What Happened to Twitter Analytics: Does It Still Work? (2024)

What Happened to Twitter Analytics: Does It Still Work? (1)


August 10, 2023 |11 min read

Brand promotion and monitoring are key features of Twitter, now called X. On this platform, Twitter analytics is invaluable for Twitter users, especially marketers growing their brand and online community. This inline tool helps users to monitor various metrics about their tweets and track their online reach. With Twitter analytics, many users don’t need intermediary apps to gain insight into the progress of their online journey. Little wonder, with the sudden inaccessibility, many seek to learn what happened to Twitter analytics.

Until now, no official statement has acknowledged the issues with Twitter analytics. However, this article digs deep into users’ complaints to reveal what happened to Twitter analytics. It also highlights how far the issue goes and alternative ways to use it. You’ll also find other third-party apps for smoothly accessing your tweet metrics.

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Why Is Twitter Analytics Not Working On My Device?

After tracking your account with Twitter’s inline analytics tool for years, it can be disappointing to see it fail. You may have become so used to this reliable tool that you can’t believe the issue is from the software. When considering what happened to Twitter analytics, it’s easy to blame your device first. However, this has proven wrong in many instances. Fortunately, this section reveals why Twitter analytics is not working on some devices.

What Happened to Twitter Analytics on the Mobile App?

Although many features of TwitterWeb are lacking in the mobile app, Twitter analytics is not one of them. Since X, previously Twitter, introduced this tool, users can access it from their mobile devices. However, Twitter analytics on mobile is less extensive than on the web version. TwitterWeb Analytics provides statistics about your entire account, but you can only access analytics of specific tweets from the app.

The steps to see Twitter analytics on the mobile app are quite straightforward. Tap on the specific tweet to reveal the tweet details. Then click the three-dot icon on the top right corner to open a menu. From the menu, select “View tweet activity.” This action will provide your tweet analytics below the tweet, showing your views and engagement statistics.

Unfortunately, users recently reported that this feature has developed some issues. Some complain about receiving an error message when they try to view the analytics of their tweets. The error message reads, “You may only view analytics about your own tweets.” Users find this amusing because they only attempt to view the analytics of their tweets in the first place.

This issue exploded in September 2022. Thus, many assumed it was a move by Twitter to censor users’ activity ahead of the elections in November 2022. No one knows whether it was a censorship attempt or a genuine bug disturbing Twitter. However, several months after the elections, the issue still persists. Attempting to learn what happened to Twitter analytics, many users contacted Twitter support. Unfortunately, their response was bland, acknowledging that they were aware of the situation. Yet, they provided no resolution or a time frame for one.

What Happened to Twitter Analytics on the Web?

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Despite users’ issues when accessing Twitter analytics from the mobile app, the web version remains functional. Many users were surprised to hear Twitter recommend using the mobile version when they complained to Twitter support, now X Help Center. Rather than providing a detailed situation report, Twitter support causally directs users to TwitterWeb Analytics which is still functional.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean Twitter analytics on the web has been perfect. Some users still remember what happened to Twitter analytics in 2020 when Twitter removed the audience insight metrics from analytics. More recently, others have noticed a slight issue with the tool on the web. The analytic tool shows some users that they haven’t posted any tweets in the last 28 days when they have! Moreover, it also generates organic engagement statistics even after reporting no posts.

Although the reports on this are widespread, the effects are only temporary. Further insight shows that the glitch results from a bug in the server. You can fix it by simply refreshing or logging out and logging in again. So, while the issue with Twitter analytics on the mobile app persists, that on the web is negligible. You can keep using Twitter analytics on the web to get accurate real-time data on your account.

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Has X, aka Twitter, Acknowledged What Happened to Twitter Analytics?

Sadly, X, previously Twitter, has not acknowledged what happened to Twitter analytics. Despite the raving complaints online about Twitter analytics issues, Twitter has yet to release any official statement. Users still don’t know what happened to Twitter analytics. They only know it is inaccessible, delivering an error message whenever you access it from the mobile app. Others who use it from the web have complained of negligible issues you can overlook.

Without public acknowledgment of the issues with Twitter analytics, many users have bombarded support with questions about the tool. In response, Twitter acknowledged its awareness of the issue, assuring users they’re working on it. This promise is unreliable because they have repeated it to thousands of users for months. Worse still, they neither provide a detailed explanation about the issue nor a time frame for resolution.

Is There a Solution for What Happened to Twitter Analytics?

Thus far, there is no working solution for the issue affecting Twitter analytics on the mobile app. Twitter, aka X administrators, are completely silent about what happened to Twitter analytics; we hardly know what’s wrong, much less the solution. First, Twitter is officially quiet about the issue. Second, they readily direct users to the tool’s web version. Finally, it’s been a while since they’ve kept promising a solution to curious users. At the time of publication, it is reasonable to conclude that no official solution exists or is in sight.

Fortunately, the X mobile app provides a feature that can track one metric despite the issues with Twitter analytics. “Views” is a new feature on the mobile app that shows how many people viewed a tweet. It is among the metrics shown with each tweet, identified by the analytic bar icon. So, anyone can see your views just as you can. Although this feature is not as extensive as analytics, it helps give you an idea of your reach. Thus, it is a good alternative for tracing your tweets after what happened to Twitter analytics.

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Has Twitter Changed Analytics To Something Else?

Twitter, now X, administrators are popular for their diligence in ensuring the safety of users and the smooth-running of site features. Even when the platform experiences a bug, they’re always on hand to resolve it before users experience significant difficulties. Consequently, it is surprising to see them silent about what happened to Twitter analytics, even appearing helpless. This unusual response has made some ask, “Has Twitter changed analytics?”

Many ask this question because there has not been any major update on Twitter analytics since its adoption in 2014. The tool still uses rolling data and moving averages which do not capture stronger data relationships. So, they assume that Twitter neglected analytics to introduce a new and more sophisticated tool.

However, no report supports the claim that Twitter changed analytics. Despite the issue with Twitter analytics, it remains the only inline tool on X, previously Twitter, for analyzing your account metrics. Even so, Twitter has added a few analytic features to the Twitter mobile app, but these do not replace Twitter analytics. One of these features is “Views,” discussed in the preceding subheading.

Another analytics feature X, previously Twitter, added is the Analytics tab for professional accounts. This tool allows professional account owners to view their performance statistics from the home tab when they log in. The active dashboard provides key metrics on a single display making analysis and comparison much easier for the user.

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After What Happened to Twitter Analytics, Can I Use the Feature?

Twitter analytics was a reliable tool for professionals and users to track tweet metrics from a mobile device. However, that is no longer possible, considering what happened to Twitter analytics on the mobile app. Users can no longer track their tweet metrics because they cannot access the tool’s feature on mobile devices.

However, this does not spell the end of Twitter analytics. The tool is still very active and reliable. You can use Twitter analytics on the web to view much more metrics than provided on the mobile app. On the web version, you can track statistics for your account and others, not just specific tweets. To find Twitter analytics, click “More” at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. From the new options, select “Analytics” preceded by a chart icon.

Nevertheless, you might still need help with using Twitter analytics from the web. When this happens, it could a result of any of the following reasons:

  • You have not turned on Twitter analytics for your account.
  • Your account is younger than 14 days.
  • You have recently violated Twitter’s ad policies.
  • Twitter suspended or restricted your account.

You can turn on Twitter analytics for your account from the Twitter analytics page. If this is not your issue, try the following suggestions to access Twitter analytics on the web smoothly.

  1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection. You can restart your router or switch networks to be sure.
  2. Check Twitter’s status page to ensure it is not experiencing a bug or an outage.
  3. Try a different web browser.
  4. Clear your browser cookie and cache and try again.
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Alternative Apps To Use After What Happened to Twitter Analytics

The efficiency and reliability of Twitter analytics erased the need for third-party applications and software in the past years. Although you can still access Twitter analytics from the web, many users browse Twitter from their mobile phones. So, this solution seems far-fetched. Rather than log into TwitterWeb, they use an intermediary application to track their account metrics.

You should do the same if you also desire the convenience of tracking your Twitter metrics from your mobile device. This way, you can forget what happened to Twitter analytics and move on. Many intermediary apps provide this service. However, some are more efficient and provide more features than Twitter analytics. Consider the two highlighted in this section.

Use Hootsuite, a Versatile Social Media Management Tool

Hootsuite is a popular social media analytics tool for tracking performance data on any social media platform. While many users still wonder what happened to Twitter analytics, some have migrated to Hootsuite. This paid tool gives you the best bang for your buck. The tool is easy to use, and you don’t need to be a professional handling analytical data to use it. Whatever your business or Twitter campaign size, Hootsuite will seamlessly cover all your analytical needs.

The best part about Hootsuite is that a single subscription allows you to track all your social media accounts. It’s like having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok analytics all together. What’s more? Hootsuite presents your statistical data in easy and understandable formats, even recommending improvements for your marketing campaign. This tool also provides a “Competitive analysis” feature that compares your campaign with about 20 competitors in your niche. With this, you can always know your current standing in the Twitter space.

Use BRAND24 and Forget What Happened to Twitter Analytics

If you want your brand to be the top mention on Twitter in your niche, consider using BRAND24. This Twitter analytic tool helps you track your mentions even beyond Twitter. BRAND24 collects your account data and comprehensively analyzes your online reach. This data helps you organize a masterful hype campaign for your brand, especially the time of day to post.

Additionally, this tool tracks more metrics than Twitter analytics. Beyond your impressions, engagements, and mentions, BRAND24 tracks your Twitter sentiments. This metric shows the emotions and sentiments associated with your mentions on Twitter. BRAND24 has a brilliant user interface that beginners in analytics can enjoy. Moreover, it gives you real value for your money. You can also use the 14-day free trial to explore the tool for free. With real-time data analysis from BRAND24, you’ll never know what happened to Twitter analytics.

After employing a good analytics tool, you may discover you’re too far from redemption. If you’ve got everything wrong before learning about analytics, you can easily restart with your tool guiding you this time. When restarting your Twitter journey, the first step is to clear your previous tweets and likes.

TweetEraser is an exciting Twitter management tool that helps clean your account automatically. With this tool, you can mass delete tweets and likes or import them from your timeline into your archive. It can also help filter and delete tweets automatically based on preset instructions. The tool is affordable and easy to use, leaving your timeline tidy and appealing. So start filtering and cleaning your Twitter timeline today!

What Happened to Twitter Analytics: Does It Still Work? (2024)
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