Shaded Seats Angels Stadium (2024)

1. Shaded Seats at Angel Stadium - Find Angels Tickets in the Shade

  • The Los Angeles Angels play at Angel Stadium. Avoid the sun and learn where the Angel Stadium shaded seats are located before you buy tickets!

2. Shaded and Covered Seating at Angel Stadium -

  • Find shaded and covered seats at Angel Stadium. No matter the weather elements, our shade and cover tool helps find the perfect seats for your event.

  • Find shaded and covered seats at Angel Stadium. No matter the weather elements, our shade and cover tool helps find the perfect seats for your event. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and enjoyment with our range of shaded and covered seats.

3. Shaded Seats at Your Favorite Stadium -

  • Stay cool and comfortable at the game with our guide to the best shaded seats at top MLB, NFL and MLS stadiums.

4. Angel Stadium Seating -

  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Finding the Best Shaded Seats at Angel Stadium Anaheim ... Is Section 209 Row A in the shade during an August game at Angel Stadium?

  • Angel Stadium Seating. Best seats at Angel Stadium tips, seat views, seat ratings, fan reviews and faqs.

5. Accessibility Guide | Los Angeles Angels -

  • Jul 24, 2023 · Seating at Angel Stadium includes seats in full sun, in full shade, as well as partial sun/partial shade. Reference this Sun/Shade Seating Map ...

  • This guide is intended to provide all of the necessary information to make your visit to Angel Stadium as enjoyable as possible.

6. Breakdown Of The Angel Stadium of Anaheim Seating Chart

  • The view level seats at Angel Stadium of Anaheim consist of sections 401 through 436 (also called the lower view seats), and sections 501 through 540.

  • Our breakdown of the Angel Stadium of Anaheim seating chart helps baseball fans decide where to sit before purchasing their Los Angeles Angels tickets.

7. Shaded Seats at Dodger Stadium - Dodgers Tickets in the Shade

8. Los Angeles Angels Interactive Seating Chart with Seat Views

  • Jan 5, 2023 · Los Angeles Angels Seats in the Shade ... If you are looking to avoid the California sun at an Angels game, we suggest sitting along the 3rd ...

  • Los Angeles Angels interactive seating chart with Angel Stadium 360-degree virtual seat views, best seats, dugout and bullpen locations, and cheap Angels tickets

9. Best Seats at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

  • The sections along the 3rd base line (Sections 11-113) offer shade, and are closer to the Angels dugout, whereas 124-126 are close to the visitors and will get ...

  • This fan's guide Angel Stadium guide tells you where's the best section to sit for Anaheim Angels games, where's the best view at Angel Stadium, what Angel tickets are the best value, the best seating options for families at Angels games, best sections for the Angel Stadium social scene, best place to get autographs at Angel Stadium, where to sit to catch a baseball at an LA Angels game.

10. Shaded Seats at loanDepot park (formerly Marlins Park)

  • Meanwhile, more and more seats on the 1st base side of loanDepot park will start to enter the shade as the game moves along. Soon after 3:00, the sun will be ...

  • The Miami Marlins play at loanDepot park. Learn where to find the loanDepot park shaded seats to avoid the Miami sun when the roof is open!

11. Shaded Seats at T-Mobile Park - Mariners Tickets in the Shade

  • At first pitch of an afternoon game at T-Mobile Park, the sun is located along the 1st baseline but quickly moves to a position behind the plate. This means the ...

  • The Seattle Mariners play at T-Mobile Park (formerly Safeco Field). Learn where the T-Mobile Park shaded seats are located and avoid the sun!

12. Shaded Seats at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

  • The safest bet to avoid the sun for a 1:05 game at Camden Yards is to sit in sections 334 to 380, preferably in the last five to 10 rows of these 25-row ...

  • The Baltimore Orioles play at Camden Yards. Learn where the Camden Yards shaded seats are located so you can avoid the hot sun!

13. Shaded Seats at Tropicana Field - Find Rays Tickets in the Shade

  • While the Trop is not considered a great venue for baseball the good news is that fans don't have to stress about finding the Tropicana Field shaded seats​ ...

  • The Tampa Bay Rays play at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. The only fixed dome means Tropicana Field shaded seats are everywhere!

14. Angel Stadium Rules | Angel Stadium | Anaheim, California

  • Only sit in your allocated ticketed seats and show your tickets when requested. No obscene or indecent clothing is permitted into the venue. Clothing ...

  • Fans are expected to conduct themselves in their best behavior to not disrupt other fans from enjoying their time at The Big A:

15. Shaded Seats at Fenway Park - Find Red Sox Tickets in the Shade

  • Meanwhile, most seats behind home plate and on the 3rd base side of the stadium will have their back to the sun. Between the position of the sun and Fenway's ...

  • The Boston Red Sox play at historic Fenway Park. Learn where the Fenway Park shaded seats are located and avoid the sun on a hot day!

16. Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium for a day game?

  • Dec 11, 2017 · The best locations to find shaded seats at Dodger Stadium are underneath the various overhangs and roofs throughout the ballpark. Shade in the ...

  • Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium for a day game?

17. Angel Stadium Seating Chart + Rows, Seats and Club Seats - TicketIQ Blog

  • Apr 5, 2020 · Angel Stadium Seating Chart + Rows, Seats and Club Seats · Lower-level center sections include 109-127 with 100-level corner sections of 18-135, ...

  • Angel Stadium Seating Chart for Los Angeles Angels and concerts+ Rows, Seats, and Club Seats

18. Humana Shade Seats | Cincinnati Reds -

  • The Humana Shade Seats are located on the right-field side of the ballpark in Sections 127 to 136, rows HH and higher, which includes ADA seating options. These ...

  • Fans, this season the Reds have teamed up with Humana to highlight seating areas in the shade!

19. Shaded Seats at Target Field - Find Twins Tickets in the Shade

  • Barring any cloud coverage, these fans will be dealing with the sun throughout the game. To avoid the sun, the best option is along the 1st baseline, sections ...

  • The Minnesota Twins play at Target Field in Minneapolis. Learn where the Target Field shaded seats are located so you can avoid the hot sun!

20. Section 115 petco park - WMK-MISTAL

  • Covered Seats at Petco Park. 135. Petco Park. See the view from your seat at ... San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 22. At 115 meters in ...

  • Please bear with us. This will be brief.

21. Shaded Seats at Minute Maid Park - Astros Tickets in the Shade

  • By the start of a 3:10 game, the Houston sun will have moved to the 3rd base side of the stadium. This will help provide relief to large sections of that side ...

  • The Houston Astros Play at Minute Maid Park. Learn where the Minute Maid shaded seats are located and avoid the sun when the roof is open!

22. Shaded Seats at Rogers Centre - Blue Jays Tickets in the Shade

  • Meanwhile, those sitting on the 1st base side of the stadium will be bathed in sunlight for a majority of a 3:07 p.m. game. That may include some of the ...

  • The Blue Jays play at Rogers Centre. Learn where the Rogers Centre shaded seats located and avoid the heat when they open the roof!

Shaded Seats Angels Stadium (2024)
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