The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (2024)

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (1)

Twitter has brought forth the rise of Twitter analytics to monitor engagement and develop resonating content. Twitter was introduced as a social media platform, but today, it has progressed into a marketing giant that was unprecedented in the history of social media.

But, can you leverage this marketing giant’s potential for your brand or campaign? Let’s find out!

Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are posted on Twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day, and around 200 billion tweets per year. These metrics are huge and the potential is enormous!

Insight: The average time spent by each user on Twitter stands at 3.39 minutes per session.

These 3.39 minutes can act as a window for your brand if you play your cards (tweets) right! You just need to find an opening and Twitter Analytics can give you that.

With the ever-increasing engagement on Twitter, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of user-generated content. Marketers have turned to Twitter analytics for gathering and analyzing this data and use it as per their advantages.

A direct result of the analysis of this data has turned Twitter into a media outlet with a massive reach.

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What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics is the process of tracking, analyzing, and monitoring the performance metrics of your Twitter profiles. The in-built native Twitter analytics feature has been tracking your Twitter activity since the creation of your account. It has your entire Twitter history and can provide monthly performance metrics and insights that can maximize your social media success.

Although, native Twitter analytics only allows you to track your profile’s performance metrics. This is where third-party Twitter analytics tools come into play. They can help you access the performance metrics of any public Twitter profile.

What Made Twitter Analytics Important?

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User dynamics have shifted dramatically over the years. In the heydays of social media, the platforms were viewed as a means of connecting with friends & family, however, the landscape has shifted since then.

This pragmatic change is not only experienced on Twitter, the way people use social media, in general, has changed drastically over the years. Today, people use Twitter and similar platforms to broadcast their thoughts and perspectives rather than using them as just a means of connecting with their friends and family.

More brands and organizations are using social media monitoring tools for performing market research and targeting the right audience.

Fun Fact: 77% of all B2B marketers use Twitter for distributing content and 71% of B2B technology marketers said Twitter is their top social media platform for a product launch.

Just by looking at these numbers, you can gauge the prefer-ability for using Twitter as a marketing platform.

How to Leverage Twitter Analytics to Grow your Business?

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Well, this is where Twitter analytics come into play. Social media analytics can help you in drawing constructive conclusions for your social media campaigns. These can go a long way in helping you decode this data and ensure brand success.

Using Twitter analytics for your business requires proper analysis and implementation of the insights obtained by social media analytics tools. Audience identification, tailoring marketing strategies, targeting new user groups, all is made possible through Twitter data analytics.

Twitter analytics tools can provide you detailed insights by analyzing your historical Twitter performance metrics and increasing your follower base and engagement.

Trends on social media change daily. Twitter can act as the perfect tool for analyzing these trends and creating resonating content.

Suppose you own a clothing brand and your new apparel line is coming up. You would most certainly wish to announce your latest merchandise on Twitter. It is obvious that you want your post to reach as far and wide as possible. But how do we ensure that?

Well, Twitter analytics tools can analyze the historical data and engagement received on your tweets to provide you with just the right time at which your tweet should be posted. This ensures that the engagement and reach of your content are maximum.

Social media monitoring tools can also identify current trends that match your brand’s appeal and provide you with the opportunity to join in on the conversation. In order words, analytics ensure that the marketing resources are utilized effectively.

Fun Fact: The number of monetizable users on Twitter stands at 145 Million. This is the number of Twitter users logging in every day on the platform. This does not include the number of users accessing Twitter without having an account or logging in.

There are also a few other metrics at play here. Twitter analytics can provide you with geographical hotspots for your campaign. It can make it super easy for you to identify high engagement geographical regions along with the top followers. See where we are getting at?

“Top followers can serve as influencers for your brand or service. Analytics make it easy for you to identify and reach out to these users directly and leverage their follower base for your advantage. Similarly, you can identify the regions which are responsible for maximum engagement on your posts.”

Summarized, we can say that Twitter Analytics tools can work wonders for your social media campaign. It can greatly enhance your social media presence and ensure that the engagement metrics on your content remain high.

Spending time on Twitter, without any insights and analytics, does not ensure the success of a social media campaign. It is equally important to set relevant goals for your social media objectives. Why? Because it allows you to quantify your social media campaign’s performance metrics.

You need to set proper goals and define the type of engagement you are expecting from your Twitter campaign. Whether it’s garnering retweets, comments, or followers. Let’s understand the intricacies of Engagement.

Engagement Analytics: The Buzzword!

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What is Engagement? Precisely, Twitter Engagement?

It is the count of the total number of people who interacted with your tweet or content.

Suppose you are running a Twitter campaign with the aim of increasing your Twitter followers and you are posting a piece of content every day. Now, if your post did not achieve the required follower growth, but you got a lot of retweets and comments.

Would you count that as acceptable engagement? I suppose not.

Although users interacted with your content, but did it fulfill your required target?

Engagement is a metric that must have a pre-defined criterion for what it is all about.

If your post did not fulfill the metrics that you were aiming for, it is nothing but false engagement. Your social media campaign did not achieve the goals it was intended to.

Defining proper goals is of utmost importance if you wish to quantify your true engagement metrics.

Although Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat have gobbled up the young users, Twitter stands in its prime with most of its users in the age bracket of 35 to 65. That would be 63% of all Twitter users. As a result, Twitter users are generally more mature than users on other social media platforms.

Hence, engagement is not simply the number of people that interacted with your post, it is the fulfillment of your pre-defined social media objectives.

Why Twitter Analytics Matter

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Brands have realized that in order to stay relevant they have to incorporate some form of a feedback monitoring system. This has led to the introduction of a relatively new term known as ‘Social Listening’.

Many brands consider social media as a one-way communication street. These brands show up in your timeline with the expectation to be engaged with. However, what these entities fail to realize is that social media is a two-way street. Putting your content out there and receiving feedback for the same, both are equally important.

Social media monitoring can provide you with the right information at the right time. Customers love it when they are heard and responded to, and analytics can provide you with the right tools that make this communication easier.

Monitoring your brand’s social media channels and taking customer feedback by exploring your brand’s mentions constitutes social listening.

It can help you in picking up credible chatter and analyzing this data for your brand’s benefit. Let’s look at some of the factors which make social listening crucial for any digital marketing campaign.

  • Focused Listening

    Social media is filled with chatter. Social listening analytics allow you to focus on credible chatter and provide you with information that is relevant to your brand. This data can be utilized to tailor your responses which can lead to greater customer satisfaction along with a tremendous increase in brand loyalty.

  • Identify trending hashtags

    Hashtags are a great marketing tool that can help you increase the reach and impressions on your tweets. Although, not every hashtag can do that. You have to identify the most relevant and searched hashtags by the users. Using a Twitter analytics tool, you can identify trending and popular content hashtags related to your industry along with performance metrics. You can analyze their performance metrics to identify hashtags that can help increase the SEO authority of your tweets.

  • Identify resonating content

    In the modern-day where people are hooked to devices because there is an abundance of content for every industry and niche. While it is good for users, it only makes it difficult for brands and marketers to attract the attention of users. Using Twitter analytics you can identify content topics that users like to engage with. You can make a list of such content topics and craft an engaging content strategy based on these topics to attract the attention of users and drive traffic.

  • Know when to tweet

    The average lifespan of a tweet is between 15-20 minutes. After this time duration, your tweet will start to slide down in your targeted users’ Twitter feeds. It will eventually be at the bottom of the users’ timeline where most users don’t scroll to. You have to post tweets when your followers are online and can provide the desired engagement. Using Twitter analytics, you can analyze the performance of your past tweets. This can help you identify the time frame when your followers are online and most likely to engage with your tweets.

  • Track Your Brand’s Growth

    Social listening analytic tools can help you in tracking your brand’s growth and reach. This is determined by analyzing the inflow of information and counting various Twitter mentions naming your brand. However, you can track your brand’s growth by analyzing the influx of conversations revolving around your brand. Social media analytics tools can prove to be very beneficial for tracking your brand’s social growth.

  • Monitor performance metrics

    Twitter analytics tools can help you track the performance metrics of your profile. You can get access to precise statistics on the total impressions, reach, and engagement statistics on your tweets. You can also identify and extract lists of unique users that engage with your tweets or use your campaign hashtag. Twitter analytics tools provide instantaneous updates on engagement metrics, this can help you monitor the engagement metrics of your Twitter campaigns and improvise strategies in real-time.

  • Identify top followers

    Engaging with your followers can help you build brand loyalty. Like, reply, retweet, or follow back users that frequently engage with your brand’s Twitter profile. It can help you build an engaging and loyal follower base while also increasing engagement and conversions for your brand.

  • Partner with influencers

    Influencer marketing is the most sought-after paid marketing channel in 2020, the reason being the high engagement and conversion rates that they offer. Although, not every influencer that engages with your brand can help you achieve that. Twitter analytics tools can identify and track the performance metrics of influencers that engage with your brand and help choose the right brand advocate to promote your brand.

  • Enhance customer support

    While Twitter is widely known for delivering news and updates at a really fast pace, it is also a great platform for customer support. Consumers often use Twitter to share their user experience with brands, products, or services. Although, not every user mentions your Twitter handle which makes it difficult to track such tweets. However, users do mention the brand in one way or other. Using a Twitter analytics tool, you can track such tweets and engage with them to retain the customer.

  • Analyze your competitors

    While tracking your performance metrics is essential to enhance your marketing approach, you can also learn a lot from your competitors. Tracking and analyzing the social media moves of your competitors can help you dissect their marketing strategies. You can then plan similar or improved strategies to boost engagement and your brand’s social media presence.

  • Improve the Overall Performance of Your Brand

    You can get focused information related to ongoing conversations on social media about your brand. This information can be leveraged to identify areas of improvement. For instance, if you run a fast food joint, you can refer to social media which may help you in identifying consumer demands or incorporating suggestions. and take suggestions.

Let’s Summarize the Benefits of Social Media Analytics

So far, so good. We have extensively analyzed the benefits of Twitter analytics and here is the summary of all the benefits that Twitter analytics tools offer.

  • Know what people are saying about your brand in real-time.
  • Take precautionary measures and decrease the chances of an increase in negative sentiments.
  • Increase customer acquisition rate.
  • Improve your brand’s online reputation.
  • Track all your Twitter mentions.
  • Find and analyze trends with agility.

How to Use Twitter Analytics?

To summarize, Twitter analytics play a crucial role in elevating your brand’s presence. Brands achieve this by using various Twitter analytics tools that aid in social listening.

Native Twitter Analytics

Fortunately, Twitter provides you the necessary tools to help you monitor your Twitter profile performance metrics in the form of native Twitter analytics. To access native Twitter analytics, just follow these simple steps.

1. Log into your Twitter account
2. Click on ‘More’
3. Click On Analytics

And just like that, you can monitor the performance metrics of your Twitter profile. You can also access native Twitter analytics through

After you log into Twitter analytics, you will have access to various insightful statistics that are categorized into four sections.

  • Home: The home section of the analytics provides a comprehensive overview of your monthly performance and engagement statistics including top-performing tweets and influencers that engaging with your account.

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (6)

  • Tweets: The tweet section provides performance metrics of tweets posted in the previous month and includes these statistics: likes, retweets, replies, impressions, reach, engagement rate, link clicks, and more.

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (7)

  • Videos: Similar to the tweets section the videos section provides engagement statistics on your videos including total views, completion rate, total minutes viewed, retention rate, and more.

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (8)

  • Conversion Tracking: The conversion tracking section helps you track mobile and website-based events. But it requires you to install a tag on your website or app.

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (9)

Below are the top 10 Twitter analytics tools that can help you in achieving targeted audience insights and improving overall brand recognition.

Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools for 2023

1. TrackMyHashtag

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (10)

TrackMyHashtag is an outstanding Twitter analytics tool for brands as well as individuals when it comes to understanding what content resonates with their audience. To improve engagement, this tool monitors related conversations and hashtags.

TrackMyHashtag’s real-time hashtag tracking enables users to obtain:

  • Real-time hashtag metrics
  • Identify the most engaging media, hashtags, and URLs
  • Geographical insights in real-time
  • Analyze social media campaigns of your competitors
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand

Real-time hashtag monitoring on any public twitter account offers instant engagement metrics. It helps the social media campaign to quickly improvise tactics. Combining all the features, you can make decisive decisions that can drastically improve your campaign’s overall performance.

TrackMyHashtag offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing starts at $49 per month.

2. Twitonomy

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (11)

Twitonomy is a Twitter analytics tool that offers a wide range of diverse and informative resources for you. The platform’s search analytics provides a list of top languages that are used alongside unique keywords and hashtags. The platform also allows you to examine any targeted Twitter handle traction.

Twitonomy’s Twitter analytics tool provides users with:

  • Profile analytics including tweets, retweets, mentions, and hashtags
  • Comprehensive insights on the people you follow and those who follow you
  • Insights on your tracked hashtags with hashtag reports
  • Interactive map of users who mentioned you in their tweet

Twitonomy provides extensive in-depth reports on any public Twitter account along with insightful metrics of the user’s historical Twitter data. It enables users to monitor tweets, manage their lists and access reports.

The premium plan for Twitonomy starts at $20 per month.

3. KeyHole

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (12)

Keyhole provides hashtag tracking benefits to individuals and companies, trying to monitor their engagement in real-time. The engagement metrics are updated instantly and generates reports in real-time.

Keyhole’s Twitter analytics enables users to:

  • Get engagement metrics along with reports in real-time
  • Predict future performance of hashtags
  • Identify trending topics and relevant hashtags to boost engagement
  • Analyze your competitors, social media campaign
  • Research real-time and historical data

Keyholeenables you to elevate your content to the user’s preferences. It offers benchmarks to identify the optimum time to post your content to gain maximum engagement. The analytical reports help to improve approaches to boost engagement for a brand’s social media campaign.

Keyhole’s premium plans vary between $26 per month to $179 per month.

4. TweetReach

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (13)

TweetReach is a Twitter analytics tool that provides, real-time hashtag tracking, Twitter monitoring, and report-ready trackers to analyze the engagement of Twitter accounts. The analytical reports provide real-time metrics that include overall reach, engagement, content performance, competitive analysis, and more.

The key features of TweetReach include:

  • Measure direct and earned organic conversation
  • Perform comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Identify the best time to tweet based on the performance of past tweets
  • Identify hashtags and URLs that attract more engagement

TweetReach reflects on the content’s cumulative impact in terms of interaction, discussion, and a rise in followers. It also helps in identifying influencers that are engaged with your content.

TweetReach premium plans start at $29 per month.

5. Brand24

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (14)

Brand24 is a social media analytics tool that tracks different platforms and keywords in social media. It not only offers information on your social media campaign’s total interaction and scope, but also the influence of the targeted keywords.

Key features of Brand24:

  • Social media analytics on various platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Detailed analytical reports and metrics on social media campaigns
  • Identifying keywords to boost engagement
  • Monitoring the performance of the content in real-time

It assists in monitoring the performance of your social media efforts in real-time. The user can identify appropriate keywords and evaluate the mentions to improve the scope of their social media.

Brand24 comes with a 14-day trial period and the monthly plans start at $49 per month.

6. SproutSocial

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (15)

SproutSocial is a marketing tool that assists individuals, small businesses, and corporations in integrating with various social media platforms. The smart inbox feature allows you to analyze your overall engagement statistics on social media websites. This saves you the trouble of logging into all social media websites.

SproutSocial’s key features include:

  • Provides comprehensive social media analytics
  • Smart Inbox for engagement statistics on multiple social profiles
  • Track keywords and URLs
  • Identify the latest trends
  • Analyze your competitors

SproutSocial enables users to perform social media analytics on numerous social media platforms. It helps to devise effective social media tactics to increase their brand’s interaction and conversion levels.

SproutSocial provides a 30-day free trial for users. The base plan starts at $99 per month.

7. Foller.Me

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (16) is a Twitter analytics tool that provides a detailed analytical overview of any public Twitter account. reviews the tweets and followers of a user and offers reports on the success of their activities in social media.

The key features of include:

  • Analyze engagement on tweets
  • Identify trending topics and hashtags and key mentions
  • A map overlay of the location of followers
  • Follower growth overtime
  • Twitter marketing trends helps users review their past Twitter activity and identify more engaging content. It is a great Twitter analytics tool for users trying to grow their community’s scale. is a completely free Twitter analytics tool but provides limited statistics. It can be a great analytics tool for new users looking to analyze their engagement metrics and overall growth.

8. Hashtagify

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (17)

Hashtagify is a simple yet amazing Twitter analytics tool for your marketing efforts as it offers insights into hashtags for your social media campaigns. It helps to determine and identify hashtags important to your campaign or content along with the indicators of popularity for each hashtag.

The key features of Hashtagify include:

  • Find the most relevant hashtags and trends
  • Get insights on the popularity of hashtags
  • Identify countries where your hashtag is trending
  • Languages used with your hashtag

Hashtagify empowers you with the analytics tools to evaluate and identify trends and hashtags that make your social media campaign more engaged. It also helps you to monitor the audience and the influencers involved in your content.

Hashtagifycomes with a 7-day free trial period. The basic plan starts at $29 per month.

9. Socialert

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (18)

Socialert is an excellent Twitter analytics tool that delivers real-time hashtag performance metrics. It also provides historical data on hashtags and tweets. It enables you to track and analyze the social media campaign of your competitors. Analyzing the success of hashtags in real-time helps to improve the tactics as and when appropriate.

Key features of Socialert

  • Hashtag analytics and brand monitoring
  • Track your followers
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analyzes tweets and identify influencers
  • Identify popular hashtags for your campaign

Socialert is a trouble-free way to track your social media engagement and compare competitive marketing strategies.

Socialertdoes not offer a free trial. The paid plans start at $24.95 per month.

10. Tweet Binder

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (19)

Tweet Binder is a splendid Twitter analytics tool that offers real-time hashtag monitoring, keywords, mentions and, URLs. It helps you define and measure your social media campaign’s overall impact in real-time.

The key features of Tweet Binder are:

  • Classify your tweets based on hashtags
  • Monitor the impact of campaigns and promotions
  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand

Tweet Binder helps you to examine historical and real-time tweet data related to a conversation over any defined period of time.

TweetBinder does not provide a trial period. The basic plan starts at $83.36 per month.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny the importance of social media analytics. The insights that analytics tools provide are extremely crucial for modern-day marketing. If done right, analytics tools can help you in analyzing your target audience and tailoring targeted marketing strategies for maximum reach & engagement.

What are your thoughts about Twitter Analytics?

Do let us know in the comments.

The Complete Twitter Analytics Guide for 2023 - TrackMyHashtag (2024)
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