Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 5, 2024 (2024)

RestoredRepublic via a GCR: Update as of June 5, 2024

JUDYNOTE:Overnight Monday 3 June 2024 $517,000,000,000 in unrealized lossessurfaced in 63 US Banks and pushed them toward the brink of insolvency. By Sun.9 June 2024 the Petrodollar would end – all of which was expected to trigger aGlobal Financial Crisis by early next week.

Aspart of handling the Global Financial Crisis Mass Arrests of Satan worshippingGlobal Elite Bankers and Politicians who had committed Treason Against ThePeople would be accompanied by destruction of their 34 Satan worshippingstructures across the globe.

Theexpected resulting chaos would be handled by the Global Military Alliance’simplementation of Martial Law, complete with Emergency Broadcast System Alerts.Such would enforce a ten day Blackout, or shutdown of all media, internet,phone, ATMs and TV Worldwide.

Toeducate the public as to who, where, why, how and what was happening, theMilitary would take over Mainstream Media by way of their new Star LinkSatellite System to air eight hour informative documentaries 24/7 for ten days.

·‘It’s Time. Tonight, Great Reset’. …Mr. Pool as reported on The 17th Letter(JFK Jr.) on Telegram Tues. 4 June 2024 · ‘Today. Yesterday. History. Ocean City Maryland. Can you handlethe truth. My fellow Americans, what you are about to go through will be verypainful’. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) Tues. 4 June 2024.

·Q: EBS Will Be Activated > Trump, Pence, JFK, Spec Ops & The Precipice ·Tues. 4 June 2024: BREAKING: $517,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hit USBanking System, FDIC Says 63 Lenders on Brink of Insolvency · Tues. 4 June2024: The Celestial Chambers and Med Beds: Trump’s Bold Claim and the Future ofMedicine – The Best Is yet to Come!

·Tues. 4 June 2024: Why Did Q Say Israel Was Saved for Last. QAnon’s: The HiddenWeb of Power and Israel’s Role in the New World Order, Khazarian Jews,Rothschilds, Illuminati and Knights Templar ,Q said that Israel is saved for last because theGlobal Military Alliance was taking down the fake Jewish sector thatintertwined with the real Jews. The real Jews are also fighting against thefake Jews Zionist Khazarians.

·Tues. 4 June 2024: BQQQM!!! List of Famous People Arrested & Executed ‘TheMovie’ – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles: Kimmel, Oprah,Biden and More…

·Mon. 3 June 2024: Fauci caught lying many times about COVID 19, duringCongressional Hearings.

·The Global Military Alliance was making Mass Arrests on over 500,000indictments that can contain up to 99 possible perpetrators per indictment. Ofcourse, some appear on several indictments, but any way you look at it, that'sa lot of corrupt people.

·‘Both Mother (Father) Teresa and her son Dr. Fauci were Deep Sate. The Vaticanis empty – all hanged, Fauci also. Nobody wants to miss you mother f*ckers whoharm our children in the World. Never forget why we started. It has always beenand still is about God’s precious children who’s innocent lives were stolenfrom them, at the hands of the evil Satanic Child Trafficking Pedophiles in theWorld. Military is the only way. Hang them all’. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) onTelegram Tues. 4 June 2024

·Mon. 4 June 2024: Seven Trumpets – A Call to Arms! Decoding the Imminent EBS,DEFCON ONE ALERT, Trump Commander-in-Chief, Star-Link Satellites Awaiting theGreen Light

·Tues. 4 June 2024: Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Q’s The Storm, White HatMilitary Under Pres Trump to Dismantle DS: Black Swan Event: FinancialImplosion Around 6/9. Special Intel Report 6/4/24

·Tues. 4 June 2024: BQQQM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! The Storm: GreatestMilitary Operation in the History of the World! Black Swan Event: Gold To KillThe Fed! Restored Republic via a GCR Tues. 4 June 2024

·Mon. 3 June 2024 Situation Update: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 6/3/24


A.WARNING: They are going to upload some photos of the earthquakes in Taiwan,Japan and Morocco on Whatsapp. The file is called Seismic Waves CARD. Do notopen or see it. It will hack your phone in 10 seconds and it cannot be stoppedin any way. Pass the information on to your family and friends. DO NOT OPEN IT!


·The White Hat Global Military Alliance under direction of President DonaldTrump and in connection with the Nine-nation Alliance, were on the verge offinally dismantling the Zionist Deep State Cabal.

·On Sunday 9 June 2024 the ending of the Petrodollar was expected to trigger aBlack Swan Financial Event via a Global Financial Crash – that would usher in aGlobal Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currencies of 209 nations.

·Such would take away the Cabal’s control of the World’s Financial System thathas been present since 1918 and give The People’s tax monies back to ThePeople.

·The expected resulting chaos would be handled through implementation of GlobalMartial Law complete with Emergency Broadcast System Alerts to ensure a ten dayBlackout, or shutdown of all media, internet, phone, ATMs and TV Worldwide.

·The Military Global Alliance would take over media by way of their new StarLink Satellite System.

·During this time mass arrests of Child Sacrificing Occultists would continue,plus 34 Satanic structures would be destroyed, including the US Capitol, WhiteHouse, Congress, Getty Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, Three Gorges Damand other facilities that supported the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult’sInternational Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring,along with their illegal US Bio Weapon Labs.

·Three days of Presidential Alerts will be followed by seven days (The SevenTrumpets) of eight-hour documentaries that air three times a day to exposefraud, corruption, pedophilia and court proceedings surrounding mass arrests ofover 500,000 individuals, including treasonous Zionist Deep State Cabal GlobalPolitical Elites.


·On Sun. 9 June 2024 Black Swan Event Expected as the Petrodollar Ends andGlobal Financial System implodes since there was no longer a need for nationsto hold US Treasuries as the Global World Reserve Asset in oil trade. The U.S.Treasury bond market is funded off the World needing dollar reserves aka bankderivatives (off balance sheet dollars). When the Petrodollar ends on June 9th,there is no need for the world to hold U.S. Treasuries as the global worldreserve asset in the oil trade. The Japanese Yen will hyper-inflate againsttheir U.S. Treasury holdings. Japan will be forced to liquidate all theirdollars

·In exactly two months – Sept. 1 2024 – the greatest comeback in World Historywill unfold. Everything you've known and seen will become perplexing. You won'tbelieve your eyes. America will erupt. PATRIOTS WILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILLTRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) onTelegram

E.GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET:TUES. 4 JUNE 2024 BRUCE, THE BIG CALL:· Tomorrow Wed. 5June the new currency rates should be fixed.· Bruce’s Source in Iraq spoke withPM Sidani – he said rates on Dinar were handed over to the official record andwould show up Wed. 5 June as a fixed rate.

·On Wed. 5 June the Iraqi Gazette should publish the new Iraqi Dinar Rate and wecould begin our exchanges – likely on Thurs. 6 June.Tues. 4 June Wolverine: ‘Getready everyone as we are about to reach this new World’.· The ‘Bondholder’expects to be paid his commission tomorrow Wed. 5 June. Liquid Thursday 6 June.

·My friend Mauricio is having event in Mexico starting around June 8th, not thatfar off to celebrate this incredible blessing and also give people all the infothey need for NESARA/ GESARA. What does that mean. If he is having an event, itmeans IMO that he probably got paid or will get probably be paid before he goesto Mexico. Having an event as big as that means something!

·I have been told by various sources that certain operations will start inBrazil today Tues 4 June, and hopefully will get this done by tomorrow Wed. 5June. I am trying to see if that is happening and hopefully received that GreenLight from Brazil.

·Tomorrow Wed. 5 June, I hear that Reno starts. As you know, high bondholdersare getting paid, some have been waiting now for 48 hours for their payment.Everything is happening and I think this is the week we have been waiting for.

·The Pentecostal group sent out a message that they are ready to get thingsstarted. She must be careful as she has been targeted by unscrupulous people,but she has top lawyers to take care of this matter. She sent out an intel thatshe is basically ready to get this done. Her other leaders sent out anemotional message saying that ‘The time of waiting is over. We are finallyhere!’ This came from one of the top leaders in that platform.

·I am sure Bruce will have something. He has not been for the last two calls.Where is Bruce. I know he has gone blind. I am not sure what is going on withhis vision. If you can all pray for Bruce so he can get well, and hopefully getaccess to the Medbeds. So all your intel providers: MarkZ can barely walk,Bruce can’t see, Wolverine can’t hear, and Charlie Ward with a certain illness,but we will not give up on you guys.

·If I get that Green Light from Brazil and all is flowing, then I will have anemergency live call to celebrate, as it will be the official start for us.Hopefully, Reno will start tomorrow Wed. 5 June. Just get ready and hopefully Iwill get that call through. Take care, Wolverine

·Tues. 4 June AAGabriel: ‘The US four code masters are waiting for the call toput in the codes. Estimated two days to complete the remaining fundingtransactions. The timing of when to send out notifications is up to thereadiness of the staff and the Redemption Center locations. Could be any daynow. Maybe Thursday 6 June 2024’.

·Tues. 4 June Texas Snake: ‘Well folks, the information I have rec'ed todayindicates a number of the large bondholder paymasters have been invited to Renoto begin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 to 48 hour window.We are then scheduled to begin receiving notification to begin schedulingappointments. I have this info from three sources and am waiting confirmationfrom the banker, hopefully tonight or early AM Wed. 5 June 2024’.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Ron Davidoff: ‘I called William the VP at Bank Note World and100 Trillions. He told me he is only allowed to sell $1000 a day per customerof Dong and Dinar. I asked him who regulates him and he told me the USTreasury. Ask yourself why would the US Treasury regulate a company that onlysells collectible currencies. I asked him why currencies like the Digitalsincreased in price ten hold over the past few days. He told me they can nolonger buy new uncirculated currencies (read into that). He still getscirculated currency. He told me the 100T ZIM is now $300 for uncirculated andhe is not sure if he can get anymore uncirculated ones. This can only meanCountries are no longer printing and selling new currency and that makes totalsense with the RV coming and currencies switching over to asset backed. Keep inmind he is really limited on what he can really tell me (wink and nod)’.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Salty Mountain: ‘We know we should go to a redemption center.I am a business owner and a long time ago, we had to have a Tier 1 bank forlarge merchant account deposits. I have been a Private Client of Chase foryears. I have an assigned banker, which changed 19 months ago. When we firstmet, I asked her some basic questions about RV. She knew nothing. Over time, Itried to make conversation and tried to politely ask currency questions. About8 months pass, and suddenly the banker is curious and starts asking mequestions. She started asking her Superiors the questions i asked her. Sincethen, every time she sees me, she wants to see what i know. I do the same toher and on we share information. Recently she went through training on ForeignCurrency. About a month ago, she called me and asked me formally if I would beexchanging with Chase. She was putting together some form of ‘priority’ clientsfor the exchange. She asked about my currencies, knowing I had Zim and shementioned they would not be exchanging all my currencies and I would have to goto a RC. I already knew this, but we been using each other for info formonths....I have helped her more than she has helped me, but she always gets methe answers I seek. I also opened another business account at a credit unionabout 15 months ago and have been tapering Chase off. Recently, sheaccidentally told me where my Redemption Center is’.

·Mon. 3 June 2024 TNT Tony: ‘All banks were on HIGH, HIGH alert starting Sundaynight 2 June through Thursday morning 6 June. They said by Thursday morningdefinitely, you are going to have people walking in your door, a bunch of brandnew customers. Banks have pending rates and some are saying we are waitingright now to be notified of the release of the 800 numbers. The Federal Reservesaid they were called in on Mon. 3 June to be at their desks. They are passingout money in Iraq and activating projects. Everyone I talk to say they aretrying to go anytime now. We are there. The rates are good. Everyone isexcited. So I hope you guys are ready’.

·On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passed their budgetwith the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.

·Mon. 3 June MarkZ: ‘The Iraqi Parliament passed the budget today. Folks aregeared up for this week. I have been told by a number of them that they areready and positioned’.

·Fri. 31 May Wolverine: ‘I received an official notification from Brazil thatconfirmed the release order for Colombia, USA, Brazil. The representative ofthe Columbian project manager begins with his delivery protocols to his Tier4B.Leading representative internet group starts in June. I received anothermessage from a very strong contact, a Whale, from Zurich, saying he got thesame message. Reno – I have been told, is about to kick off. So by next week,everything will be looking beautiful. The foundations are all funded. They areready to go. This is not a rumor. This is fact that is coming through.

F.GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS:· According to the FDIC there were 63 American banksthat were on the brink of insolvency collapse. The US FDIC reported today thatmore than 60 US banks are on the brink of collapse due to insolvency, with arecorded loss of $517 billion dollars in the banking system just for Q1 2024alone.

·TUES. 4 JUNE 2024 THE US ECONOMY NOW HAS: … US Debt Clock on Telegram , 1. 63 banks on the brink of default according tothe FDIC , 2. Over $500 BILLION of paper losses held bybanks , 3. Declining GDP growth with rising inflation , 4. Over 50% of Americans believe we are in arecession , 5. Lowest mortgage demand in over 30 years 6. A record $17.7 trillion in total householddebt

·Tues. 4 June 2024: The New York Stock Exchange is currently attempting to runPR damage control, after a ‘glitch’ caused an apparent 99% drop in the stockprice of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., along with many other high profile stocks.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 DMPatriot on Telegram:Unrealized losses in the US bankingsystem are once again on the rise, according to new numbers from the FederalDeposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In its Quarterly Banking Profile report,the FDIC says banks are now saddled with more than half a trillion dollars inpaper losses on their balance sheets. The FDIC also says that the number oflenders on its Problem Bank List rose last quarter. · 97 CountriesPrepare To Attend BRICS 2024 in June in Russia:

G.RESTORED REPUBLIC:· Tues. 4 June 2024: BQQQM!!! The Pascal Najadi Disclosure:Unveiling the Secrets of the Space Force, Global Conspiracies, CERN, JulianAssange, Donald Trump Verdict and Beyond

·Tues. 4 June 2024: THE EVENT: The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government!Military Coup Charges Against Biden – The Whistleblower’s Call to Arms – GameTheory Operations – Trust the Plan!

I.WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS· Tues. 4 June 2024 Israeli War Cabinet Discuss Full Warwith Hezbollah:

·Sun. 2 June 2024: NATO prepares to get U.S. troops to the front line to fightRussia. NATO has disclosed its preparations to deploy American troops to theEuropean frontlines in the event of a full-scale conflict with Russia. NATOleaders agreed to ready 300,000 troops for rapid deployment.

·Tues. 4 June 2024: Joe Biden Has Given the Go-Ahead for Ukraine to LaunchLimited Airstrikes w/ U.S. Weapons Inside of Russia. ‘This is a reversal of thePresident’s previous ban on such actions and it could escalate tensions withthe Kremlin.’

·Former Director of Israel’s Mossad admitted that Israel armed Al Qaeda andother Terrorist Groups in the Middle East.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 BREAKING: Ukraine Strikes Russia With Western Weapons. -NYTIMES Here we go! Just shortly following the Biden administration'sauthorization for Ukraine to employ American weaponry against Russia, Kyivswiftly acted on this newfound liberty by targeting a military installationacross the border, utilizing a U.S.-manufactured artillery system, as indicatedby a member of Ukraine’s Parliament. Yehor Chernev, the deputy chairman of theUkrainian Parliament’s committee on national security, defense, andintelligence, disclosed on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces had successfullyneutralized Russian missile launchers with a strike in the Belgorod region, approximately20 miles into Russian territory. The operation employed a High MobilityArtillery Rocket System (HIMARS), he affirmed. This marks the inauguralinstance of a Ukrainian official openly acknowledging the use of Americanweaponry to engage targets within Russia subsequent to President Biden'srescind of the prohibition on such actions.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 BREAKING: NATO now planning to get US troops to thefront-line to fight RUSSIA. What are they thinking. NATO has disclosed itspreparations to deploy American troops to the European frontlines in the eventof a full-scale conflict with Russia. Innovative 'land corridors' are beingestablished to expedite the movement of soldiers through central Europe,bypassing local bureaucratic hurdles. This strategic setup enables NATO forcesto swiftly react should Putin's aggressive actions in Ukraine extend westward.Reports suggest that these plans also encompass provisions for potentialRussian attacks. In such scenarios, troops could mobilize through corridors inItaly, Greece, and Turkey to reach the Balkans, or alternatively, advancetowards Russia's northern border via Scandinavia. These details were shared byofficials with The Telegraph.

·Tues. 4 June 2024: The Biden Administration has Released a Picture Revealingtheir EXACT Plan of Attack in the Event of WW3 with Russia · Tues. 4 June 2024:USS Eisenhower burning, leaving Red Sea to be scrapped:

·Tues. 4 June 2024: BREAKING: War with China! President Biden Says he will useUS Military Force when China Invades Taiwan – Global War, Coming Soon!

J.ILLUMINATI ZIONIST DEEP STATE CABAL GLOBALIST DEPOPULATION AGENDA 2030:· Sun. 2June 2024: The topics discussed at the Bilderberg Meeting, which took placelast weekend, were as follows: - Future of warfare - Geopolitical landscape -Ukraine and the world - Middle East – China - Russia

K.THE REAL NEWS FOR TUES. 4 JUNE 2024:· Tues. 4 June 2024: White Hats Arrest 3 of12 Deep State Jurors Who Unlawfully Found President Trump Guilty· Tues. 4 June2024 Trump Verdict Will Not Stand, Najadi:· Tues. 4 June 2024 Trump BigPayback, Dr. Jan Halper Hayes:

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Thousands of AT&T Customers Hit by Cellular OutageNationwide – Some Unable to Make 911 Calls. Thousands of AT&T customerswere hit by a cellular outage nationwide on Tuesday. AT&T customers wereable to complete calls between other AT&T customers however calls to othercarriers such as Verizon were not going through.

·DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is paying scientists toinvent ways to instantly read soldier’s minds using tools like geneticengineering of the human brain, nanotechnology and infrared beams.

·9/11 Summed Up in Three Words: South Tower: Distraction; North Tower:Distraction; World Trade Center 7: Gold Heist …GITMO TV on Telegram Tues. 4June 2024 · Tues. 4 June 2024 Deep State Cabal-LeaningWashington Post Boss Sounds Alarm Over Dwindling Audience

·About 60 World War II vets were met with cheering crowds and American flags atDFW airport on their way to a special flight to France to celebrate the 80thanniversary of D-Day.

·Throwback: In the late 1990s President Bill Clinton, and the corrupt USDOJ/Court System, shelled out $850,000 USD (chump change by comparisons) inorder to make a sexual harassment lawsuit go away, and bankrupt/silence avictim in the process.· Tues. 4 June COVID Scam Trial Juror Says She Was Given$120,000 Cash to Aquit Defendants:

·2020 Election Map Shows Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election with 410Electoral Votes to Biden’s 128. What are the odds that this map, ostensiblyshowing the ACTUAL results from 2020 when it was obtained during a US Army raidon an election software company (SCYTL) in Frankfurt, Germany (live during theelection), ends up being proven true. But they weren't the only army to swarminto action. Nope. A frenzied brigade of totally unbiased fact-checkers thendescended on the scene like rabid animals. That's when the miracle happened.They all amazingly came to the same conclusion in record time. Nothinghappened, they assured unison and complete with an authoritative tone,making it a point to mock those even daring to question the Democrat's preferrednarrative. What do you wanna bet this ends up being proven correct. I'd arguethat 1) the odds are pretty damn good, and 2) the fact-checking industry isgoing to get demolished in the relatively near future.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Situation Update, June 4, 2024 - State Dept. Now ConfiscatingPassports From American Journalists! - Mike Adams


·Tues. 4 June 2024: ‘Madonna like many of the demonic elite no longer care tohide that they feast on the blood and flesh of young children. I’m literallylost for words on how far we have sunk to allow these twisted demons a stage’.…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Tues. 4 June 2024

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Ukraine President Zelensky’s Wife Child TraffickingAllegations: Human rights activists from the Foundation to Battle Injusticehave acquired evidence suggesting that a non-profit organization affiliatedwith Olena Zelensky, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, isinvolved in the abduction and export of minors from Ukraine to pedophiles inWestern countries. The foundation has identified both Ukrainian and Europeanorganizations participating in the kidnapping of children. The children aretransported to countries like the UK, Germany, and France. The Foundation’sinvestigation has revealed a British charity organization’s involvement withpedophile circles and identified individuals close to the Windsor royal dynastyresponsible for the exploitation of children. Save the Children, anorganization based in London, has allegedly been assisting the exportation of*ckrainian minors for adoption by foster families following Olena Zelenska’svisit to the UK at the end of 2022.

·Tues. 4 June 2024: 77% of Cases Sent to Discipline Office Invloves Sexual AbuseOf Children Says Vatican Official:· Tues. 4 June 2024: Maui Firebattalion chief accused of child sex assault indicted. Shawn Rogers wasarrested and charged on two counts – one for continuous sexual assault of aminor under the age of 14 and one for first-degree sexual assault.


·Tues. 4 June 2024 Philippines' House of Representatives Investigates 290K+Excess Deaths Correlated with Experimental Vaccines: ‘… there are Filipinopeople who are sick and tired of how the DOH(Department of Health) has let usdown, has refused to admit that people are dying, turning a blind eye to thepeople who are getting sick, turbo cancers, Myocarditis, children who aresuddenly sick as if they are 60, 70-year-old people’.

·Mon. 3 June 2024 Dr. Anthony Fauci confesses he 'made up' COVID rules includingsix feet social distancing and masking kids. The truth eventually comesout.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 Those who aided Dr. Anthony Fauci with US coordination ofBio-weapon Labs in Ukraine:Barack Obama: Entered into partnership agreementswith Ukraine in 2005 to launch bio-weapon programs in the country.

JoeBiden: Coordinated the activities of the executors of the military biologicalprogram, involved in financial fraud in Ukraine.Hillary Clinton: Spearheadedthe adoption of a US strategy to counter biological threats, promoted thelegislation of dual-use research.

GeorgeSoros: Major sponsor of military biological research in Ukraine and lobbyistfor Big Pharma.· What does the Zionist Deep State Cabal have in mind for theirfuture Plan-demics. UK scientists have begun developing vaccines as insuranceagainst a new pandemic caused by an unknown ‘Disease X’. The work is beingcarried out at the government's high-security Porton Down laboratory complex inWiltshire by a team of more than 200 scientists. They have drawn up a threatlist of animal viruses that are capable of infecting humans and could in thefuture spread rapidly around the world.

·The US government was recently forced to release a suppressed May 2022 reporton the effects of fluoride on kids. The report concluded that fluoride cancause neurological damage in children.

·Mon. 3 June 2024 The Fauci cover-up is falling apart, Derek Knauss: FormerNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. AnthonyFauci has already been caught lying about COVID-19 many times. Now newlyreleased emails from his longtime colleague Dr. David Morens, a senior adviserto the director at the National Institutes of Health, show a broad-basedconspiracy, including involvement from disgraced Department of Health and HumanServices contractor Dr. Peter Daszak, to cover up the trio’s role infacilitating gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.The 150 emails released by the House Select Subcommittee on the CoronavirusPandemic show Morens knowingly and intentionally attempted to conceal evidenceembarrassing to himself, Fauci, and Daszak. These efforts included deletingsensitive emails, conducting official business on a private email account, andstrategically misspelling keywords to escape the reach of the Freedom ofInformation Act.’I learned from our NIH FOIA lady here how to make emailsdisappear after I am FOIA but before the search starts so I think we’re allsafe,’ Morens wrote in one email. ‘Plus I deleted most of those earlier emailsafter sending them to Gmail.’ The emails also suggest Fauci was knowinglyinvolved in the cover-up, with Morens claiming he could help Fauci avoid FOIAaccountability: ‘I can either send stuff to Tony on his private gmail, or handit to him.’ The emails also show that Morens previously lied to the committee.

·Tues. 4 June 2024 ‘Pfizer pushed for mandates AFTER they knew the mRNA vaccinewas causing serious harm. Everybody needs to understand that the people incontrol are psychopathic in nature when it comes to business interests. Do NotComply!’

·Tues. 4 June 2024: Moderna Receives U.S. FDA Approval of Synthetic mRNA Productfor Public Use with No Genotoxicity, Oncogenicity, or Long-Term Safety Studies.The press release does not tell the public the absolute risk reduction forclinically significant outcomes was far below 1%, meaning this product will nothave a significant clinical impact. Consumers should know that at the bareminimum, the following safety concerns exists for any pseudouridinated,synthetic mRNA product including mRESVIA(R):

1)Myocarditis because mRNA of all types targets the heart as shown by Krauson etal , 2) Auto-immunity because of the generation offoreign RSV proteins and frameshifted peptides as shown by Boros et al

3)Genomic integration as shown by Alden et al 4) Oncogenicity as shown by Seneff et al

N.WHY DID Q TELL YOU THAT ISRAEL WAS SAVED FOR LAST. FULFORD:· The reason isIsrael is the KEY to bringing down the global Deep State. This isn'tanti-Semitism. I’m referring to the Khazarian Jews – the fake northern EuropeanKazars who stole the identity of real Jewish people and created the Rothschildsand Rockefellers who came from South Germany where they created the Illuminatiin 1776. They took control of the local governments and financed the trains andpublic roads and created the ROTHSCHILD'S banking systems through Europe. Theyhelped JP Morgan take over the U.S. banking system after the Titanic killed thebiggest U S. Bankers and richest tycoons who were against creating a FederalReserve controlled by the ELITES (Khazarians, the Fake Ashken NAZI Jews, whomade a deal with the Roman Empire and bought of the Jewish Leaders to becomeinto Judaism and name themselves Jews.)

·To this day the elite families of Khazarian descendants control Israel (it wasKhazarians who created Rothchilds banking). They then created the WORLD WARS toinstall governments and loan money for wars and created 70% European lawsthrough war and propaganda. To this day the Globalist Khazarians run Israel andcreated the United Nations and took over countries and governments.

·The U.S. government and most Democrats and Republicans are run by the KhazarianFake Jews.

·This is why Q told you Israel is saved for last. We are taking down the fakeJewish sector that intertwined with the real Jews. The real Jews are alsofighting against the fake Jews Zionist Khazarians.

·You are watching the EXPOSURE of how a captured U.S. government by outsideforeign entities created a MILITARY COUP using the CIA Three Letter Agencies.

·TRUMP was PLACED to EXPOSE the captured US Government. This is all happeningand being recorded into Congressional records. The United States Archives andthe Military sectors are recording everything.

·The World is going to change on a massive level as the CIA Globalist Westernfunds and fiat currency comes near extinction level.

·Right now in Congress a huge topic is taking place on Globalist powers andtheir reach into the U.S. system that is connected to an OPEN MILITARY COUP.

·World Courts are looking to documents, files and servers that prove Netanyahucould be held accountable for Crimes Against Humanity, mass murder andcorruption. If this fails, the White Hats from other several united countriesare going to keep pushing for his arrest. (Later after the near DeathCivilization Events come to a close, Military Courts will go after Netanyahu)

·Right now in Israel a near CIVIL War is brewing and white HATS inside theIsraeli government are initiating a military COUP to unseat the puppet mastersof Israel.....

·The real story of the Illuminati reaches far back into the Knights Templar whocreated the earliest banking systems through Europe. The story of the KnightsTemplar goes back to the Middle East where they found King Solomon’s gold andthe real Ark of the Covenant.

·Hugh De Payens was one of the leaders of the Knights Templar. De Payens hadfamily that was of the Islamic faith and they had deep connections to thesecret society of the Brothers of the East. The secret society met with theTemplar's Knights where De Payen gave them the secrets of the ATLANTIS. Thereal story connected to the original hidden Bible and the Angels, aliens anddifferent deity's that were connected to old Sumerian Gods Mesopotamia and thecivilization before Christ and the other several civilization hundreds ofthousands years older and much like ATLANTIS. And their connections to theAnunnaki.


‘Wethe people have the responsibility to counter the actions of the government: Wehold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that theyare endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among theseare Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness- That to secure these rights,Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their powers from the consent ofthe governed, - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive ofthese ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and toinstitute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles andorganizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seen most likely to affecttheir Safety and Happiness….. Our military forces are to step in when ourrights have been violated… when Justice is no longer present. Pray!!! The Stormis Here! God Bless Our Earth. God Bless America… God Bless Our Children!!!!


Fortyyears later this is not only still accurate, but even more accurate than whenhe first said it: ‘The schooling system is designed to turn you into usableinstrument by using reward and punish system to manipulate you intoindoctrinating yourself. The system is set up in a way that's going to rewardyou if you indoctrinate yourself well enough for a passing grade, or punish youby failing and labeling you stupid, because apparently you didn't know the nameof the transitional form between amphibian and a fish. There is a hugedifference between studying and learning. If you want to get indoctrinated,dumb-downed and closed minded, go to school. If you want to actually learnsomething that matters start reading books’.

Q.TUES. 4 JUNE 2024 TWIN TOWER CITY @TwinTowerCity:

Intheir desperation to ‘Get Trump’ the Democrats were baited and trapped intoestablishing these 17 precedents (to be used against them later in aBOOMERANG):

Presidents/ Former Presidents can be impeached (Feb 2021 Trump impeachment trial) Presidents / Former Presidents can be forced toreveal tax and business records , Presidents / Former Presidents lose executive privilege (PeterNavarro imprisoned)

Presidents/ Former Presidents lose attorney-client privilege (Corcoran testimony forced)Presidents / Former Presidents don't have Presidential Immunity (SCOTUSdecision pending) Presidents / Former Presidents can be forced to releaseprivate phone records and text messages Presidents / Former Presidents can havetheir homes raided by the FBI (deadly force authorized) Presidents / FormerPresidents can be subpoenaed by partisan committees (Jan 6 show trial)Presidents / Former Presidents can be repeatedly indicted and arrested (Trumparrested 4 times) Presidents / Former Presidents lose their First Amendmentright to free speech (gag orders) Presidents / Former Presidents lose the rightto trial by jury (Mar-a-Lago ‘worth $18M’ trial)

Presidents/ Former Presidents are no longer protected by the Statute of Limitationsexpiring Presidents / Former Presidents can be convicted without a unanimousdecision (Merchan rule)

Presidents/ Former Presidents can be incarcerated (coming soon – it had to happen thisway) VP can no longer question validity of disputed electoral votes (2022Electoral Count Act)

Contingentelectors are now ‘fake’, and can no longer be submitted when the election isdisputed Protests can be declared an ‘insurrection’ and the protestors jailedfor years without trial

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 5, 2024 (2024)
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