Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 4, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 4, 2024

JudyNote – The Storm:

TheWhite Hat Global Military Allianceunder direction of President Donald Trump and in connection with the nine nationAlliance, were on the verge of finally dismantling the Zionist Deep State Cabal.

OnSunday 9 June 2024the ending of the Petrodollar was expected to trigger a Black Swan FinancialEvent via a Global Financial Crash – that would usher in a Global CurrencyReset to gold/asset-backed currencies of 209 nations. This would take away theCabal’s control of the World’s Financial System that has been present since1918 and give The People’s tax monies back to The People.

Theexpected resulting chaoswould be handled through implementation of Global Martial Law complete withEmergency Broadcast System Alerts to ensure a ten day Blackout, or shutdown of all media, internet, phone, ATMs and TVWorldwide. The Military Global Alliance would take over media by way of theirnew Star Link Satellite System.

Duringthis time mass arrests of Child Sacrificing Occultists would continue, plus 34 Satanicstructures would be destroyed, including the US Capitol, White House, Congress,Getty Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, Three Gorges Dam and otherfacilities that supported the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult’s International ChildSex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring, along with theirillegal US Bio Weapon Labs.

Three days of Presidential Alerts will be followed by seven days (The Seven Trumpets) of eight-hourdocumentaries that air three times a day to expose fraud, corruption,pedophilia and court proceedings surrounding mass arrests of over 500,000individuals, including treasonous Zionist Deep State Cabal Global Political Elites.

Thebelow article best details The Storm:

Mon.4 June 2024: Seven Trumpets – A Call to Arms! Decodingthe Imminent EBS, DEFCON ONE ALERT, Trump Commander-in-Chief, Star-Link SatellitesAwaiting the Green Light

·The Illuminati Judeo Zionist Deep State GlobalistCabal is composed of the Rothschild Family (London,Berlin, Israel), Rockefeller Family (USA, Israel), Morgan Family (England),Warburg Family (Germany), Lazard Family (Paris, France), Moses Israel SeifFamily (Italy, Israel), Kuhn Loeb Family (Germany, USA), Lehman Brothers (USA),Goldman Sachs (USA), the Black Nobles (All European Kings with Rothschildblood), the Vatican (Judaized) and various secret societies such as JudeoMasonry, Judeo Satanism, Bilderberg Club and the Illuminati.

·This Deep State, via the Federal Reserve, NSA,CIA, Pentagon, IMF and World Bank exerts control over 98% of the Heads of State worldwide. Anyleader who defies their commands can face a possible coup or assassination.

·The Deep State, in conjunction with the Bilderberg Groups, Councilon Foreign Relations and CIA, supposedly decide which country to attack, which president toassassinate, which terrorist attack to fund, which economic crisis to stage,and which “pandemic” to concoct.

·TheDeep State Cabal’s private US Central Bank is a financial institution founded on December 23, 1913 that controls 98% ofthe Central Banks worldwide, effectively ruling the global economy.

·The Deep State owns prominent media channelslikeFOX, CNN, NBC,ABC, CBS, BBC,and reputable newspapers like the NewYork Times, Washington Post. Their modus operandi involves disturbing the population’sattention with superficial television programs, reality shows, and cartoons.Further, they use TV series, movies, and murder news to shatter our faith inour future, to eradicate human unity, or brotherhood.

·The Deep State will stop at nothing to preserve its economic dominion overhumanity:

·The Titanic’s catastrophic sinking was claimed to be a well-orchestrated bombingto eliminate three influential bankers opposing the establishment of theFederal Reserve Bank (a symbol of human slavery).

·President John F. Kennedy was allegedly murdered due to his plans oftransforming the banking system to a public one, thereby eradicating all debt.

·The collapse of the Twin Towers supposedly happened on the day the GESARANESARA Human Equality Act was to be announced. It’s alleged that all therelevant files were conveniently deleted.

·The last US election was rigged toprevent Donald Trump from winning because, like Kennedy, he pledged toeradicate debt from the Federal Reserve during his presidency.

·Donald Trump, with the backing of 200 generals and admirals, was said to have begun dismantling the Deep State. The United States Space Force (USSF) inCheyenne Mountain was the epicenter of this, The Storm.

·We hear the schedule was firm for a ten dayStorm Blackout. People are urged to stock upon at least three weeks of food, water, cash and essential items.

·Global Martial Law will activate emergency broadcast systems worldwide. Star-Link satellites will send emergencyalerts to all mobile phones globally.

·Therewill be a Blackout or shutdown of all media, internet, phone and TV programs for ten days. Emergency services will remainoperational, but the internet and ATMs will be non-functional, while phoneswill only respond to 911 calls.The Signal App, a military encrypted application for your phone, will beavailable.

·EmergencyBroadcast System (EBS) text messages called the Seven Trumpets will alert individuals across the Globe to tune in to their TV, radio,or phone.

·This will ensure everyone is safely placed in their home and able to witness thehistorical moment that reveals all of the truths, cover ups etc. throughtheEBS which is imminent.

·PresidentDonald Trump will tweet: “My fellow citizens, a storm is brewing.”

·Across the Globe eight-hour documentaries will air three times a day for ten days that expose fraud, corruption,pedophilia, and details arrests and court proceedings of simultaneous mass arrests of over 500,000individuals, including global political elites.

·There will be a Global Stock Market Crash affecting 209 countries.

·After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we will connect to a new Quantum Internetand everything will bechanged.

·It will be the end of financial enslavement. Sovereign countries around the World willhave their new own gold/asset-backed currencies. In the US it is called the USNote (USN).

·The old systems of Government, Education , Finance, Health, Trade andCommerce will be dismantled and replaced.

·Mon.3 June 2024: Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Alert!Law of War Plan to Save The World Activated. Project Odin. Martial Law. NESARA/GESARA= No Poverty, No Hunger, No Debt. . .

·Mon.3 June 2024: STARLINK’s EBS Signal: The Countdown toGlobal Connectivity Begins, DEFCON One Alert, Q’s Sting Operation, Trump’sPrediction & Global Communication Revolution

·Mon.3 June 2024: Warning June 9-11 Black Swan EventCollapse, Reset or some else


·TheCountdown Begins: STARLINK’sEBS Signal: The Countdown to Global Connectivity Begins, DEFCON One Alert, Q’sSting Operation, Trump’s Prediction & Global Communication Revolution

·ProjectOdin: PROJECTODIN + Military GESARA = EBS: A Formula that Will Change the Course of HistoryForever!

·CheyenneMountain: Breaking! Classified Projects: The Real Trump AtCheyenne Mountain, USSF, White Hats Military, Secret Government Operations,Military-industrial Complex and the Battle for Disclosure

·The Real Trump At Cheyenne Mountain – Trump GuiltyVerdict Is Just a Clown Show Charade Benjamin Fulford

·Starlink EBS: STARLINK’s EBSSignal: The Countdown to Global Connectivity Begins, DEFCON One Alert, Q’sSting Operation, Trump’s Prediction & Global Communication Revolution

·EBS: White Hats’ INTELExpose: EBS, Game Theory Operations, Obama Hidden Agendas, Deep StateOperations, CIA Exposure, NATO Collapse, Military Infiltration & CivilUnrest

·STARLINK’s EBS Signal: The Countdown to GlobalConnectivity Begins, DEFCON One Alert, Q’s Sting Operation, Trump’s Prediction& Global Communication Revolution

·BOOM! Exposing the Cosmos’ Deepest Secrets:Starlink, QFS, Project Odin, and MOSSAD Satellites

·BQQM! MILITARY INTEL: Starlink Has MilitaryApplications Around the World: Starlink, RVs and GESARA, Quantum FinancialSystem (QFS) & Stellar – The Fort Knox of Ultra-Secure Global Finances!

A. Timing:

·OnSun. 9 June 2024 Black Swan Event Expected as the Petrodollar Ends and GlobalFinancial System implodes since there was no longer a need fornations to hold US Treasuries as the Global World Reserve Asset in oil trade. TheU.S. Treasury bond market is funded off the World needing dollar reserves akabank derivatives (off balance sheet dollars). When the Petrodollar ends on June 9th, there is no need for theworld to hold U.S. Treasuries as the global world reserve asset in the oiltrade. The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate against their U.S. Treasuryholdings. Japan will be forced to liquidate all their dollars

·In exactly two months – Sept. 1 2024 – thegreatest comeback in World History will unfold. Everything you've known andseen will become perplexing. You won't believe your eyes. America will erupt.PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse.…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

B. Global Currency Reset:

·Mon.3 June 2024 TNT Tony: “It was supposed to happen Saturday night, but then it was tohappen on Sunday due to a hiccup,and it is supposed to happen tonight.So the real deal is that it did not go on Sunday,because the finance committee did not do their part in Iraq, did not do theirvote. There was a small hiccup. But as I have sent out on Twitter, the votehas gone through the finance committee and vote has gone through the House ofRepresentatives. Those are the things we wanted to see. We are hoping to see arate, we know there is a new rate, and we know it is going through. All banksare HIGH HIGH alert. They were told yesterday,but it took some time, as some bank contacts called me last evening and some in themorning, that they were all put on high alert starting last night through Thursday morning. They said by Thursday morning, definitely, you aregoing to have people walking in your door, a bunch of brand new customers (thatwas yesterday). Talkingto them today, they do have pending rates and someof them are saying we are waiting right now to be notified of the release ofthe 800 numbers. Let's hope it happens. Federal Reserve said they werejust called in within the last hour. Everyone is to report to their station.Right now as we speak. With all this excitement, everything is pending,and I will give praise where praise is due, Ray has been telling you guys aboutthe VenezuelanBolivar, rate predictions, right now, rate prediction forBolivar on screen right now is 0.36 and is climbing.Ray predicts between22 and 55. It is at 0.36 and climbing right now. It is on the bank screen atthis time. Today is a good day.We have nothing to do but wait forthe announcement. They are passing out money in Iraq. Activatingprojects.We are at a good time we just have to wait. Not sure if itis 72 minutes or 72 hours. The rate has not been announced the rate there yet,but maybe they wait till Wednesday forthe Gazette.But everyone I talk to they say they are trying to go anytimenow.But we are there. The rates are good. Everyone is excited. So I hopeyou guys are ready.”

·OnMon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passedtheir budget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.

·Mon.3 June MarkZ: “The Iraqi Parliament passed the budget today. Folks are geared up for thisweek. I have been told by a number of them that they are ready and positioned.”

·Fri.31 May Wolverine: “I received an official notificationfrom Brazil that confirmed the release order for Colombia, USA, Brazil. The representative of the Columbian projectmanager begins with his delivery protocols to his Tier4B. Leadingrepresentative internet group starts in June.I received another message from a very strong contact, a Whale, from Zurich,saying he got the same message. Reno – I have been told, is about to kickoff. So by next week, everything will belooking beautiful. The foundations are all funded. They are ready to go. Thisis not a rumor. This is fact that is coming through.

·Mon.3 June 2024: BQQM!!! Q Drops: ISO 20022’s GlobalStandard and XRP’s High-Stakes Battle with the SEC During the Q Drop’s ’10 Daysof Darkness’

C. Global Financial Crisis:

·Mon. 3 June 2024: Multiple NYSE stocks have now been halted onvolatility due to a technical issue. Berkshire Hathaway stock is currently down99.97%.Warren Buffet just lost 99% of his wealth “due to a glitch in theMatrix.” Down $135B

·Mon. 3 June 2024 FDIC Says 63 Lenders on Brinkof Insolvency.

·Mon.3 June 2024: BOMBSHELL!!! GOLD WILL KILL THE FED,SILVER WILL BURY IT: How Basel III and IV Will Ignite the Precious MetalsMarket!

·Hitler arrested the Rothschilds in Germany in1933, Austria in 1938, and France in 1940, and seized their assets. Bytaking Germany out of the Rothschild owned banking system he transformedGermany into a superpower. The Rothschild family had attempted to infiltrateAmerica through its banking system from the day America was formed. They wereblocked by President Andrew Jackson, but ultimately were able to gain controlthrough the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

D.Mon. 3 June 2024: Judy Byington Bombshell Report: VaticanNo Longer Blackmails World Leaders, Though Do Child Sacrifice - Takenfrom Byington Article published on BeforeIt’s News Fri. 8 March 2019:

·Over 6,000 Vatican bank accounts used to blackmail world leaders were set tobe closed – evidently against the wishes ofPope Francis.

·The Vatican Bank was also about to lose their status as amoney-laundering center for theSatanic Ninth Circle ChildSacrifice Cult’s global human trafficking, pedophile, gun and drug runningnetworks.

·Since 1913 the Federal Reserve’s globalfinancial system has funneled US Taxpayer dollars to the Queens Bank of London, to the Vatican Bank and on to Central Banksacross the globe. That system would be defunct with the about-to-be-instigatedtransparent Quantum Computer global financial system of the BRICSAlliance(Brazil, Russia, India, China and South America).

·“When a person became a prime minister,president, central bank governor, etc., they were visited by authorities of theVatican Bank,” according to P2 Freemasons whopassed the intel to Benjamin Fulford. “The new world leader was given from US$100 million to over US $1 billion as a welcome into an exclusive club under awarning that if they refused to cooperate they would be killed.”

·More revelations were emerging about the depthof other Vatican crimes, especially in Canada – a hot spot for Vatican atrocities for centuries. The Vaticanhas refused requests for excavation of over34 child mass gravesitesbelieved filled with the mutilated bodies of over 50,000 childrenwho went missing from the Anglican, United Church of Canada, though mainly 80Catholic native residential schools across Canada.

·Child Mass Graves and the Ninth Circle in Canadawill be discussed by Kevin Annett andITCCS activist Katie Stoqua of the Algonquin indigenous nation. The two willexamine hard evidence of Ninth Circle crimes across Canada and the movementthat is exposing them: Sun. March 10 at 6pm EST on blog radio:

·An about-to-be implemented Global CurrencyReset would end theVaticanBank and it’s Ninth Circle’s money laundering operationsand cutthe criminals off from services of various mafias in their international ChildSex Trafficking, gun and drug running rings.

·“By shutting down the 6,000 (world leader)accounts we crippled the entire Vaticanand forced the Catholic Church into a phased program of only acceptingelectronic donations (church collections) to conform with international moneylaundering legislation. This decouples the Vatican from the Italian Mafia,”sources said.

·The Vatican Bank had been facing extinctionfor some time due to the global currency reset that was about to take place under directionof a new BRICS financial system. Pope Francis had tried hard to prevent thegold/asset-backed global system from taking over his money pot.

·Back in June 2018 Bergoglio had met with Swiss political leaders andfinanciers for the purpose of blocking a“Sovereign MoneyInitiative”(SMI) that restricted the power of private banks andplaced the Swiss system under a single national bank. The Vatican Bank hadconsiderable assets tied into the Swiss banking system and stood to lose if theSMI was approved.

·Coincidentally (or not) major tranches ofmonies destined for the new GCR banking system were blocked that same day ofthe meeting, which coincidentally (or not)lined up with an attempted arrest of Pope Francis on that June 21. The Interpolpolice had attempted to serve a 2014 arrest warrant issued by six judgesofthe International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

·Bergogliohad been convicted ofCrimesagainst Humanity and Complicity in a Criminal Conspiracythat included trafficking and death ofchildren.He had raped at least two children and was present at NinthCircle child sacrificesaccording to over 68 eyewitnesses who hadtestified before six international judges and 36 jury members in courtproceedings that took over a year to complete (ICLCJ Case Docket No.06182014-001, in the Matter of The People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby et al, 18July, 2014).

·The ICLCJ Court had also heard testimony onchild murders in Belgium believed connectedto the Vatican child exploitation ring:

·In early 2018 Pope Francis was suspected to bebehind a so-called “suicide” of Netherlands Queen Maxima’s sister who was threatening to expose details of theinternational child exploitation ring believed run out of an office at theVatican. Maxima stepped down after allegations of having “hunts” where childrenwere raped and massacred by her dinner guests.

·The year prior that sameCourthadfound40 global elites of the Ninth Circleguiltyof child rape, torture and murder. Defendants included Queen Elizabeth, former Catholic PopeBenedict Ratzinger and Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper.Ratzingermade his unprecedented resignation within days of the court decision.

·ICLCJ Court proceedings had produced adocument from Vatican archives namedCrimen Sollicitationasthatrequired Catholic officials to aid and conceal child rape and trafficking. AsCanon Law and Crimen policy, this violence against children was ordered to becovered up by Catholic Church officials as a“Pontifical Secret.”

·There were twelve defendants – bankers, religious leaders, mafia bosses,businessmen, politicians and World Council of Churches officers – named asco-conspirators in the disappearance of eight children from Catholic facilitiesin Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

·A witness testified that they were presentduring meetings with the then Argentine priest and Bishop Francis and the military Junta during Argentine’s1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Francis helped traffic 30,000children of missing political prisoners into theVatican PedophileRing.

·Some of those children were believed buried ina Child Mass Gravesite in Spain – that the Vatican has continuously refused requests forexcavation.


·BombshellReport! Judy Byington: Vatican Pedophile Network Closed as Gold Repatriated toUS Treasury

·SpecialReport! Judy Byington: CIA Funds Child Sex Trafficking Cult Run Out of theVatican

·Exposed:The Real Story of Vatican’s Secrets – Delving into the Mysteries of theVatican’s Secret Archives – Evil Secrets That The Church Kept Hidden For YourProtection

·JudyByington Bombshell Report! Popes, Vatican Satanic Cult Ninth Circle Exposed:Cult Arrested with Caged Abused Babies and Body Parts Released Without Charges

H. The Real News for Mon. 3 June 2024:

·ItIs Always Dark Before Don. Take Back Your Power. MovingForward. We Will Be Free Twenty Twenty Five. Aquarius, The Water Bearer.Presidential Immunity. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Mon. 3 June 2024

·Mon.3 June 2024: The White Hats Plan 3: The Activation ofthe Beam of Light! Where We Go One, We Go All: The Battle Cry of Patriots –Trust The Plan!

·Mon.3 June 2024: BQQQM! Phil Godlewski’s “Thirty Four”Plan: Explosive EBS Revelations on Trump’s Arrest and Military Maneuvers!

·Mon. 4 June 2024: New York Chief of Investigations DivisionSusan Hoffinger has been arrested and is at GITMO on charges of Treason.

·Mon.4 June 2024: Herbert the Pervert Bush Sr Laughs at JFKShooting (Randy Stated Bush Was Involved) 16 Year Old MKUltra Used for ReaganAssassination, Video Proof!

·Mon.4 June 2024: Retired Navy admiral arrested on briberycharges:

·Mon.4 June 2024: The World Of Clones: Body Doubles, Clonesor Masks… You Decide!

·Mon.4 June 2024: 4.8 MILLION ballots trafficked in the2020 Election. 7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked in every Swing State Truethe Vote has looked in. "It’s an organized crime that was perpetrated onAmericans.”

·Sun.3 June 2024 Situation Update: Situation Update:"It's Going To Be Biblical!" Macron To Announce Europe Is At War WithRussia On 6/6/24 (666)! Netanyahu To Address Congress! German Parliament CallingTo Activate 900K Military...

I. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ andAdrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s ThreeGorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

·Fri.17 May 2024: Agents of the Pentagon and the ItalianArmy Arrest Dozens of Cardinals in the Vatican to Take Them to GITMO |Pedo-Hunter Biden Video With Very Underage Girls | WARNING – EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

·ArchbishopCarlo Maria Vigano exposes Pizzagate and names HillaryClinton, John Podesta and former editor of The Recount, Slade Sohmer, who wasrecently arrested for child p*rn. He also discusses how Jeffrey Epstein ran ablackmail operation on his island and collected evidence of well-known peoplecommitting heinous ritual crimes against children.

·Fri.1 March 2024: Special Report! Judy Byington: CIA Funds Child Sex Trafficking Cult RunOut of the Vatican

·Thurs. 29 Feb. 2024 Bombshell Report! JudyByington: Vatican Pedophile Network Closed as Gold Repatriated to US Treasury

·Sat. 20 Jan. 2024: Shadows On The Vatican:Black Nobility, White Pope, Grey Pope, Black Pope and Their Secret Societies inthe Vatican

·10 Nov. 2023: Vatican Secret Archives: The Entire History ofHumanity Locked Away

J. Covid/Vax/Ebola/ SwineFlu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ GrapheneOxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·“CardiacArrests Are Skyrocketing: The best paramedic system in theUnited States” is reporting a staggering “25% INCREASE in cardiac arrest inSeattle.” This alarming increase coincides perfectly with the rollout of theCOVID-19 injections. Dr. Peter McCullough reports, “98% of the population tookthe vaccines in Seattle. And so we know they’re the most heavily vaccinatedpopulation, I think, in the United States.”

·Mon.3 June 2024: Military Biological Programs! The PowerPlayers Behind Ukraine’s Secret Bioweapons: Fauci, Obama, Biden, Clinton, andSoros

K.Wars and Rumors of War:

·On 6 June 2024 Macron to Announce Europe is at War withRussia:

·Mon.3 June 2024: BREAKING NEWS: Europe Declares War onRussia! Macron’s Historic D-Day Announcement: Coincidence or Calculated.

·Mon.3 June 2024: Breaking News: Russia Strikes Secret NATOCommand Center in Ukraine

L.NEW: Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary declares the U.S. has sunk to the level of abanana republic, warns of a financial "exodus."The comments by O'Leary were made in a piece with the Daily Mail. Here is whathe said:

1. "TheAmerican brand has been dragged through the mud, sunk to the level of abanana republic where rulers take their political enemies out to the jungle todisappear."2. "This greatnation now stands diminished in the eyes of international investors. Andthe economic consequences for ordinary Americans could be dire."

3. Powerfulbusiness owners are closely watching the Trump persecution, knowing"they too could stand trial on purely political grounds."4. O'Leary is losing sleep over theverdict, considering moving his money: "I, like so many others withsizeable investments, managed just two hours sleep Thursday night. For now Ihave to seriously consider: Do I move my money?"

5. "Thetrial has wounded New York's once sterling reputation as the safest andmost attractive finance capital of the world."

6. The exodusis coming: "High-earners and their families are moving, too – from thelikes of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts to Texas, Florida, Tennesseeand other low-tax havens."7. O'Learyhas faith Trump's verdict will make its way to the Supreme Court.

8. A finalmessage of hope: "Once this travesty is correctly checked and thiscorrupt prosecution scrutinized, investors will feel less spooked. The US isstill the No.1 economy on Earth. It is still the place where most capital comesto invest. Let's hope that doesn't change."

M.Now that Trump has been convicted in a Democrat Kangaroo Court of using his ownmoney, who’s the next ex-president to face charges?…Uncensored Video on Telegram Mon. 3June 2024

JudyNote: Of course, the below Ex-US President’s involvement in the Vatican’s NinthCircle Satanic Cult’s International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ andAdrenochrome Harvesting Ring that played out in an extensive tunnel systembeneath Capitol Hill and the White House, has yet to be exposed.

·BillClinton: What Donald Trump has weakly been accused of, BillClinton has exploited to maximum effect. Escaping justice from allegations ofsexual assault from at least a dozen women over five decades. Paying off PaulaJones to the tune of 850K. Setting a get out of jail free card precedent forformer Presidents and their exploits. Except for Trump that is.

·GeorgeW. Bush: Members of the Bush Administration and his cohortsTony Blair, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld guilty are war criminals fortorture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. Selling the ruse to adevastated American populace, claiming that 15 citizens of Saudi Arabia, alongwith pilots from the United Arab Emirates, Egypt

·BarackObama: Not only was Obama responsible for horrific crimesagainst humanity. Authorizing 540 drone strikes. One of them wiping out 20civilians in Pakistan. While another targeted a wedding procession in Yemenkilling 12 and wounding 15 others including the bride.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 4, 2024 (2024)
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