Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 3, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic viaa GCR: Update as of June 3, 2024

JUDY NOTE: IT'S TIME - BOMBS INCOMING: I hear the WhiteHat Global Military Alliance in coordination with local law enforcementauthorities, were cleaning up the last of the International Child SexTrafficking Ring Perps, or in other words: the Political and Global Elite Satanworshippers who, in honor of Lucifer and in a quest for fame, fortune andglory, torture, rape and sacrifice drugged children on alters and harvest theirorgans while drinking their Adrenochromed blood.

It’s been a long traumatic journey from the morning of Trump’s 2016Inauguration when he paid a visit to CIA Headquarters and declared a war onHuman Trafficking.

I think what he really meant was a war on pedophilia and childtrafficking because since then, millions of children have been rescued fromunderground tunnels across the World – most notably beneath the White House,Biden’s 200 acre Ukraine property, US Military Bases, the Three Gorges Dam,Getty Museum, across Australia, beneath the Vatican and Buckingham Palace andwho knows where else including Biden’s Water Island, Oprah’s Island, EpsteinIsland and Maui.

I really doubt they will catch all the pedophile Satan junkies. The evilones could live right next door to you, and you’d never discover theirnefarious activities – but their children certainly would (although theirtraumatic memories were buried deep inside innocent mind controlled brains).

It’s going to be up to you to help weed out the Satanists and help Savetheir Children.

· Alert: Phones, Radio, Media To Go Down Under Martial Law: UrgentAlert: Space Force Flexed on Deep State Showing they can/will Shut Phones,Radio, Media Down: Project Odin, Martial Law, and the Quantum Financial System…· Please PRAY. Operators are in harms way. High risk. High value targets.Please pause and give thanks to those who would die to save our Republic. Moreto follow. …Trump Office on Telegram Sun. 2 June 2024

· Sun. 2 June 2024: 3 Minutes Ago: Tucker Carlson Just Revealed USGovernment Final Secret 2024

· Four layers beneath the White House have been reset by the Cabal every200 years (1050 to 1250; 1251 to 1450; 1451 to 1650; 1651 to 1850; 1851 tonow). The layers were used by the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Cabal andReptilians as underground work places for children and Adrenochrome Harvesting.The Special Forces found children who were born in these underground tunnelsand never saw sunlight in more than 50 years. The tunnels ran for 200 miles, evenbeneath the US Capitol. The World is connected with Underground Tunnels for32,000 miles. The Capitol and White House are closed. These Cabal buildingsaround the World will be destroyed by the Rods from God. …The 17th Letter (JFKJr.) on Telegram Sun. 2 June 2024

· Operation Northwoods 1962: The CIA proposed both staging andcommitting acts of terrorism against US citizens and then blaming them on Cuba,as justification to start a war. The textbook definition . FALSE FLAGS Theproposed acts. Included shooting down or making it appear to shoot downairplanes, inciting violent terrorist acts in US cities, killing refugees,sinking US ships, etc. JFK REFUSED. He was killed within a year.

· We are at War fighting for life and good. Not everything will beclean. Scare Event necessary. Trust the US Military and the Chain of Command.Have faith. We are in control, Patriots. You were chosen for a reason. You arebeing provided the highest level of Intel to ever be dropped publicly in thehistory of the World. Use it. Protect and comfort those around you. Where We GoOne, We Go All. …Shadow of Diana on Telegram Sun. 2 June 2024

· Sun. 2 June 2024 The phrase ‘The Ending Israel is last’ carriesprofound implications. The Vatican is gone. The Crown is gone. Israel is gone.But what and who is Israel. What remains. Recall the USS Liberty incidentinvolving Israel in the 1960s. All legal cases against Trump have collapsed.Everything has now reached a critical point. Examine the CIA, Mossad, IsraeliIntelligence, and MSM disclosures: Honey Pot Operations, Satellites disabled,Media manipulation, Libel laws, Big Tech and Big Pharma entanglements.

· Sun. 2 June 2024: New Derek Johnson & Brad Wozny ‘We Stand OnGuard For Thee’ WWG1WGA Law of WAR Plan To Save The World!


· On Sun. 9 June 2024 the Petrodollar Ends – no need for nations to holdUS Treasuries as the Global World Reserve Asset in oil trade: The U.S. Treasurybond market is funded off the World needing dollar reserves aka bankderivatives (off balance sheet dollars). When the Petrodollar ends on June 9th,there is no need for the world to hold U.S. Treasuries as the global worldreserve asset in the oil trade. The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate againsttheir U.S. Treasury holdings. Japan will be forced to liquidate all theirdollars

· In exactly two months – Sept. 1 2024 – the greatest comeback in WorldHistory will unfold. Everything you've known and seen will become perplexing.You won't believe your eyes. America will erupt. PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICAWILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) onTelegram


· Sun. 2 June 2024 Wolverine: This per the banker around 10 AM thismorning: The Iraqi budget is anticipated to be approved on Mon. 3 Junein-country which will include the new rate. We should become aware of the newrate around 7:00 PM tonight. Appointments will begin in the morning.

· Sun. 2 June 2024 Texas Snake: (Wolverine) was in line with what I wastold. Buckle up everyone this is the week we’ve been waiting for.· Sun. 2 June2024 TNT Tony: The banks have been placed on High Alert.

· Sat. 1 June 2024 MarkZ: I expected it to be prettyquiet this weekend. But folks are geared up for early next week. I have beentold by a number of them that are ready and positioned.

· Sun. 2 June 2024 Charlie Ward Show: ‘Zimbabwe’s new Zig Currency hasknocked inflation there to 0. The new gold backed currency of Argentina is notonly reducing the taxes for the people, but it is also paying the taxes back tothe people. The people of Argentina are waking up’.

FRI. 31 MAY LAST WOLVERINE CALL:· ‘I received an official notificationfrom Brazil – ‘Good afternoon to you and your family. Confirmed the releaseorder has been given – Colombia, USA, Brazil. The representative of theColumbian project manager begins with his delivery protocols to his Tier4B.Leading Representative Internet Group starts in June.

· The banks are ready and adapted to 100% QFS. Thedrought has already ceased. Wait for your notifications from Columbia today(Sat. 1 June) after 12 pm.

· The Victory of the Light took off. Prepare your Passports. The Journeyto the New World has arrived. Congratulations and Best regards’.

· This came through last night. I received another message from a verystrong contact, a Whale, from Zurich, saying he got the same message. I don’tfollow TNT much, but it came through on their call saying that every contactand agency says, ‘It is a go today’. This may be in line with what we havereceived from Brazil.

· Reno – I have been told, is about to kick off. I am waiting to get acall from my source in Reno and hopefully we will get that done.· My friendMauricio cannot say much, but all is good, and he is ready to go. I was a bitemotional when I heard.

· So, by next week, everything will be looking beautiful.The foundations are all funded. They are ready to go. So, get ready to meet thenew world.

· This is not a rumor. This is fact that is coming through. I am hopingand praying this is my last call and my next call will hopefully be the opera.Have a beautiful day. I am hoping I get that call from Reno today. If I do,then I will have an EMERGENCY LIVE CALL for you all. Obviously if I am allowedto send that opera, I will. Take care, Wolverine

F. GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS:· Sun. 2 June 2024: Last month the Bank forInternational Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub unveiled Project Agorá, itsambitious project with seven central banks to transform cross border paymentswith tokenization. It proposes using a Unified Ledger involving wholesalecentral bank digital currencies (CBDC) and tokenized deposits on a sharedinfrastructure to execute payments. Today the BIS released a short paper on ‘Nextgeneration correspondent banking which outlines the vision for Agorá. A largepart of that relates to how compliance is dealt with.

· In the first Quarter of 2024, US Commercial Banks reported acumulative unrealized loss of $517 billion on their securities holdings. Prettywild. Remarkable you don't hear about this more in the media.

· The privately owned Federal Reserve has Money Laundering US Taxpayerdollars since they were founded in 1913.· The Yen will be the first to fall.Japan’s Record Spending Unable to Stop Yen’s Destruction.

· Sun. 2 June 2024 US Debt Clock: Future Headlines: 22states sued the Federal Reserve and audited this private banking syndicate. Thebanking cartel we're talking about is the Rothschild family. To understandtheir control over the monetary system and government, we need to delve intotheir history. It all started with Mayer Amschel Rothschild and continued withhis son Nathan Rothschild, who gained significant influence in England followingthe Battle of Waterloo. Nathan's son, Lionel Rothschild, took their influencefurther by becoming the first Practicing Jew to sit as a Member of Parliamentin the House of Commons. The Federal Reserve is part of the legacy of the Bankof England. To dismantle this system, we need to repeal the Federal Reserve Actof 1913. Kentucky Congressman Rep Thomas Massie recently introduced a bill toaddress this. Many people don't realize that Space Force is playing a crucialrole in exposing the corruption and manipulation by this banking cartel. SpaceForce, a cyber security military branch, uses block chain, AI, and distributedledger technology to uncover the truth. We're returning to gold and silver, or ‘Godmoney’.

G. THE REAL NEWS FOR SUN. 2 JUNE 2024:· Sat. 1 June 2024: The HiddenTruth About Hitler’s Escape: Morgan Freeman’s Revelation Sparks HistoricUnveiling

· Wed. 10 April 2024: Bombshell - The Set Up Paved theWay To Martial Law in 2024 · Sun. 2 June 2024: Bombshell Report! Judy Byington:GREEN LIGHT – ON. EBS – ACTIVATED. POWER = ON. STAY VIGILANT. WE HAVE POWERNOW. . .

· Sat. 1 June 2024: Breaking! Classified Projects: TheReal Trump At Cheyenne Mountain, USSF, White Hats Military, Secret GovernmentOperations, Military-industrial Complex and the Battle for Disclosure

· Sun. 2 June 2024: Situation Update: NATO & USA Now In DirectConflict With Russia! Are The Gloves About To 'Come Off' For The World!.Bounties Out On High Level Criminals! Biden Blood Money!...

· Sun. 2 June 2024: Global Symbiotic Culture - With Greg O'Neill &Robert Morningstar - June 1st 2024


· The Fake News Media continues to spread their lies:Queen Margrethe of Denmark will step down as monarch on January 14, 2024. Thiswas a man. He had two children. Very strange when you both have a dick. AllPedo Nazi royal families (Black Nobility) in the World were executed between2018 and 2020. May they burn in Hell forever for what they did to God'schildren. …Q45 JFK Organization on Telegram Sun. 2 June 2024

· Sun. 2 June 2024 Iraq Human Organ Traffickers: · Sun. 2 June 2024 Verydisturbing and shocking: Large numbers of children’s bodies found in anunderground facility in China soaked in formalin. Two million people go missingevery year in China. Is this related to Organ Harvesting.

· Mon. 7 June 2021 Pope Francis Admits to DeceivingFollowers, Promoting Mark of the Beast, Blackmailing World Leaders · Fri. 4June 2021 Queen Elizabeth, Canada, Native Chiefs, Vatican, CIA Cover Up ofChild Death Camps, Mass Grave Sites

· Wed. 2 June 2021 Vatican, Canadian Gov, Pfizer, Bayer,Eli Lilly Genocide of 60,000 Native Children · Thurs. 24 Sept. 2020: VaticanPedophile Network Closed as Gold Repatriated to US Treasury

· Fri. 8 March 2019: Vatican No Longer Blackmails WorldLeaders, Though Do Child Sacrifice · Fri. 22 Feb. 2019: Vatican Sets Child Sacrificefor Feb. 23 in Rome

I. WHITE HAT INTEL:· Expect a lot of children to berescued from Child Trafficking Rings as Military, Police, White Hat Operationskick into overdrive.

· There will be so many operations that will hit MSM newsstations, social media networks of police raids operations that are rescuingchildren through the United States.

· These very important open police operations will coincide withmilitary operations and ALLIANCE operations that will bring in the ALARM onchild trafficking through the next 10 months on the highest levels humans haveever heard of human child trafficking.

· This open operations WILL connect with the CONGRESS/ MUSK/TRUMP/ROGAN/ RFKJR several top podcasters around the world EXPOSING the REALpandemic: human/child trafficking sex Industries connected to elites,governments, entertainment and Deep State Military.

· The U.S. CONGRESS has plans to PUSH the EPSTEIN exposure files, theCIA . FBI is in sheer PANIC as the EVENT comes closer.

· Currently the SOUND OF FREEDOM documentary is going world wide asbillionaires Alliance in EU push for the EXPOSURE and pave the way for themovie to hit worldwide from UK, to Australia and more.

· The White Hats are planning a massive move that will Red Pill theworld on a fast grand scale operation.

· This all connects with the exposure of Ukraine, Biden, Hunter Laptop,Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, M16, CIA, Mossad UN. (Why do you think they keptGhislaine Maxwell alive and the CIA, Clintons and Rockefellers can't retrieveher, get her set free or kill her) · Who has the Epstein computers, serversdata and FULL info.

· The U.S. Military Special Forces breached EpsteinIsland weeks before the FBI raided the island.

· There is exposure of Obama by his own Biographer who said Obama talkedof making love to men. Even Whistleblowers came forward of his gay activitiesdating back before he was president. This non-coincidental events are leadingup to full exposure of Obamas secret life, his marriage.

· Everything will connect to how the CIA and Democratic Party Leadersprogrammed the World into a gay agenda that was planned back in the 1960s andeven connects to public water (what's in the water.).

· The exposure of Justin Trudeau and his family heritage and line areconnected to CIA operations and honey traps. His own mother was a CIA createdprostitute at the young age of 15 and had sex with Rolling Stones and famouspeople and politicians. By the age of 18 she married Justin Trudeau father'sPierre Trudeau who was in his 50s and who was a pedophile himself. Both hadSwingers parties and orgies through the world with politicians and Elites. Themonth that Justin Trudeau was born his family was just a hundred miles from FidelCastro' and the Trudeaus blocked all media on a secret weekend they went toCuba. This is a fact and has been reported. In this very moment Justin Trudeauwas conceived. It was well-known that Pierre Trudeau was infertile and neverhad children even into his 50s. Months later after Justin Trudeau was born hewas introduced to his real father Fidel Castro and photos were taken.

· It’s well known in the CIA and top level Intel agencies that ArnoldSchwarzenegger was CIA handled and was used also as an Elite Male Prostitute.

· As was Justin Trudeau, who was a male prostitute for the elites andwas used in sex honeypot Deep State Operations. He blackmailed his way to thetop through CIA/MI6 control ops to become prime minister.

· It's also well known in the CIA that George H.W. Bush also used Obamaas a prostitute. Obama was created long ago to become president, and use blackcommunities as voters to sustain power for CIA.

· Once the Canadian government actually put out a public reportinsisting that Trudeau is not Castro's son. The military ALLIANCE doors areclosing in.


· Sat. 1 June 2024: Barbara Oneill: Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days! ThisFamous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other IncurableDiseases! (Recipe-Video) - American Media Group (

· Autism can be cured, a child was fully autistic at 3, yet by age 6 hewas symptom-free and back to being a normal kid. The cure. His parents helpedhim to detox from Mercury and heavy metals injected into him through thechildhood vaccines.

· Sun. 3 June 2024 Suppressed Footage now resurfacing online from 2020,as a result of the Scotland COVID Inquiry, shows plainly that Scottishhospitals were never overwhelmed or ‘at capacity’ during the plandemic.

· Top Japanese Scientists DEMAND Withdrawal of COVID Shots. Dr. Masanorif*ckushima, a prominent Japanese oncologist, has publicly called for COVID-19mRNA injections to be pulled off the market, describing them as ‘the work ofevil’ and equating their impact to ‘essentially murder’. Moreover, Japaneseresearchers are sounding the alarm on the risks associated with bloodtransfusions from vaccinated individuals. In a March 14, 2024, preprint, theauthors warn: ‘The impact of these genetic vaccines on blood products and theactual damage caused by them are unknown at present. Therefore, in order toavoid these risks and prevent further expansion of blood contamination andcomplication of the situation, we strongly request that the vaccinationcampaign using genetic vaccines be suspended and that a harm–benefit assessmentbe carried out as early as possible’.

· Sun. 2 June 2024 REPORT: Dr. McCullough warns the bird flu response isa GIANT threat to the Food Supply. ‘They’re coming on farms with hazmat suitsdoing mass PCR testing of healthy animals. All that’s going to do is raise afalse case count and create orders for MASS CULLING’. It gets worse. Dr.McCullough says, ‘They want mass vaccination’. The FDA has already cleared theAudenz bird flu vaccine WITHOUT human trial data. Equally terrifying, CEPI(Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) is working on a self-amplyingvaccine for ‘Disease X’. · Oxford University Study: Myocarditis andPericarditis Only Appear After COVID Vaccination, Not Infection:

K. ILLUMINATI DEEP STATE CABAL GLOBALIST AGENDA 2030:·The global push for digital ID—originating in places like the World EconomicForum — is paving the way for a ‘dystopian future’, whereby governments can ‘turnyou on or off, whether you are naughty or nice’, via connection to CBDCs andsystems of mass surveillance.


· GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)was voted to be implemented by all 209 sovereign nations of the world, per thesigned 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, starting with the RestoredRepublic of the United States, known as NESARA (National Economic Stabilizationand Recovery Act).

· NESARA cancels all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due toillegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a ‘jubilee’ orcomplete forgiveness of debt.

· Abolishes Federal Income Taxes in the U.S. Creates a 17% flat rateNon-Essential New Items only Sales Tax Revenue for the Government. In otherwords, food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items such as oldhomes. Abolishes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with employees of the IRSwill be transferred into the US Treasury National Sales Tax Area.

· Restores Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters in theRepublic of the United States of America. Retrains all judges and attorneys inConstitutional Law.

· Removes all dark cabal agents, admin. officials and all members of theU.S. Congress from their positions due to their Continuous UnconstitutionalActions.

· GESARA will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the worldamounting to a total of all sovereign nations.

· The new financial system is part of GESARA law. The IMF will announcethe ‘global gold-standard monetary system’ once GESARA is announced. Allremaining fiat currencies will be cashed in for gold-standard currency. Papermoney will eventually be phased out and all currencies will be digital underthe new financial system.

· With the elimination of the national debt of every nation on Earth,taxes will be adjusted to be lower for citizens and corporations.· The newfinancial system has been online for months and is hosted on a protectedQuantum Server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission.

· Energy costs will drop drastically as a result offree-energy and new technologies. The future will be unbelievable, complete;our lives will evolve immensely.· Suppressed technologies that are beingreleased date back 70 years or more. This tech will easily clean up our planet.

· A new medical system will be the real health care —with abilities to re-grow limbs or organs, or to reduce our age by 30 years.

· When there is free energy, transportation and replicators distributedto everyone, we will become equal. No one will be enslaved, people will just dowhat they want to do, have free time, time to reflect and be creative. No needto hoard anything.

· People will live in the moment of now - growing their own food &food for others. Many people are actually going to enjoy their jobs as theyexperience it gives them meaning and purpose, another way to serve. Those thatdon’t hold jobs will find alternative ways to experience happiness andcontribute to the common good.

· As the time approaches for a great change in our society, it is timeto transform pain and suffering from past experiences into joy, peace andprosperity! A new day is dawning that will bring in a caring and respectfulepoch for humanity!

· Planet Earth and humanity are experiencing The Great Shift ofConsciousness, also known as Ascension or The Great Awakening into UnityConsciousness. Mother Earth is returning to be a Sacred Planet, and is takingthe entire human population with her (whoever wants to go). It’s a Golden Agebeyond our wildest imaginations.


1. Presidents and Former Presidents Can Be Impeached , 2. Presidents andFormer Presidents can be Forced to Reveal Tax and Business Records , 3.Presidents and Former Presidents Lose Executive Privilege , 4. Presidents andFormer Presidents Lose Attorney-Client Privilege

5. Presidents and Former Presidents can be Forced toRelease Private Phone Records and Text Messages , 6. Presidents and FormerPresidents can have their Homes Raided By the FBI , 7. Presidents and FormerPresidents can be Subpoenaed by Partisan Committees

8. Presidents and Former Presidents can be repeatedlyIndicted and Arrested , 9. Presidents and Former Presidents lose their FirstAmendment Right to Free Speech , 10. Presidents and Former Presidents lose theRight to a Jury Trial , 11. VP no longer has authority to Question Validity ofDisputed Electoral Votes

12. The Losing Party no longer has Authority to SubmitContingent Electors when Results are Disputed , 13. Presidents and FormerPresidents Don't Have Presidential Immunity

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 3, 2024 (2024)
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