisor

We kept snooping around and searched for different versions of the Quantum AI crypto trading software. Eventually we landed on a fake Fox Business news website where Elon Musk “presents the Quantum AI automated platform” and explains how to turn a few dollars into a huge amount of money.

When we clicked on the link inside the site our antivirus software identified the offer as a “PUP” or potentially unwanted program. We have added an image of this for you above so you can see how the message looks like and why we clicked the “Go back” button instead of continuing.

Quantum Ai Review: The Utterly Impossible Task of Cashing Out!
If you have been scammed before then you know exactly how frustrating it can be when your withdrawal request is continually denied or referred to an alternative department. This is done in order to frustrate you and get you to give up and move on. Scammers are professionals at using bureaucracy to their advantage, and will make it seem like a very genuine process. This could not be farther from the truth.

(Video) The Worst Fake Elon Scam | QUANTUM AI SCAM

Why Are The Scammers Infatuated With The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing?
It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a major driving force in technology and business. This is because it has the capacity to use heuristics and advanced data analysis to generate meaningful insights. It’s also a well-known fact that these types of algorithms can be applied in almost every part of our lives.

However, they are particularly useful when it comes to mathematical or algorithmic protocols related to online trading especially when used in conjunction with quantum computing.

Quantum AI Review August 2022. Scam Elon Musk Trading App! (13)

The Quantum AI scam has nothing to do with machine learning or neural networks. It’s just a way for con artists to get your attention and get you to invest.

The con artists we are dealing with here also understand that AI is a buzz word and very easy to sell because it is constantly discussed in various forums. For example, some websites are claiming that Quantum AI has caused a “surge” in Tesla stock trading activity. But quantum computing is much more than some gimmick which is used to sell fake trading apps.

Real algorithmic trading which uses store numbers to initiate fast queries via dynamic data structures is used for big data analytics and primarily by financial corporations. We can see sorting algorithms implemented in high frequency trading protocols used by the big investment banks such as Citadel or Goldman Sachs. But when it comes to this signals platform the only so-called “protocol” which is used is the one which was devised by the masterminds of this scam, and it is designed to defraud you.

To make matters worse, the media is also full of news and articles regarding AI. So it’s only natural that the people who are behind Quantum AI exploit this media hype and build a product around this idea. Sadly, their scheme is working and a lot of people are getting cheated out of their money.

Legitimate CFD Trading Versus Fraudulent Software
So yes, CFD (contract for difference) trading is a legitimate way to generate profits, if you do it correctly. The really interesting fact about CFDs is that as opposed to stocks for example, you don’t actually have to own anything. You merely purchase a call or put contract speculating whether the underlying asset (currency pairs for example) will expire above or below the resistance line. The margins are your profit (or loss). Quantum AI is exploiting Elon Musk’s celebrity status and using it to peddle dirty software.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Immediate Edge and Bitcoin Profit.

A Few Systems That Actually Work
If you have reached that point where you have done all the research possible and feel its time to make a decision, then you might want to check out our recommended section. Our staff of researchers tests and screens every possible system, and if it passes our lengthy examination process we add it to our recommended section.

Quantum AI Review by Elon Musk, Summary, and Genuinely Helpful Tips

The Quantum AI Scam software, signals app, and fraudulent crypto trading platform by Elon Musk is completely blacklisted. We would like to officially warn all our members and viewers in regards to this new get-rich-quick scheme, and advise them to refrain from joining. If you have been illegally solicited or contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of this software, then you can be sure that it is a fake profile and you are being baited.

Greedy scammers are smart and understand Facebook marketing, so if you are used to buying things on Facebook make sure to keep your credit card tucked away safely and save your money for other more profitable systems. As always, if you have any additional questions or queries just reach out and message us via our contact page or social media.

* Crypto Kartal has shut down its operations center and is no longer accepting new customers.



Is Elon Musk behind Quantum AI? ›

So, when it comes down to evaluating the fact that Quantum AI Elon Musk exists or not, we can safely say it doesn't, and the Quantum AI trading app is not associated with Musk in any sort. Apart from this, other such personalities were also rumored to be associated with the app.

Is Quantum AI a good investment? ›

The Quantum Ai crypto trading platform works with a sophisticated trading robot that is backed up by an advanced algorithm. The Quantum Ai trading algorithm is excellent; it is one of the trading features that ensure the trading robot can select only the best deals on the crypto market.

What is Quantum AI trading? ›

Quantum AI Trading provides stock trading information, such as analyst reports, stock analysis, and charting aids, to help new traders learn more about the stock market.

Is AI trading real? ›

AI Stock Profit claims it's a fully automated crypto-trading robot. Traders should be able to trade Bitcoin CFDs, guessing the prices to make money. However, our investigation shows that it's a scam.

Is Quantum AI a hoax? ›

Is Quantum AI Real? Quantum AI is a real software for automated crypto trading.

Is quantum trading legit? ›

Quantum Trading is a legit trading app! It's not a scam, and we recommend you sign up on the website. They have great instructions for beginners like us; plus there are account managers available 24/7 to help out if anything comes up – so it was easy to withdraw funds too.

What is quantum AI Bill Gates? ›

Quantum AI is an emerging field of research that seeks to build quantum computers that can outperform classical computers at certain tasks, such as machine learning. Quantum AI is still in its early stages, and there is currently no evidence that quantum AI is related to Bill Gates.

Is quantum AI possible? ›

Quantum computers offer the possibility of a quantum leap in performance and capability for a range of use cases, and AI is definitely one of them. Cem Dilmegani, who is an industry analyst at AIMultiple, defines quantum AI as the use of quantum computing for running machine learning algorithms.

Does Elon Musk have a quantum computer? ›

Elon Musk JUST SHOCKED China With This Insane Powerful Quantum ...

How do I join Quantum AI? ›

Register: Registering on the website by filling out the registration form is the first step. It is quite simple and fast to do. Name, email address, and phone number are required to register with Quantum AI; credit card information is not required at this time.

What does Quantum AI do? ›

Quantum AI app is a powerful trading tool that utilizes quantum computing to trade the crypto markets. Investing as little as €220 in the Quantum AI platform will let you access quantum computing traders.

Is AI trading worth it? ›

AI Robots provide a decent portfolio return with excellent winning rates and profit factors. AI Real-Time Patterns are excellent for day trading and swing trading.

Is AI trading legal? ›

Yes, both algorithmic and AI-trading are legal. By the way, have you known that 52% of the US financial services firms already employ deep learning for developing innovative trading and investment strategies?

How do I delete my Quantum AI account? ›

To delete your profile on Quantum Computing Stack Exchange, navigate to your user profile, then click the Settings link at the top of your profile page: Then, in the the column below that on the left side of the page, click the Delete profile link: Read through the information on that page.

What banks are using quantum financial system? ›

Other big banks have made commitments to quantum computing including JPMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo as well as some European and Asian banks. Insurance companies, credit card companies, financial consultants and hedge funds are also interested.

Who created quantum AI? ›

The first quantum artificial intelligence was developed by a former Lehman Brothers banker and his colleagues (AI). Initially, it was known as Kraken, and only experienced bitcoin investors who paid a $5,000 monthly licensing fee and other fees could use it.

Does Elon Musk have a quantum computer? ›

Elon Musk JUST SHOCKED China With This Insane Powerful Quantum ...

What Cryptocurrency does Elon Musk like? ›

A memecoin—called that because it is mostly based on an internet joke rather than a significant blockchain project— dogecoin is the crypto most associated with Musk, who has played a key role in its rise.

How do I delete my quantum AI account? ›

To delete your profile on Quantum Computing Stack Exchange, navigate to your user profile, then click the Settings link at the top of your profile page: Then, in the the column below that on the left side of the page, click the Delete profile link: Read through the information on that page.


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